The Others

Based on Richard’s reaction and those of the Temple Dwellers, it seems the Others or at least their leaders are familiar with The Man in Black. (“LA X, Part 1”) After Jacob’s death and the revelation of “Locke’s” true identity, the group of Others, previously led by Richard, who was later kidnapped by Man in Black, left the Statue of Tawaret and went to the Temple. It’s not certain whether they reached it before Man in Black’s arrival, but it’s assumed they actually did.


Later, using Sayid as his messenger, the Man in Black was able to convince some of the Others to leave the Temple upon by telling them all that Jacob was dead and that there was no reason for any of them to stay, and that death would await them should they choose to do so. After Sayid killed Dogen, thus allowing the Man in Black to enter the Temple in his monster form, and then Lennon, while the remaining Others were killed by the MiB in his smoke form. The ones who chose to leave the Temple, including Cindy, defected to the Man in Black’s side. (“Sundown”) Later, those of the Others who chose to follow The Man in Black were mostly killed by Widmore’s mortar attack; the survivors of this event went into hiding in the jungle. (“The Last Recruit”) After these events, the Others who chose to remain with the Man in Black followed him faithfully, until they were all but wiped out by a mortar attack, ordered by Widmore to kill the Man in Black, which killed most of them. According to the Man in Black, those who were not killed in the attack scattered into the jungle. (“The Last Recruit”) The fate of these last few Others is not revealed, but it can be assumed that they eventually came under the leadership of Hugo Reyes and possibly the guidance of Benjamin Linus (a la Richard before him) after Reyes assumed the leadership of the Island. (“The End”)

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