Rachel Carlson

Season: 3 & 5 , Episodes: 3, Faction: N/A


Rachel Carlson is Juliet’s sister.

Sun (Fire)


5×17 – The Incident, Part 2


Rachel’s parents divorced when she was still a child. Her mother told the girls the news, which her sister reacted badly to the news, while Rachel was upset yet calmer. (“The Incident, Part 2”)


3×07 – Not in Portland


Due to chemotherapy to treat cancer, Rachel was left sterile. Juliet was secretly treating her with drugs she has stolen from Edmund Burke’s laboratory. She revealed that she was miraculously pregnant, apparently after infertility caused by cancer, indicating that the medications Juliet gave worked. (“Not in Portland”)


3×16 – One of Us


Ben Linus reported to Juliet that her sister’s cancer had returned and that she would die in less than a few months. However, he also swore that if Juliet stayed he would cure Rachel. When Juliet replied you will never bring her on the Island, he replied that Jacob said he will take care of it himself. On Wednesday, September 22, 2004, Ben took Juliet to see a live video feed in the The Flame of Rachel playing on a playground in Acadia Park with her son, Julian. (“One of Us”)

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Rachel (Name)

Rachel is the name of Jacob’s wife in the Book of Genesis. Rachel was disgraced because she had borne no children to Jacob, but her sister and second wife of Jacob, Leah, bore six children (Genesis 30). In the end, God grants Rachel children, one of whom is Joseph (essentially restoring her honor). Rachel died in childbirth with her second son Benjamin.


Carrie is a horror novel written by Stephen King in 1974. It is tells the story of Carrie White, a mousy misfit in her school, who is picked on mercilessly by classmates and ostracized for her eccentric background (her mother is a religious fanatic). Some of the students are punished, and one shows her sympathy, asking her boyfriend to take her to the prom instead, but some want revenge and hatch an evil plan to humiliate her. What none of the students realize is that Carrie has the power of telekinesis. When she gets mad, she transforms from an innocent girl into a rage-filled monster, making it a prom no one will forget. 

Rachel had a copy of Carrie on her bedstand, and Juliet’s called it her “all-time favourite book”. She was seen holding it before she watched her sister on the Flame’s monitor.

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Decoded Family Members

Mr. Carlson (Father)

Juliet's Mother (Mother)

Juliet Burke (Sister)

Julian Carlson (Son)

Edmund Burke (Ex-Brother-in-law)

Decoded Season 2, 3 & 5 Characters

Benjamin Linus

Richard Alpert

Mikhail Bakunin


Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

3x07 "Not In Portland"

3x16 "One Of Us"

(Rât, Râït, Reyet) Raet is the feminine counterpart or complement of Re, but she features most often as the consort of Montu, by whom she is the mother of Harpre, ‘Solar Horus‘, a child God similar in form to Harpocrates. She is depicted as a woman wearing the headdress typical of Hathor, namely the solar disk, cow’s horns and uraeus serpent, sometimes with the addition of two feathers to the disk. Frequently she is known as Raettawy (var. ‘Rât-taui), ‘Raet of the Two Lands’, ‘the Two Lands’ being the standard term for the united Egypt and, in a sense, for the ideal world. ‘Raet’ is in the first place a title originated by Hatshepsut which designated her as wielding the power of solar sovereignty, that is, the power of illumination and innovation, in this world. The sense of ‘Raet’ as a title is akin in certain respects to that of aten or visible disk of the sun. Subsequently, due to the scarcity of female sovereigns, the title comes to be borne by Goddesses who are consorts of Gods identified with Re; by Goddesses who act as Re’s executive or ‘Eye’; and by Goddesses identified as Re’s daughter. Among the Goddesses bearing this title most often are Hathor, Mut, Ma’et, and Isis. Sometimes the title ‘Raet’ is interchangeable with the feminine form of Aten, ‘Atenet’. The epithet is also used to introduce the name of a Goddess preeminent in a given place. The name ‘Raettawy’ is used more commonly to denote the consort of Montu. Raettawy is also sometimes regarded as the mother of Thoth, in which capacity she is also called Seneket-Net, ‘Wet-nurse of Neith‘ (el-Sayed 1969, 73-75). This epithet would seem to designate Raettawy as Thoth’s grandmother, Thoth sometimes having been regarded as the son of Neith, although it is more likely that it simply expresses that Raettawy is primordial, having nursed the primordial Goddess Neith herself. In the cosmogony involving the lotus, Raettawy is identified with the bud of the lotus from which the solar child comes forth as the blossom (Ryhiner 1986, 135f, 192f), and in general as nourishing and protecting the solar child.

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Mythological Family Members & Associated Deities

RA (Counterpart)

MONTHU (Consort)









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