The Others

With Walt’s kidnapping and the merging of the mid-section and tail-section camps, the survivors were now united against the threat posed by the Others. In response, the Others met with the survivors in the jungle, and agreed upon a line separating the groups which neither side should cross. (“The Hunting Party”) However, this “line” was quickly flouted, firstly by Ben who pretended to be an innocent survivor from a balloon crash (“One of Them”), and secondly by Michael when he tried to find Walt. (“The Hunting Party”)  (“Three Minutes”)


At this point, the Others maintained a ruse that they were in fact very primitive, using huts and ragged clothing to augment this. However, after using Michael to get Jack, Kate and Sawyer (“Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2”), it was revealed that their society was far more sophisticated. (“A Tale of Two Cities”)

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The Others – Decoded Characters

Benjamin Linus

Alex Rousseau

Beatrice Klugh

Danny Pickett

Goodwin Stanhope



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