Season 2-6

Season: 1–2, Episodes: 33, Faction: Survivors


Walter Lloyd, more commonly referred to as Walt, is one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and the son of Michael Dawson. People have noticed something “special” about Walt throughout his life, and he seems to have psychic powers of some sort. Walt was separated from his father as a baby and spent his early childhood living with his mother and stepfather. After the death of his mother when he was ten, Michael became Walt’s guardian shortly before the crash of Flight 815. On the Island, he had trouble getting along with Michael, even burning down his father’s first attempt at building a raft to get off the island, but they eventually bonded during their time on the Island. Walt later left the Island on the raft with Michael, Jin, and Sawyer to search for rescue. However, while they were out at sea, they were attacked by the Others and he was kidnapped.

He was eventually returned to his father in a prisoner exchange for Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and he and Michael left the Island on a motor boat. Since leaving the Island, Walt became estranged from his father and went to live with his grandmother in New York. When the Oceanic Six returned to the mainland, none of them visited him, in fear of blowing their cover. Instead, three years later, Walt was visited by Locke under his alias of Jeremy Bentham, and in turn he visited Hurley to question their cover story. Locke told Walt that he had last heard that his father was on a freighter near the Island, keeping the knowledge of his father’s death from him. Eventually, Walt set off to return to the island with Hurley and Ben.

Days 44-67

2×01 – Man of Science, Man of Faith


Not long after he was taken off the raft, a water-drenched Walt appeared before Shannon, who had just followed a fleeing Vincent into the jungle. Shannon heard him whisper incomprehensibly, which has been ascribed to reversed or backwards speech. The translation of the speech is reportedly “Push the button. Don’t push the button. Bad.” Whether it was actually Walt or a vision is unclear. (“Man of Science, Man of Faith”) (Access: Granted)

2×06 – Abandoned


Three nights later, Walt again appeared to Shannon, this time in the new tent that Sayid had just made for her. Walt was again dripping wet and spoke in reversed speech, “They’re coming and they’re close”. Sayid returned to Shannon’s screams, but Walt had disappeared and Sayid did not believe her account. The next day, Shannon resorted to using Vincent to help find Walt, with the Labrador leading her into the jungle. A doubting Sayid followed her, contesting that Walt was still on the raft, but Shannon revealed that they had found the message bottle. Later in the jungle, the two heard the whispers and Walt appeared wet with his finger to his lips, saying, “Shhh”. Sayid saw him this time, and when Walt walked back into the jungle, Shannon followed him, only to be accidentally shot by Ana Lucia. (“Abandoned”)

Mobisode x06 – Room 23


At some point after he was taken off the raft, Walt was held in Room23 at the Hydra compound by the Others. Walt posed a greater threat to them than they expected, as he had been doing something unspecified that frightened them so that they would not go in to see him. Ben responded to a particular situation with a blaring alarm and people in commotion, and Juliet suggested that Ben take responsibility and bring Walt back to Michael. Ben refused, saying Jacob wanted him there, and that Walt is important and special. After Ben denied Walt’s dangerous nature, Juliet took him outside to show what Walt had done: a group of dead birds were lying on the stairwell beneath a boarded up window. (“Room 23”)

2×09 – What Kate Did


While examining the equipment within the the Swan, Michael discovered a message reading “Hello?” on the station’s computer screen. Typing in a response and identifying himself by name, Michael was shocked when the other party returned with “Dad?”. (“What Kate Did”) (Access: Granted)

2×10 – The 23rd Psalm


Convinced that the user on the other end was Walt, Michael continued communication with him. When he inquired if he was alone, Walt responded that he couldn’t talk long, because “they’re coming back soon.” Walt concluded by telling Michael he needed to go somewhere, but cut off the communication when Jack entered. (“The 23rd Psalm”)

2×22 – Three Minutes


When Michael went after the Others to retrieve Walt, he was captured. An Other who called herself Ms. Klugh asked Michael, “Has Walt ever been somewhere he wasn’t meant to be?”. Later, Michael demanded to see his son, to make sure he was still alive. Ms. Klugh shouted for an Other by the name of Pickett to bring him inside, and gave them three minutes together.


Walt inquired about Vincent’s health and told Michael that the Others made him “take tests” and that “they’re not who they say they are – they’re pretending”. Ms. Klugh became agitated and threatened to put Walt in “the Room” again. (This room was later revealed through a mobisode to be Room 23, the same room that Karl was apparently being brainwashed in when Sawyer, Kate and Alex rescued him.) Walt instantly froze up at the mention of this, and Ms. Klugh told him to leave. Ms. Klugh proposed a deal: if Michael brought them Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley, they would let Michael and Walt go free. (“Three Minutes”)

Mobisode x04 – The Deal


Later, Juliet commented to Michael that Walt was special, that he wasn’t an ordinary boy, and that’s why she was worried about him. Juliet was glad that Michael was going to get Walt away from the Island. (“The Deal”)

2×24 – Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2


After Michael led Kate, Hurley, Jack and Sawyer to the Others to complete his deal for Walt, Ben returned the boy as promised, commenting that he was “more than we bargained for.” Michael was also given a boat and a bearing of 325 to an apparent escape. (“Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2”)

2004 (After the Island)

4×12 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1

After he and Michael left the Island on the Others’ boat, they sailed to an island, sold the boat, and took a ship back to mainland USA. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1”)

4×08 – Meet Kevin Johnson


It is suggested that Michael couldn’t contain the guilt of his two murders and had to share them with someone, so he told Walt. This sparked a dramatic change in their relationship as Walt lost all faith in his father and didn’t want to see him. He then moved in with Michael’s mother. When Michael tried to visit him, his mother told him that Walt doesn’t want to talk. She mentions that Walt barely speaks to her, and often wakes up in the middle of the night screaming. She said that until Michael can tell her where he’s been for the past two months, she will not let him see Walt. As Michael turned away, saddened, he peered up and saw Walt looking at him through a window. Walt quickly pulled down the curtains.

When Tom confronted Michael later that night, he insinuated that Michael may have told Walt about his murder of Ana Lucia and Libby, making Michael despise himself for sharing this dark secret with his son. Michael neither confirmed nor denied Tom’s claim. (“Meet Kevin Johnson”)

3×22 – Through the Looking Glass, Part 1


Back on the Island, after John awoke in the DHARMA mass grave, he found a gun and was preparing to kill himself. A manifestation of Walt appeared seconds before he was about to pull the trigger and told him to get up. Locke protested, saying that he couldn’t move his legs. Walt said that he could use his legs because he has “work to do”. (“Through the Looking Glass, Part 1”)

4×02 – Confirmed Dead


After the survivors split into two groups, Locke’s group, namely Sawyer and Hurley, questioned Locke on how he knew what to do. He revealed that he received his orders from Walt. When the group questioned him further on this, Locke merely stated that it was definitely “Walt, only taller.”   (“Confirmed Dead”)


5×07 – The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham


None of the Oceanic Six attempted to contact Walt after their rescue, but John Locke later visited Walt outside Fieldcroft School. Walt informed Locke that he had been having dreams of him back on the Island wearing a suit, surrounded by people who wanted to hurt him. Walt asked Locke if his father was back on the Island, as he had not seen him in three years. Locke avoided the true answer by telling Walt that the last he heard, Michael was on the freighter near the Island. (“The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”)

4×13 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 2


Walt subsequently visited Hurley at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute to ask why he and the others were lying about what happened on the Island. Hurley told him that the lie was meant to protect everyone they left behind—including, Hurley asserted, Michael, whom he maintained was still alive on the Island when Walt asked. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 2”)


Epilogue – The New Man in Charge

Walt, presumably due to the stress of keeping the lie, in addition to the traumatic experiences he suffered from, was sent to Santa Rosa as a patient under the name of Keith Johnson. At some point, Walt learned of his father’s death.


After Hurley became the Protector of the Island, both he and Ben traveled off the Island to visit Walt. Ben sent Walt a note, informing him he was with a friend of Walt’s. In the recreation room, Walt was playing Connect Four alone as Ben approached him. As Walt brought up his kidnapping by Ben years ago, Ben apologized and once again referred to Walt as “special.” Ben claimed that if Walt returned to the Island, he would be able to help Michael, even though he was dead.


The two left the institution and entered the parked DHARMA van, where Hurley was waiting. Hurley explained to Walt that he has a job to offer him, as the Island is the only place Walt truly belongs. Walt showed relief at knowing that he was not crazy; Hurley insisted that Walt is far from it. The three then took off, starting their journey back to the Island. (“The New Man in Charge”)

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