Season 4

Season: 1–4 & 6, Episodes: 72, Faction: Survivors/MIB


Claire Littleton was one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. When she was seventeen, Claire was involved in a car crash which caused her mother to fall into a coma for five years. The accident in turn led her to meet her biological father for the first time since he left her and her mother when Claire was younger. Claire later became pregnant and, with some coaxing from a psychic, decided to fly to LA to give the baby up for adoption, putting her on the fated flight.

During her time on the Island, she entered into an inconsistent relationship with fellow survivor Charlie Pace. She was kidnapped by one of the Others, Ethan Rom, and taken to their camp where she was drugged and tested because of her pregnancy. After escaping, Claire suffered amnesia but found comfort in Charlie and her memory eventually returned. She later gave birth to her son, Aaron Littleton, and did her best to take care of him despite being a reluctant mother. Her relationship with Charlie grew stronger after he rescued Aaron from Danielle Rousseau, but when Claire learned of Charlie’s past with drugs and witnessed his erratic behavior, she became reluctant to let him into her and Aaron’s life. Later, when Aaron became sick, Claire, worried it was a side effect of what the Others did to her, traveled to the Staff to look for medicine. The station triggered memories of her capture. She eventually forgave Charlie after she learned of Desmond’s visions of Charlie’s death, and told him she wouldn’t give up on him. When Charlie sacrificed himself to save the other survivors, Claire heeded his warning about the people on the freighter not being who they said they were and joined Locke’s group during the split.

During Keamy’s attack on the Barracks, her house was destroyed, but strangely Claire was unharmed. When the Monster attacked the mercenaries, she went with Aaron, Sawyer and Miles into the jungle. On the way to the beach camp, she saw her dead father, followed him into the jungle and disappeared, leaving Aaron behind. She was then seen with “Christian” in Jacob’s cabin by Locke. She appeared eerily calm and did not inquire about Aaron. Three years later she reappeared, saving Jin, who was being attacked by the Others. According to Dogen she has been “infected” beyond redemption. She attempted to kill Kate, but was stopped by the Man in Black, who she has been residing with for the past 3 years. She left his side after Kate promised to get her home to Aaron, but was reunited with him after the debacle on Widmore’s Sub. She went against him again when she realized he intended to kill all her friends to leave the Island. Claire finally escaped the Island on the Ajira plane, along with Kate, Sawyer, Frank, Richard and Miles.

In the flash-sideways, she was reunited with her deceased lover, Charlie Pace after giving birth to Aaron, and along with their friends, they moved on.

Days 91-108

4×01 – The Beginning of the End


While preparing to head back to the beach to await rescue, Sun expressed her relief at being able to deliver her baby in a hospital. Claire told her not to rub it in, then told Rose that her husband seemed “quite the hero.” Rose said everyone knew Charlie was the real hero and told Claire to treat him “real good” when he got back, to which Claire was shocked at, but excited for too.


When the group that had gone to the radio tower reunited with the group from the beach, Claire looked for Charlie among the beach camp but didn’t see him, making her worried. Hurley went to her and tearfully told her Charlie had died trying to save everyone. She cried and fell into his arm, the pair trying to comfort each other. Jack tried to get everyone to go to the beach, but Hurley disagreed with him and said Charlie’s last act had been to warn them all that the people on the freighter weren’t who they said they were. Claire went with Locke’s group to hide from Naomi’s team, ensuring that Charlie’s death was not in vain, while Jack took his group back to the beach. (“The Beginning of the End”)

4×02 – Confirmed Dead


The next day, Locke’s group found Charlotte, who had fallen into the water from the helicopter. She asked about Aaron and was amazed to find out Claire had delivered him on the Island. After seeing Frank’s flare, Claire suggested they go look for him, but Locke disagreed. Ben shot Charlotte, but failed to kill her because of her bulletproof vest.


When Locke wanted to execute him, Claire pleaded with him to talk about it before doing anything drastic. Locke asked her what would have happened if the bullet had hit her or the baby, and Claire fell silent. In the end he let Ben live and the group continued with Charlotte to the Barracks. (“Confirmed Dead”)

4×03 – The Economist


After walking for most of the day, Claire asked Locke how much further it would be, as she needed to feed Aaron. Locke said he wanted to visit a cabin, but couldn’t seem to find it. He then said it wasn’t important and they arrived at the Barracks a few hours later. (“The Economist”)

4×04 – Eggtown


When Kate joined Locke’s group at the Barracks, Claire shared a house with her. They sat on the porch discussing Locke before Claire went inside to give Kate and Sawyer some privacy. Later, while the women hung clothes to dry, Kate told Claire she was a great mother; Claire responded that motherhood was something she never thought she would be good at. She joked to Kate that she should try it sometime. That night, Claire and Kate, unable to sleep, were interrupted when Locke arrived. Claire was hesitant to leave Kate with him, but she said she would be fine. Locke had arrived to banish Kate from the Barracks as punishment for taking Miles to see Ben. (“Eggtown”)

4×06 – The Other Woman


Claire went to Locke the next day and offered to question Miles. She thought using a less intimidating approach might get more answers out of him, stating that the current approach was making them look like the enemy. Locke denied her access to Miles and told her to remember what Charlie had said. Claire replied that Charlie had only told them it wasn’t Penny’s boat, and asked, “Don’t you want to know whose boat it is?” (“The Other Woman”)

4×08 – Meet Kevin Johnson


Later, Claire disagreed with Locke’s decision to protect Ben when the camp had a meeting to discuss the Freighter’s imminent arrival, reminding him that Ben had tried to kill him once before. She was also present when Locke revealed that Michael was Ben’s ‘man on the boat.’ When Miles was brought into the meeting, she looked at him cautiously, showing clear distrust for the Freighter people, remembering Charlie’s warning message. As the meeting ended, Claire was seen by Ben talking with Alex and Karl, showing how she had formed a friendship with them. (“Meet Kevin Johnson”)

4×09 – The Shape of Things to Come


Claire was asleep during the mercenaries’ attack on the Barracks. Her house was blown up but Sawyer discovered her, disoriented but very much alive. As she came to, she mistook Sawyer for Charlie. Sawyer carried her back to Ben’s house, dodging bullets, and brought her to safety after Hurley broke the barricade set up by Locke to let them in. After resting, she was with the others as they witnessed the Smoke Monster’s attack on the mercenaries, and she was shocked to witness it for the first time. As Ben instructed, she and everyone else escaped to the tree line. Once safe, Locke and Ben decided to visit Jacob, but Claire agreed with Sawyer when he decided to head back to the beach, and she left with Aaron. (“The Shape of Things to Come”)

4×10 – Something Nice Back Home


Some time into their journey back to the beach, Claire told Sawyer that her head still hurt but that she’d stopped seeing things. Circumstances worsened when Miles found the corpses of Danielle and Karl, Claire was visibly disturbed by the sight and requested that they keep moving. As the trio stopped for a break, and Claire was feeding Aaron, Miles began staring at her mysteriously, and at this, Sawyer behaved protectively toward her issued a “restraining order” on Miles, which he reiterated several times. Miles continually offered to give Claire support in carrying Aaron, but she politely refused. Later on Frank stumbled upon Claire and the group. Warning them that Keamy and the mercenaries’ were heading their direction. The group hid behind a group of tree’s just in time. However when they arrived, Aaron let out a cry, to which Claire clutched Aaron very tightly to her, praying for him to be silent. Keamy noticed this, but eventually Frank distracted the team away from Claire, Aaron, Miles, and Sawyer. Claire, in relief, kissed Aaron on the forehead.


That night, Sawyer’s protectiveness backfired when Claire woke during the night and noticed Aaron’s absence. Sitting up in a panic, Claire saw her father holding him fondly and whispered, “Dad?” She followed him into the jungle, according to Miles, who finally decided to “respect” Sawyer’s warnings. Sawyer instantly went off to find Claire, but found Aaron abandoned at the base of a tree nearby and shouted for Claire desperately but received no response, as she was gone. (“Something Nice Back Home”)

4×11 – Cabin Fever


Claire was not seen again until Locke discovered her in Jacob’s cabin. As Locke conversed with Christian he heard a noise from somewhere else in the cabin, and as he moved his light to see what it was, he was shocked to find Claire sitting comfortably on an old armchair. Locke instantly panicked upon seeing her and asked why she was there. Claire calmly claimed to be “fine,” and said that she was “with him,” referring to Christian. When Locke asked her about Aaron, Christian stated that Aaron was where he needed to be and that Claire was safe. Christian warned him not to tell anyone about her whereabouts. Claire seemed bizarrely content in the cabin, showing little concern about Aaron and smiling faintly at Christian’s words to Locke, especially when Locke said he knew that he had to save the Island. (“Cabin Fever”)

4×12 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1


The next day, Sawyer came across Jack and Kate in the jungle, and they were shocked to find him holding Aaron. Kate worriedly asked where Claire was, to which Sawyer replied, “We lost her”. He said he hoped she had returned to the beach, but they told him she hadn’t, and Jack was devastated to lose another survivor so close to their rescue. As Kate returned to the beach with Aaron, Sun asked where Claire was, but Kate didn’t reply as she was in a desperate rush to catch Jack. She left Aaron in Sun’s care. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1”)

4×13 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 2


As Sawyer reached Hurley at the Orchid, Hurley asked if Claire and Aaron had got back to the beach safely. Sawyer, unable to answer, simply looked on sadly. As Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron and Frank left the Island in the helicopter, Hurley asked Jack if they could return to look for Claire once everyone else was off the island, to which Jack replied “absolutely”. However, they never made it back to the Island before Ben moved it, and it disappeared with Claire still somewhere on it. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 2”)

After the Oceanic Six rescue

4×12 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1


Claire’s mother, Carole Littleton, recovered from her coma and attended Christian Shephard’s funeral. On her way out, she tearfully explained to Jack that Christian had fathered a child with her, a girl whom he’d come to Australia to see, a girl who had later boarded Oceanic Flight 815 and whose name was Claire. Jack was left shaken and speechless at the revelation that Claire was his half-sister. Through this conversation, it was also revealed that in the Oceanic Six’s story, Claire wasn’t one of the travelers who made it out of the plane after the crash. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1”)

4×14 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 3


Claire later appeared to Kate in a dream. Claire, wearing the same clothes she was last seen in, looked over Aaron in his room as Kate came barging in, as she thought it was an intruder. She was surprised to see Claire and she ominously told Kate to not “bring him back… Don’t you dare bring him back.” Kate soon woke up, relieved to find it was all a dream but didn’t take Claire’s warning lightly. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 3”)

5×11 – Whatever Happened, Happened

Five days later, Kate decided to journey back to the Island with Jack. Listening to Claire’s warning, Kate realized that in order to return she must not take Aaron with her. Kate tearfully left Aaron with Carole but not before she revealed the truth. Kate told Carole that the story about the Oceanic 6 was a lie and that Claire was indeed alive on the island. She also revealed that the reason she was going back to the island was to find Claire and bring her back to her son. (“Whatever Happened, Happened”)

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