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Bryan was Shannon’s boyfriend in Australia. He helped her in a scheme to get money from Boone. When Shannon seduces Boone later in episode “Hearts and Minds,” she claims that Bryan took all the money for himself and left her.


1×13 – Hearts and Minds


Boone showed up knocking at Bryan’s door in Sydney, Australia. He was looking for Shannon, who walked in from another room. Shannon questioned Boone as to why he was there and Boone responded by saying that he had just spent 15 hours on a plane; any kind of greeting would be nice. Shannon told him that now wasn’t really the best time and suggested that Boone call her tomorrow. As she was saying this, she ran her fingers through her hair to reveal a bruise on her forehead. Boone consented and left the two alone.


Boone took things into his own hands and walked up to Bryan who was hosing down a picnic table on the dock area of one of the harbors. He told him that they needed to talk and that he wasn’t going to waste his time – Bryan needed to break up Shannon, right then and there. “What you don’t understand, Bryan, is that you’ll be the third guy I’ve paid to leave. Go to her house when she’s not there, get your stuff, and never have contact with her again,” he said, promising Bryan that he would give him 25,000 US dollars for his deed if he came through. Bryan, instead, bargained for $50,000, to which Boone agreed.


Bryan walked in on Boone and Shannon’s conversation. Boone repeated his wanting to leave with Shannon a second time to Bryan, who asked him why he didn’t get it. Boone realized from this remark that he had been set up, to which Bryan continued by saying that Shannon was “just getting what she’s owed.” He told Boone that his mother apparently “screwed Shannon over after her daddy died, kept all her father’s money for herself.” Boone guessed that this wasn’t the first time Shannon had set him up and he ordered Bryan not to touch him. Bryan went ahead anyway and began punching Boone repeatedly. Shannon became frantic, yelling for Bryan to get off her brother. A bloody Boone struggled to his feet and limped out of the house. (“Hearts and Minds”)

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1x13 "Hearts and Minds"

In Egyptian mythology, Petbe was the god of revenge, worshiped in the area around Akhmin, in central Egypt. His name translates as Sky-Ba, roughly meaning Soul of the Sky, or Mood of the sky. However, Petbe may be a Chaldean deity introduced by immigrant workers from the Levant, with his name being a corruption of the hybrid phrase Pet-(Ba’al), meaning Lord of the sky. Early Christians compared Petbe to the Greek god Cronus.


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