Marc Silverman

Season: 1, Episodes: 2, Faction: N/A


Marc Silverman was Jack’s best friend since childhood.

Water (Fertility)

Sun (Fire)

1×05 – White Rabbit


On one occasion, Jack unsuccessfully attempted to defend him against schoolyard bullies and was also beaten. (“White Rabbit”)

1×20 – Do No Harm


Later in life, in preparation for Jack’s wedding. Marc and Jack are getting fitted for their tuxedo’s and Jack talked to Marc about how he could still back out of the speech at his wedding to Sarah. Marc was annoyed at the fact he has to wear a real tie instead of a clip-on tie. Jack asked Marc if he felt alright about being his best man, as Jack knows he doesn’t like talking in front of crowds. Marc said he would be fine after 8 beers. Jack warned him to clean his teeth otherwise Sarah will know that he was drinking. Marc promised that he will brush his teeth, and told Jack that he could still back out, if he has any doubts.


Marc was later best man at Jack’s wedding to Sarah, and then introduced Sarah as “the future Mrs. Jack Shephard”. Sarah made a joke about the microphone, and how it has been drinking. (“Do No Harm”)

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Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

1x05 "White Rabbit"

1x20 "Do No Harm"

Fetket was the butler of the sun god, Re, who provided the king with his drink supply. Hence, he is the ancient mythological equivalent of our bartender.


Wiki Info

Fetket is an Egyptian deity of many people involved in the Beyond and charged to cover the necessities of the Sun and King deceased.

In this case, there is a god designated to provide drinks to the king and the sun on their journey through the underworld.

In the Pyramid Texts, Fetket is an entity considered masculine “The Butler of Ra“.


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