Lynn Karnoff

Season: 3 & 6, Episodes: 2, Faction: N/A


Lynn Karnoff was a woman who posed as a fortune-teller to Hurley.


Fertility (Water)

Sun (Fire)



3×10 – Tricia Tanaka Is Dead


She told Hurley his fortune using tarot cards. The first card told her he had won money. The second, the Six of Swords, told her it had brought him misfortune. She claimed to see the Numbers and listened to them. She said they were cursed and pulled a third card, Death.


She said his curse could be removed and asked him to take off his clothes while she started preparing ingredients to exorcise his curse. He offered her a thousand dollars to admit that his dad paid for his reading. She acted offended but then relented and admitted it after being offered ten thousand dollars. Hurley stormed out. (“Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”)

6×04 – The Substitute


In the flash sideways, Lynn Karnoff worked at the temp agency that Hurley owned. She was doing a job interview with John Locke and was asking questions that made no sense to him, such as what kind of animal he would consider himself.


Fed up with with her approach, John demanded to see her supervisor. Lynn complied and brought Rose Nadler over to speak with him. (“The Substitute”)

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Decoded Season 1 Characters

Hurley Reyes

John Locke

Rose Nadler

Decoded Season 2 & 3 Characters

Benjamin Linus

David Reyes

Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

3x10 "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"

6x04 "The Substitute"

Weret-hekau (Urthekau) was a lion headed goddess who was also depicted as a snake with the head of a woman. She was the wife of Re-Horakhty and wore his symbol (the sun disc) on her head along with a cobra on her brow. She protected the sun god and acted as a wet nurse for the pharaohs. The pharaoh in part derived his right to rule from his mother, who would normally be the previous king´s Great Wife. As a result it was sometimes suggested that the queen became the goddess when she bore the next pharaoh. This myth was referred to by Hatshepsut, a female Pharaoh, to help support the legitimacy of her rule.

Her name means “great magician” and she was known as “She Who is Rich in Magic Spells” prompting some to suggest that she was not actually a distinct goddess, but a form of Isis. As she took either the form of a lion or a snake and protected the sun god, she is also associated with Wadjet and Sekhmet and the story of the “eye of Ra“.

Because she was a powerful symbol of protection, her name along with the symbol of a snake often appears on magical weapons buried with the dead to help them protect themselves in the underworld. Her name also appears on ivory knives which were supposed to protect pregnant and nursing women.

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Werethekau, alts. Urthekau and Weret Hekau, was the ancient Egyptian personification of supernatural powers, weret hekau meaning “she who is rich in magic” or “she who is great in spells” or the like.

In myth

As a deity dedicated to protection, she often appeared on funerary objects, particularly weapons, to allow the deceased to protect him or herself against the dangers of the underworld. She also was placed on ivory knives as a charm to protect pregnant and nursing mothers.

Her power was one of the inherent qualities of the Crowns of Egypt. As goddess of the crowns she was a snake or a lion-headed woman and dwelt in the state sanctuary. As the wife of Ra-Horakhty she is depicted with his solar disk on her head. Werethekau was an epithet frequently conferred on Isis, Sekhmet, Mut, and others.


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