Egyptian Deities

Egyptian Pantheon

The Egyptian Pantheon consisted of the many Gods worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians. A number of major deities are addressed as the creator of the cosmos. These include Atum, Ra, Amun (Amen) and Ptah amongst others, as well as composite forms of these Gods such as Amun-Ra. This was not seen as contradictory by the Egyptians. The development of Egyptian religion in the New Kingdom lead some early Egyptologists such as E.A. Wallis Budge to speculate that the Egyptians were in reality monotheistic. Others such as Sir Flinders Petrie considered the Egyptians to be polytheists. Erik Hornung argues that the best term to apply to their religion is ‘henotheism’ which describes ‘worship of one God at a time but not a single God.’

The Egyptian term for Goddess was neṯeret (nṯrt; netjeret, nečeret) and the term for God was neṯer (nṯr; also transliterated netjer, nečer). The hieroglyph represents a pole or staff wrapped in cloth with the free end of the cloth shown at the top. The use of this sign has been connected to the flag poles at the entrance towers of Egyptian temples. Alternative glyphs for Gods include a star, a squatting human figure or a hawk on a perch.

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Primary LOST Characters

  • AMMIT – (Molotov Woman)
    Crocodile-Headed Devourer of the Wicked.
  • ANUBIS – (Jack Shephard)
    Dog or Jackal God of Embalming and Tomb-Caretaker who watches over the dead.
  • ANUKE – (Michelle)
    Goddess of War. Consort of Onuris.
  • ATEN – (Vincent)
    The Sun Disk and later God.
  • BAST – (Kate Austen)
    Beautiful Cat-Goddess, Protector of the Pharaoh and Solar Goddess.
  • BES – (Charlie Pace)
    Dwarfed Demigod associated with Protection of the Household, particularly Childbirth, and Entertainment.
  • BESET – (Lucy Heatherton)
    Goddess of the Protection of Women and Children. Female counterpart of Bes.
  • DEDWEN – (Leslie Arzt)
    Nubian God of Resources & The Fiery Serpent.
  • DUAMUTEF – (Leonard Simms)
    One of the four sons of Horus – Personifications of the four canopic jars.
  • FETKET – (Marc Silverman)
    The Sun God’s Butler
  • HAPY – (Tom Friendly)
    God of the annual flooding of the Nile, associated with fertility.
  • HEMSUT – (Lily)
    Goddess of Fate and Protection.
  • HESAT – (Diane Janssen)
    Cow Goddess of Fertility and Plenty (Food and Drink).
  • HORIT – (Jenna)
    Female counterpart of Horus.
  • HORUS – (Hugo “Hurley” Reyes)
    Falcon-headed God of the Sky, Pharaohs, War Protection and King of the Gods on Earth.
  • IPY – (Emily Locke)
    Hippopotamus Goddess of Pregnancy, Protection and Nourishing. A Mother of Osiris.
  • KEBEHSENUF – (Randy Nations)
    One of the four sons of Horus – Personifications of the four canopic jars .
  • KHNUM – (Jin-Soo Kwon)
    Ram-headed Creator God of the flooding of the Nile River, The Great Potter.
  • MAAHES – (Aaron Littleton)
    Lion-headed God of War and Punishment. The Lord of the Massacre.
  • MA’AT – (The Island)
    Goddess of Truth Justice and Universal Order.
  • MAHAF – (Seth Norris)
    The Ferryman.
  • MERETSEGER – (Nadia Jaseem)
    Cobra-headed Goddess and Guardian of the Valley of the Kings.
  • MESKHENET – (Mary Jo)
    Goddess of Childbirth and Destiny.
  • MIN – (James “Sawyer” Ford)
    God of Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality.
  • MONTHU – (Sayid Jarrah)
    Falcon-headed God of War and the Sun.
  • NAUNET – (Margo Shephard)
    Goddess of Chaos and Water.
  • NEFERTEM – (Liam Pace)
    God of the Rising Sun, Lotus Blossom and Perfumes. Lord of the Sunrise.
  • NEKHBET – (Carmen Reyes)
    Vulture Goddess of Upper Egypt, Childbirth and the Power of Kings.
  • NEPHTHYS – (Danielle Rousseau)
    Goddess of the Dead, Funerals, the House and Women. Lady of the Wings.
  • NUN – (Christian Shephard)
    God of Chaos and Water.
  • NUT – (Rose Nadler)
    Goddess of the Upper Sky and Firmament. Wife of Geb.
  • ONURIS – (Edward Mars)
    God of War and Hunting.
  • OSIRIS – (John Locke)
    God of the Dead, Underworld, Fertility and Agriculture. Brother of Set.
  • PANEBTAWY – (Old Scooter Man)
    The Child God. Son of Horus.
  • PETBE – (Bryan)
    God of Revenge. Soul of the Sky.
  • PETEESE & PIHOR – (The Twins)
    Brother Gods.
  • PTAH – (Michael Dawson)
    God of Creation, Fertility, Intelligence, Craftsman and Artisans.
  • REM – (Richard Malkin)
    Fish God who fertilises the land with his tears.
  • RENENUTET – (Sarah Shephard)
    Goddess of Fertility, Childbirth, the Harvest and Destiny.
  • SATIS – (Sun-Hwa Kwon)
    Goddess of War, Hunting, Fertility and the Flooding of the Nile River.
  • SEKER – (Walt Lloyd)
    Hawk-headed God of Death, Craftsman & Metalwork. The Resurrected Osiris.
  • SERAPIS – (Tom Brennan)
    Composite God of Fertility, Healing, Miracles, Fate, Destiny and the Afterlife.
  • SHAI – (Hibbs)
    God of Destiny and Fate.
  • SHU – (Boone Carlyle)
    God of the Air and Sky
  • TASENETNOFRET – (Oceanic Ticket Agent)
    Consort of Horus. The Good Sister.
  • TATENEN – (Ray Mullen)
    God of the Rising Earth. Father of Gods.
  • TAWERET – (Claire Littleton)
    Demon Goddess of Childbirth, Maternity, Protector of Women and Children.
  • TAYET – (Susan Lloyd)
    Goddess of Weaving, Linen and Cloth for Embalming.
  • TEFNUT – (Shannon Rutherford)
    Goddess of Moisture and Warm Air.

  • AMUN – (Charles Widmore)
    King of the Gods, Consort of Mut and father of Khonsu.
  • ANAT – (Helen Norwood)
    Goddess of War, Fertility, Sexuality & Hunting. Mother of Gods.
  • ANPUT – (Gabriela Busoni)
    Consort of Anubis.
  • APEDEMAK – (Sam Austen)
    Lion-headed Nubian God of War.
  • BABI – (Danny Pickett)
    Dominant Male Baboon God of Death and Virility.
  • BATA – (Angelo Busoni)
    Bull God and brother of Anubis.
  • GEB – (Bernard Nadler)
    God of the Earth and husband of Nut.
  • HAPI – (Desmond Hume)
    God of the Nile and one of the four sons of Horus. The Runner.
  • HAURON – (Ivan)
    Canaanite Earth God of Healing and Doom. The Victorious Herdsman.
  • HEQET – (Cindy Chandler)
    Frog Goddess of Water, Fertility, Childbirth, Creation and Rebirth.
  • HERYSHAF – (Jae Lee)
    Ram-headed God of Fertility and Creation. Ruler of the Riverbanks.
  • IABET – (Cassidy Phillips)
    Goddess of the East, Consort of Min and cleanser of Ra.
  • IHY – (Zach)
    The Child God, son of Hathor.
  • IMHOTEP – (Matthew Reed)
    God of Science, Thought, Learning, Medicine and Architecture.
  • IMSETY – (Johnny)
    Human-headed God of Protection. One of the four Sons of Horus.
  • KHENSUT – (Beatrice Klugh)
    Goddess of the Twentieth Nome of Lower Egypt and Daughter of Ra.
  • KHENTY-KHETY – (Shop Clerk)
    Hawk-headed God associated with Judgement of the Dead.
  • KHEPRI – (Mr. Eko)
    God of the Sun (sunrise), Creation, Life & Rebirth. The Great Scarab.
  • KHERTY – (Matthew)
    Ram-headed Earth God of Hostility and Protection.
  • KOLANTHES – (Gordy)
    Son of Min.
  • MANDULIS – (Neil “Frogurt”)
    The Lower Nubian Sun God.
  • MERET – (Penelope Hume)
    Goddess of Ceremonies & Ritual (Rejoicing, Singing and Dancing). Consort of Hapy.
  • MESTJET – (Robin)
    Lioness-headed Goddess of the Dawn.
  • NEBTU – (Sabrina Carlyle)
    Goddess of Edible Plants and Nourishment of the Land.
  • NEHEBKAU – (Dave)
    Benevolent Snake God who joined the Ka to the Body.
  • PAKHET – (Emma)
    Lioness-headed Goddess of War, Inner Strength & Women.
  • PATAIKOS – (Clark Finney)
    God of Protection and son of Ptah.
  • QEBUI – (Adam Rutherford)
    Four-headed Ram God of the North Wind.
  • RERET – (Alex Rousseau)
    Goddess of Childbirth & Fertility.
  • SAH – (Wayne Janssen)
    Astral God (Orion).
  • SEKHMET – (Ana Lucia Cortez)
    Goddess of War, Retribution, Vengeance, Conquest & the Sun. The Eye of Ra.
  • SET – (Ben Linus)
    God of Evil, Darkness, Chaos, War, Conflict, Desert Storms and Upper Egypt.
  • SOPDU – (Goodwin Stanhope)
    God of War, the Sky and Border Patrol.
  • TABITHET – (Starla)
    A Wife of Horus.
  • TAPSHAY – (Teresa Cortez)
    Mistress of the City/Oasis, Consort of Tutu and mother of Imhotep.
  • TUTU – (Mike Walton)
    God of Protection from Demons & Retribution. Leader of Sekhmet’s army.
  • WADJET – (Libby Smith)
    Cobra Goddess of Protection, Fire & Heat. Consort of Ptah.
  • WENEG – (Yemi)
    Ancient God of Plants the support the Heavens, Judge of the Gods and Son of Ra.
  • WENTY – (Dr. Douglas Brooks)
    Crocodile God. 

  • ANDJETY – (Edmund Burke)
    God of Procreation and Precursor of Osiris.
  • APIS – (George Minkowski)
    Sacred Bull God and Herald to Ptah.
  • ARENSNUPHIS – (Kevin Callis)
    Anthropomorphic Nubian God.
  • ASTARTE – (Amira)
    Canaanite Goddess of War, Fertility and Sexuality.
  • BA’AL – (Eddie Colburn)
    God of Thunderstorms, Battle, Fertility & Agriculture.
  • BA-PEF – (Jason)
    Minor Underworld God of Dead and Hostility. The Soul.
  • BANEBDJEDET – (Ryan Pryce)
    Ram-headed God of Lower Egypt.
  • GENGEN WER – (Howard L. Zuckerman)
    Primeval Goose & Creator God. The Great Honker.
  • HA – (David Reyes)
    God of the Western Desert.
  • HATHOR – (Juliet Burke)
    Goddess of the Sun, Sky, Beauty, Love & Fertility, Motherhood, Music and Dance.
  • HATMEHYT – (Colleen Pickett)
    The Fish Goddess of Life & Protection. Consort of Banebdjedet.
  • HEH – (Aldo)
    God of Infinity and Eternity, Time and the Sky.
  • HENET – (Achara)
    Pelican-headed Goddess.
  • IUSAAS – (Amelia)
    Creator Goddess, Counterpart of Atum and Grandmother of all the Gods.
  • KAUKET – (Sherry)
    Goddess of Darkness, Obscurity and Night.
  • MAFDET – (Isabel)
    Goddess of Legal Justice, Execution and Protection against Scorpions and Snakes.
  • MEHET-WERET – (Bonnie)
    Cow Goddess of the Sky and Celestial Waterways.
  • MEHYT – (Greta)
    Lioness-headed Goddess and Consort of Onuris.
  • MENHIT – (Naomi Dorrit)
    Lion-headed War Goddess.
  • MNEVIS – (Mikhail Bakunin)
    The Great Sacred Bull of Egypt, Herald of Ra and the Gods.
  • MUT – (Eloise Hawking)
    Goddess of Mothers & the Sky. Grandmother of the Gods.
  • NEFERHETEP – (Julian Carlson)
    Infant Ram God and Son of Hathor.
  • NEHMETAWAY – (Diana)
    Goddess of Stolen Goods, Consort of Thoth.
  • RAET – (Rachel Carlson)
    Goddess of Illumination & Innovation in the world. Feminine counterpart of Ra.
  • RESHEP – (Sami)
    Syrian God of War and Plague.
  • SEKHET – (Carole Littleton)
    Fen Goddess.
  • SERKET – (Nikki Fernandez)
    Scorpion Goddess of Magic and Healing.
  • SHED – (Karl Martin)
    God of Protection & Hunting. Master of Wild Beasts & Weapons of War.
  • SHESMU – (Brother Campbell)
    Demon God of the Wine Press, Blood, Precious Oils, Slaughter & Execution.
  • SIA – (Adam)
    God of the Perceptive Mind and Understanding. Paired with Hu.
  • THOTH – (Richard Alpert)
    God of Wisdom, Learning, Secrets, Writing, The Moon, Mediator and Messenger of the Gods.
  • TJENENET – (Diane)
    Goddess of Beer and Feminine counterpart of Tatenen.
  • WADJ-WER – (Paulo)
    God of Fertility and Personification of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • WEDJARENES – (Sabine)
    Deified woman from Hathor’s Clergy.
  • WEKH – (Luke)
    God of the fourteenth Nome of Upper Egypt.
  • WERET-HEKAU – (Lynn Karnoff)
    Lion-headed Goddess of Supernatural Powers & Protection.

  • AKEN – (Frank Lapidus)
    Ferryman of the Underworld.
  • AM-HEH – (Omar)
    Threatening Underworld God. Devourer of Millions.
  • AMENTET – (Regina)
    Goddess of the Gates of the Underworld. Greeter of the Dead.
  • ANUKET – (Ji Yeon Kwon)
    Gazelle-headed Goddess of the Nile River. The child of Satis and Khnum.
  • ASH – (Ishmael Bakir)
    God of the Sahara Desert, Fertile Oases and Wine.
  • BAKHA – (Captain Gault)
    Sacred Bull and War God.
  • CHENTI-CHETI – (Hendricks)
    Crocodile God and later Falcon God.
  • DUNANWY – (Guy In Car)
    Hawk God representing the East.
  • HEDEDYT – (Michael’s Mother)
    Scorpion Goddess and Cosmic Defender.
  • HEKA – (Ray)
    God of Medicine, Healing and Magic.
  • HETEPES-SEKHUS – (Mrs Locke)
    Underworld Cobra Goddess. An Eye of Ra.
  • KHONSU – (Daniel Faraday)
    God of Time, Knowledge and the Moon.
  • RENPET – (Elsa)
    Goddess of Fertility, Spring & Youth.
  • SEFKHET-ABWY – (ER Nurse)
    Goddess of Writing and Temple Libraries.
  • SEPA – (Peter Avellino)
    Centipede God.
  • SESHAT – (Florence)
    Goddess of Writing, Knowledge, Measurement & Architecture. Consort of Thoth.
  • SOBEK – (Matthew Abaddon)
    Crocodile God & Guardian of the Gods.
  • SOPDET – (Karen Decker)
    Astral Goddess & Goddess of Fertility.
  • WENNUT – (Harper Stanhope)
    Goddess of the fifteenth Nome of Upper Egypt.
  • WEPWAWET – (Martin Keamy)
    Jackal-headed God of War & Lord of the Necropolis. The Opener of the Ways.

  • AMENHOTEP – (Cunningham)
    Intermediary of the God Amun.
  • ANTINOUS – (Nabil)
    Hadrian’s Lover, Deified after death.
  • APEP – (The Man In Black)
    God of Evil, Destruction, Chaos and Darkness. The Great Destroyer.
  • AUF (EFU RA) – (Jed)
    Ram-headed Underworld God. An aspect of the Sun God Ra.
  • BAT – (Jill)
    Ancient Cow Goddess of the seventh Nome of Upper Egypt.
  • HAUHET – (Rupa Krishnavani)
    Snake-headed Goddess of Infinity & Eternity.
  • HERET-KAU – (Roxanne)
    Dominating Underworld Goddess. She who is Above the Spirits.
  • ISIS – (Ilana Verdansky)
    Goddess of Motherhood, Fertility, Women, Magic & Medicine. Queen of the Gods.
  • KHENSU NEFER-HETEP – (Mattingly)
    A form of Ra.
  • KNEPH – (Erik)
    God of Creation. Soul Breath.
  • KUK – (Caesar)
    Frog-headed God of Darkness, Obscurity and Night.
  • MEHEN – (Bram)
    Defender of the Sun Boat.
  • MEHENYT – (Vanessa)
    Female counterpart of Mehen.
  • NEHY – (Ray Shephard)
    Lord of the Year and father of Nun.
  • NEMTY – (Peter Ross)
    God of Ferryman. The Wanderer.
  • NEPRY – (Ivan Andropov)
    God of the Grain.
  • QADESH – (Clementine Phillips)
    Goddess of Esctasy and Sexual Pleasure.
  • RA – (Jacob)
    The Sun God.
  • SHESMETET – (Darlene)
    Leonine Goddess.
  • TRIPHIS – (Nalini)
    Lioness-Headed Goddess. Equipper of the Throne.
  • WOSRET – (Theresa Spencer)
    Goddess of Thebes. Early consort of Amun.
  • YAMM – (Dan Norton)
    Tyrannical God of the Sea.

  • AKER – (Seamus)
    God of the Horizon, Guardian and Gatekeeper of the Underworld.
  • AMUNET – (Zoe)
    Consort of Amun. Female Hidden One.
  • ASTENNU – (Ignacio)
    An aspect of Thoth.
  • ATUM – (Dogen)
    God of Creation, The Sun & Rulership of the Gods. The All-Father.
  • HEMEN – (Justin)
    Falcon God.
  • HU – (Lennon)
    God of the Spoken Word, Authority & Utterance.
  • IGAI – (Omer Jarrah)
    God of the Western Desert’s Oasis.
  • IUNYT – (Eva Jarrah)
    Goddess of Hermonthis, Consort of Monthu.
  • KEBEHWET – (Isabella)
    Goddess of the Purification of the body of the deceased. Helper of Anubis.
  • KHENTY-IRTY – (Mike)
    Hawk God & an aspect of Horus.
  • NEITH – (Mother)
    Goddess of War, Hunting, Impartiality & Funerals.
  • YAH – (David Shephard)
    God of the Moon. The total divinity of the Moon.

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