Season 4-6

Season: 2-4, Episodes: 21, Faction: The Others/Survivors


Alexandra Rousseau, commonly known as Alex, was the biological daughter of Danielle Rousseau and Robert. At one week old, she was taken from her mother by Benjamin Linus, who raised her as an Other. Less than a week after reuniting with her mother at age 16, Alex was executed in front of Ben by Martin Keamy, a mercenary employed by Ben’s rival Charles Widmore.

Days 91-97

4×01 – The Beginning of the End


Alex was seen chatting to Karl shortly before the group departed from the tower. Later that evening, Jack and Locke had a stand-off in front of the cockpit, resulting in the formation of two separate factions, Locke’s group and Jack’s group. Alex, Danielle, Ben, and Karl went with Locke. (“The Beginning of the End”)

4×02 – Confirmed Dead


The next day, Ben tried to talk to Alex in the jungle, but she ignored him, and Karl told him off. Later, after Ben shot Charlotte, Locke was prepared to kill him, but Alex protested. Locke told Danielle to take Alex away from the scene so she would not interfere with the killing; however, Ben’s life was ultimately spared. (“Confirmed Dead”)

4×03 – The Economist

The following day, Alex came to the Barracks to reside with the rest of Locke’s group. (“The Economist”)

4×08 – Meet Kevin Johnson


Later, Ben persuaded Alex, Danielle, and Karl that the crew of the Kahana were preparing an attack on the Barracks. Ben gave Alex a map led to the Temple. While en route, Alex, Danielle, and Karl were ambushed by mercenaries from the freighter, including Keamy. Karl and Danielle were killed, and Alex stood up with her hands above her head and yelled repeatedly “I’m Ben’s daughter!” in order to dissuade the unseen ambushers from shooting her. (“Meet Kevin Johnson”)


After her surrender, Alex was taken prisoner. The mercenaries brought her to the sonic fence where she was forced, with a gun to her head, to punch in the code. She begged them not to hurt the survivors, as a baby was with them.

4×09 – The Shape of Things to Come


Later, Alex was brought back to the Barracks as a hostage to smoke Ben out of hiding. Keamy sent a walkie-talkie into Ben’s house with Miles, and when Ben found out Alex was the hostage, he agreed to go to the window and speak with Keamy. Alex told Ben that the mercenaries had killed Karl and Danielle, and she begged him to save her. After a standoff in which Ben attempted to denounce Alex, stating she meant nothing to him, Keamy shot Alex in the head execution style and walked away. (“The Shape of Things to Come”)


4×09 – The Shape of Things to Come


Ben, shocked with her death, unleashed the Monster to attack the mercenaries. As the attack commenced, Ben spent a few final moments with his daughter, showing that she was one thing he really cared about. (“The Shape of Things to Come”)

6×16 – What They Died For

After Ben left the Island, Richard buried Alex in the Barracks. (“What They Died For”)

4×09 – The Shape of Things to Come


In 2005, Ben visited Charles Widmore in London, and accused him of killing Alex. Widmore denied this, instead blaming Ben. Ben stated that he would kill Widmore’s daughter, Penelope Widmore, in retribution to make Widmore sorry that he “changed the rules”. (“The Shape of Things to Come”)

5×12 – Dead Is Dead


In 2007, while Ben was being judged by the Monster underneath the Temple, a more sinister version of Alex appeared to Ben (in a fashion similar to Yemi). Ben apologized to her, and she responded by grabbing his throat and telling him to listen to every word “Locke” speaks, or else she would find him and “destroy” him. This was later revealed to be the Man in Black in the form of Alex. (“Dead Is Dead”)

6×07 – Dr. Linus

Ben later confessed to Ilana that he can never forgive himself for choosing the Island over his daughter, and that he was sorry for killing Jacob, who was a father figure for Ilana. (“Dr. Linus”)

6×16 – What They Died For

When Ben, Richard, and Miles returned to the Barracks in order to collect C4 to destroy the Ajira 316 plane, Miles sensed something at her burial site, but wouldn’t say what it was. Richard told Ben that it was Alex, who he had buried after he left. Emotional, Ben thanks him. (“What They Died For”)

6×07 – Dr. Linus


One evening Alex stopped by the house of Dr. Benjamin Linus, a European history teacher at her school, after he failed to show up at the after-school History Club. She told him that she was hoping he could help her study for the AP History exam, and he offered to privately tutor her at the high school library the following morning.


At the library, Alex told Dr. Linus that she desperately wanted to get into Yale University, and he offered to write a letter of recommendation for her. Alex explained that she needed Principal Reynolds to write it because he was a Yale alumnus. She then shared a secret with Dr. Linus about the principal, asking him not to share it. Alex’s secret was that she once heard the school nurse and the principal having sex on the school grounds.

Some time later, Alex encountered Dr. Linus and told him that the principal wrote her a glowing recommendation for Yale. The two of them both saw Principal Reynolds at that moment, and Alex thanked him for his letter. (“Dr. Linus”)

6×16 – What They Died For


After Ben was attacked by Desmond, Alex saw his injuries and, concerned, offered him a lift home with her mother, Danielle. She then asked her mother if Ben could stay over for dinner. (“What They Died For”)

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