Naomi Dorrit

Season: 3-4, Episodes: 12, Faction: Freighter


Naomi Dorrit was a mercenary assigned by Charles Widmore to protect the freighter’s science team. She arrived on the Island by parachute. She landed in a tree in the jungle, was cut down by Desmond and Charlie, and was found to have a punctured lung that was treated by Mikhail. Naomi survived on the Island seven days, assisting the survivors in contacting her freighter, before being fatally knifed in the back by Locke.




Sun (Fire)

Fertility (Water)

Off the Freighter

4×08 – Meet Kevin Johnson

There is very little information about Naomi’s past, but she states that she’s from Manchester, England. (“Meet Kevin Johnson”)

4×02 – Confirmed Dead


She is multilingual and can speak English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Her conversation with Matthew Abaddon prior to her mission to the Island also suggests that she is a skilled operative with military experience, and suited for dangerous black ops scenarios.

Before arriving on the Island, Naomi was hired by Matthew Abaddon for a special operation. She was to lead and protect a team of civilians (Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, and Frank); but she doubted that she could, as none had experience in the field or with the type of mission they would be undertaking. Her mission would take her to the Island, and Naomi commented that she believed on the island there might be survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Abaddon sternly reassured her that there were no survivors, and reiterated his confidence that Naomi was very well-trained for the mission and encouraged her to take it. She agreed. (“Confirmed Dead”)

5×13 – Some Like It Hoth


Not long after, Naomi approached Miles, with the intention of recruiting him to the Science team, for the special operation. She explained that her employer had been following his work, and that his services were needed for their mission. Once she had Miles’s interest, Naomi took him for an “audition” to a vacant restaurant, where a corpse was being kept. She asked Miles to tell her about the corpse, and after communicating with it, Miles told her that the corpse’s name was Felix, and that he had been delivering papers and photos to Widmore when he died. Naomi then offered him 1.6 million dollars to come on the expedition, to which Miles agreed. (“Some Like It Hoth”)

On the Freighter

4×03 – The Economist

Naomi did not really interact with her team members before the mission. Frank described her as “senior management” and implied that they never had much contact, and Miles also stated that he didn’t know her very well. (“The Economist”)

4×08 – Meet Kevin Johnson


Naomi met Michael for the first time as he was boarding the Kahana at the Port of Suva, Fiji. They joked about their accents andshe informed him that a package had arrived for him and it would be delivered to his quarters. While the ship was underway, Michael witnessed Naomi and Frank arguing over who would pilot a chopper first. Frank insisted he should, as he was the better-trained pilot on board, but Naomi insisted she go first, telling Frank he would be needed to transport the science team. When Frank asked her what she would be doing, she told him that that information was privileged. (“Meet Kevin Johnson”)

On the Island (Days 84-91)

3×17 – Catch-22


Naomi landed on the Island after ejecting from a helicopter, and her parachute snagged on some trees. She was carrying a backpack when she jumped which contained a satellite phone and a copy of the novel Catch-22 (Ardil-22, a Brazilian Portuguese edition), which contained a photograph of Desmond and Penny (among other things such as a packet of beef stew, a nutra fruit bar and the hula doll). A flare gun was later discovered. Before her face was revealed, the photograph led Desmond to believe that she was actually Penny, motivated his search for her. Naomi was cut down out of the trees by Desmond, and caught by Jin, Charlie and Hurley. She recognized Desmond and spoke his name when she saw him after her visor was removed. (“Catch-22”)

3×18 – D.O.C.


When she evacuated the helicopter, she was wearing an oxygen mask, a tinted visor, and was equipped with an emergency beacon. During her emergency landing, Naomi suffered a haemothorax, when a tree branch punctured her lung. She asked (“What happened?”) in Mandarin (Chinese), and then said she was dying in Spanish and Italian as Desmond attended to her.


Mikhail, who suddenly appeared after Hurley fired Naomi’s flare gun, was captured by Jin and Desmond, revealed that he was a Soviet Army field medic and offered to save her in exchange for his release. He placed an improvised chest tube in her to drain the blood from her lung and re-inflate it, then packed the wound. Still dazed, she spoke to Mikhail in a foreign language, and Mikhail lied and claimed she had thanked him for saving her, even though her actual words were “eu não estou só” which is Portuguese for “I am not alone.”

After waking up, she asked Hurley where she was (in English, with a Mancunian English accent). Hurley informed her that she was on an island with survivors from Oceanic Flight 815. She replied that wasn’t possible, as the plane had been found with no survivors. (“D.O.C.”)

3×19 – The Brig

Naomi tells Sayid that her search and rescue team was hired by Penelope Widmore (although she claimed had never met Penny herself) to search for Desmond. Naomi also tells Sayid that flight 815 was found in a 4 mile deep ocean trench off the coast of Bali. She also says that cameras and robots were used to survey the wreck and found all the bodies. From what Kate tells Jack, Naomi’s ship is 80 nautical miles away from the Island, and, using the satellite phone, she hopes to contact the ship and get them rescued. (“The Brig”)

3×20 – The Man Behind the Curtain


The next day, everyone on the beach was in an uproar about Naomi’s revelations that the world thought that they were dead. Naomi told everyone about the satellite phone and told them that it’s not important that everyone thinks they are dead, but that they will be rescued. (“The Man Behind the Curtain”)

3×21 – Greatest Hits


Later, Naomi asks Charlie who the rival group on the Island are. They begin a conversation and it is revealed that like Charlie, Naomi is from Manchester. Charlie tells her that his band got his band started there and Naomi realizes that Charlie is that “dead rock star” everyone made a big deal about when they found the wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815. She tells him that they had a big memorial service and that his band Drive Shaft released a new “Greatest Hits” album in memory of him, which sold well. (“Greatest Hits”)

3×22 – Through the Looking Glass


On the 91st day Jack, Rousseau and Naomi led most of the Losties toward the radio tower, so they could shut off Rousseau’s 16-year-old repeating transmission and clear the frequency to allow Naomi to contact her ship now that Charlie had shutdown the jamming system in the Looking Glass. On their trek, they were met by Ben and Alex, and Ben attempted to dissuade Jack from contacting Naomi’s crew. Ben made a point of approaching Naomi and introducing himself before Jack told her not to talk to him. Ben asserted to Jack that Naomi is not “who she says she is,” that she was “one of the bad guys,” and that contacting her ship would not bring rescue, but rather would end the lives of everyone on the Island.


Ignoring and later attacking Ben, Jack led his group to the tower, and shut off Danielle’s transmission. Naomi had just made the call to her freighter, when she suddenly fell over with a knife in her back, thrown by Locke. (“Through the Looking Glass”)

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3x17 "Catch 22"

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4x02 "Confirmed Dead"

(Menhyt) A Goddess depicted as a lioness-headed woman, Menhyt’s name has been interpreted either as ‘the Slayer’ or as ‘She of the papyrus thicket’, a reference to the swamps emblematic of the Nile delta region in the north of Egypt. In the dual organization which structures the symbolic conception of Egyptian sovereignty, Menhyt is among the Goddesses invoked as principles of northern sovereignty and as defenders of that sovereignty. In CT spell 952 Menhyt is called “pre-eminent in the Mansions of the Red Crown [i.e. of northern or Lower Egypt] who herself strews well-being, who protects the Gods from those who would harm them.” This power is transmitted to the operator of CT spell 672, “to open up the desert of the knives,” where the operator is said to have “appeared in the presence of them of the West, the two Menhyts,” and as a result “cuts short the raging of any God, any spirit or any dead.” In addition to her role in the national pantheon, Menhyt has an important local role at Esna, where she has Khnum as her consort, their child being Heka, the divine personification of magic. In a hymn to Menhyt from Esna (Esna, vol. 5, p. 107), Menhyt’s name is esoterically interpreted by a play on the words men, ‘to remain, abide’ and hai, ‘to shine, radiate’, which are taken together to allude to her as one of the Goddesses conceived as the fire-spitting uraeus cobra on the brow of Re: “She abides and streams with light upon the head of Re, in this her name of Menhyt.” Menhyt is never actually depicted as a cobra; rather, her general posture as defender of the divine order evokes an association with the primary Goddess of the uraeus, Wadjet.


Further Info

Other Names: Menchit

Patron of: War

Appearance: A lion-headed woman

Description: Together with her husband Khenmu and their son Hike, Menhit was worshipped in Upper Egypt, the three were called the Esna Triad. She is called “The Slaughterer” and like most Egyptian war-deities, she was believed to ride ahead of the Egyptian armies and cut down the great warriors of their enemies. Her consort was Onuris, the war god who was said to have bought her from Nubia.

Worshipped: Cult center at Latopolis.

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Wiki Info

In Egyptian mythology, Menhit (also spelt Menchit) was originally a foreign war goddess. Her name depicts a warrior status, as it means (she who) massacres.

When included among the Egyptian deities, she became the female counterpart of Anhur. It was said that she had come from Nubia with Anhur who had been her counterpart and husband there.

Due to the aggressive attributes possessed by and hunting methods used by lionesses, most things connected to warfare in Egypt were depicted as leonine, and Menhit was no exception, being depicted as a lioness-goddess.

She also was believed to advance ahead of the Egyptian armies and cut down their enemies with fiery arrows, similar to other war deities.

In the 3rd Nome of Upper Egypt, particularly at Esna, Menhit was said to be the wife of Khnum and the mother of Heka.

As the centre of her cult was toward the southern border of Egypt, in Upper Egypt, she became strongly identified with Sekhmet, who was originally the lion-goddess of war for Upper Egypt, after unification of the two Egyptian kingdoms, this goddess began to be considered simply another aspect of Sekhmet.


Mythological Family Members & Associated Deities

KHNUM (Consort)

HEKA (Son)

ONURIS (Consort)




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