Season 5

Season: 1–6, Episodes: 108, Faction: Survivors


Katherine Anne Austen, more commonly known as Kate, was one of the survivors from the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Before the crash, Kate spent years fleeing the law after killing her abusive father. To achieve her goals, she would commit several other crimes and would turn to bank robbery, assault and seduction.

On the Island, she became an integral member of the survivors’ society, forming strong bonds with Jack and Sawyer and also becoming close with Claire and Sun. Resourceful, quick-witted and mysteriously reclusive, she participated in many missions while attempting to hide her troubled past from the rest of the survivors.

Kate was captured by the Others along with Jack and Sawyer, but she eventually escaped the Island with five other survivors. Kate went on trial for her various crimes and accepted a ten-year probation order. She was briefly engaged to Jack, but his drug and alcohol problems ended their relationship. She also raised Aaron Littleton as her son, but she finally decided to return to the island to rescue his mother, Claire.

Once she returned to the Island, Kate was stranded in 1977 with the other survivors. She worked for the DHARMA Initiative and saved a young Benjamin Linus’s life. She then time-traveled to 2007, where she found an “infected” Claire. Kate joined the Man in Black’s side, but she did not trust him. She helped Jack to kill the Man in Black and then escaped the island with Claire. Jack and Kate were reunited in the afterlife and moved on with their friends.


5×01 – Because You Left


A lawyer later visited Kate, demanding a blood test to prove she wasn’t Aaron’s real mother. Kate packed and left with Aaron. (“Because You Left”)

5×02 – The Lie


Sun phoned and she went to her hotel room. Sun showed her pictures of Ji-Yeon and lent her some clothes. (“The Lie”)

5×04 – The Little Prince


Kate visited the lawyer and failed to learn his client’s identity. Jack called her and asked where she was, because a man who had attacked Sayid had her address in his pocket. Jack met up with her and she smiled when she saw that he had shaved his beard. They tailed the lawyer to a motel, where he met Carole Littleton on an unrelated matter. Jack decided to go inside and talk to Carole about Aaron, because he considered Aaron his family too.


Jack then took Kate to the marina to meet Ben, the actual client. Kate misunderstood, thinking that Jack was trying to trick her into returning to the Island, and she angrily drove away with Aaron. (“The Little Prince”)

5×11 – Whatever Happened, Happened


She went to a supermarket and briefly lost Aaron, but a woman who resembled Claire found him.


Shaken, Kate visited Cassidy, who assumed Kate only took Aaron because Sawyer broke her heart.


That night, Kate visited Carole Littleton, revealing everything. She gave her Aaron and vowed to return to the island to retrieve Claire. (“Whatever Happened, Happened”)

5×06 – 316


She visited Jack to tell him her decision, but she told him to never ask her about Aaron. They kissed passionately and slept together. She seemed distracted the next morning, and left as soon as Jack’s phone rang.


Kate went to the airport for Flight 316, but she avoided Jack. Later, when Jack approached her on the plane to discuss the coincidence of their group together on the same flight, she said that their sharing a plane didn’t mean they were “together.” The plane began to shake, and the two vanished from the plane along with Hurley and Sayid. (“316”)

Back on the Island


5×06 – 316


Kate appeared on the edge of the waterfall pool, where Jack revived her. Jin appeared and took them, along with Hurley, to an empty cliff near the ocean. (“316”)

5×08 – LaFleur


Sawyer arrived and shared a friendly reunion with them all, including Kate. Sawyer explained that they’d come back to 1977, when the Dharma Initiative lived on the Island. (“LaFleur”)

5×09 – Namaste


He drove them to the Barracks to pass them off as new recruits. Phil there became suspicious, but Juliet arrived to help Kate’s charade. (“Namaste”)

5×11 – Whatever Happened, Happened


Sawyer approached Kate at night about why she returned, but a burning van distracted them, and Kate rushed to save its occupants. The next day, she commiserated with a fellow laborer, Ben’s father, but then Ben turned up shot, and Sawyer put her, Jack and Hurley under house arrest.


Kate defended the decision against Jack. She tried and failed to convince Jack to operate on Ben. She walked out on him when he insisted that she did not like the “old” him. Kate donated blood to Ben, and while doing so, told Juliet that she had been engaged to Jack before returning to the island.


Juliet later told her she could do no more for Ben but the Others could. Kate volunteered to take him to them, hoping to spare Juliet and Sawyer any blame, but Sawyer caught up to her, and they entered the jungle together. They talked about their past relationship and about Clementine. The Others then took them captive, and Kate agreed to hand Ben over to Richard. (“Whatever Happened, Happened”)

5×13 – Some Like It Hoth


Kate returned to the Barracks and filled in Juliet. Roger noticed Ben was missing and told security, and when Kate tried to comfort him, he became suspicious of her. (“Some Like It Hoth”)

5×14 – The Variable


The next day, their cover blown, Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Juliet, Jin and Hurley met to discuss options. Sawyer suggested they either leave the Island or go to the beach, but then Daniel arrived, insisting they visit the Others. Kate and Daniel left with Jack, first stopping at the motor pool for guns, but Radzinsky and other DHARMA workers caught them, and and a firefight ensued.


They continued into the jungle. Daniel explained his plan to detonate a bomb, which worried Kate. They reached the Hostiles, who shot Daniel and took them captive. (“The Variable”)

5×15 – Follow the Leader


Kate and Jack, held in a tent, discussed their plan. Jack told Kate that they could erase all the bad things that had happened to them, but Kate was despondent about erasing their relationship, insisting that it was “not all misery.” Jack told her apologetically that “enough of it was.”


They convinced Eloise to take them to the bomb, but Sayid appeared and freed them from their captors. Kate insisted on finding Sawyer and Juliet so that they could help her convince Jack that he was wrong.


DHARMA caught her, ordered her on to the sub and handcuffed her with Sawyer and Juliet. (“Follow the Leader”)

5×16 – The Incident, Part 1


The sub submerged, but Kate convinced them to stop Jack’s plan. Juliet freed them and got the captain to surface. When they arrived on the island, they met Vincent, Rose and Bernard, who tried to dissuade them from their mission. Kate asked for directions to the Barracks instead, and they left, intercepting Jack on the way. Jack told Sawyer that he had Kate, but he had lost her. Jack and Sawyer fought about Jack’s plan, then Juliet confronted Sawyer about looking at Kate.


Kate tended to Jack’s wounds, and he convinced her to help him by telling her that she’d be able to help Claire too. (“The Incident, Part 1”)

5×17 – The Incident, Part 2


They drove to the Swan site, and Kate helped cover Jack with her gun. As Jack was about to drop the bomb, he looked at Kate for support; she nodded as a tear fell down her cheek.


When the bomb failed to detonate and the drill hit the EM pocket, Kate desperately tried to save Juliet from being dragged down, buying enough time for Sawyer to grab her hand. Juliet fell nonetheless. Moments later the bomb presumably detonated. (“The Incident, Part 2”)

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