Season 6

Season: 1–6, Episodes: 98, Faction: Survivors/MIB


Sayid Hassan Jarrah (Arabic:سعيد جراح) was a middle section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 and a former Iraqi Republican Guard torturer. A courageous man and a competent leader, Sayid maintained a conservative manner which reflected strength and spirituality.

Sayid spent much of his adult life searching for his love, Nadia, and trying to atone for his past. On the Island, his skills and leadership played a key role in his group’s survival. Sayid worked to find the source of a distress signal and met the woman who sent it out. He developed a relationship with Shannon, another survivor, and was devastated by her accidental death. Sayid proved very useful in the survivors’ fight against the Others, first interrogating one that they trapped and later helping Kate and Locke rescue Jack.

Sayid was one of the six who escaped the Island. He reunited with Nadia, but when a hit-and-run driver killed her, Sayid joined Ben as a hitman against Widmore to avenge her. Afterward, he did charity work in the Dominican Republic, but Ilana forced him aboard Ajira Airways Flight 316, returning him to the Island. Sayid found himself in 1977, where the DHARMA Initiative captured him, believing him a Hostile. He escaped and unsuccessfully tried to kill young Ben, whose father then shot him. After he returned to 2007, he died, but the Man in Black resurrected him and recruited him to his side. After this, Sayid lived in the Man in Black’s group in an almost blank state. After speaking with Desmond, he broke out of this state, and was later redeemed when he sacrificed himself aboard Widmore’s submarine, exploding while carrying the Man in Black’s bomb.

In the flash-sideways, he was reunited with his island lover, Shannon Rutherford and along with their friends, they moved on.


6×01 – LA X, Part 1 & 2


Sayid remained injured from Roger’s bullet after the survivors traveled forward to 2007. Hurley and the rest rushed him to the temple stream, but he died after the Others submerged him. Hours later though, he returned to life. (“LA X, Parts 1 & 2”)

6×03 – What Kate Does


The Others dragged him to another room, where Dogen tortured him. Lennon called the ordeal a “test” and that he had “passed”. Later, Jack tried to give him a pill from Dogen, and Sayid, trusting Jack, agreed. Jack then changed his mind. (“What Kate Does”)

6×05 – Lighthouse


Later Jack told Sayid he’d learned the pill was poison. (“Lighthouse”)

6×06 – Sundown


Confronted, Dogen told Sayid the test proved evil had taken him over. Dogen then fought and almost killed Sayid, but stopped and instead gave him a knife and a mission to assassinate the Man in Black.


Sayid encountered the Man in Black in the jungle in Locke’s form and stabbed him in the chest. The Man in Black was unfazed and said Dogen had tried to con Sayid into going to his death. The Man in Black then cryptically offered anything Sayid wanted in exchange for his help, though the one thing Sayid wanted had “died in his arms” (probably Shannon). Sayid returning to the Temple and told the Others to leave or die.


He then met again with Dogen, drowned him in the spring and slit Lennon’s throat right after. Ben entered the room and told Sayid there was still time to leave, but Sayid simply replied, “Not for me.” The Monster rampaged through the Temple.


After, Sayid walked through the carnage, joined the Man in Black’s new group and walked off into the jungle. (“Sundown”)

6×08 – Recon


Sayid traveled across the Island with the rest of the Man in Black’s group until they eventually set up camp in a clearing in a coastal forest. Claire tried to kill Kate, who screamed for Sayid’s help, but he remained passive; Sayid said he was incapable of feeling anything at all. (“Recon”)

6×10 – The Package


The Man in Black left the camp in his care, and Widmore’s men shot him with a dart. (“The Package”)

6×11 – Happily Ever After


The next day Sayid and the Man in Black traveled to Hydra Island. Sayid remained behind, killed two men and took their prisoner – Desmond. (“Happily Ever After”)

6×12 – Everybody Loves Hugo


He delivered the prisoner to the Man in Black, who later dropped him in a well. (“Everybody Loves Hugo”)

6×13 – The Last Recruit


The Man in Black asked Sayid to kill him. He disobeyed when Desmond suggested killing him might disappoint the very person Sayid joined the Man in Black to gain. (“The Last Recruit”)

6×14 – The Candidate


Sayid turned off the Hydra Island power generator, deactivating the sonic fence and letting the Man in Black free Hurley’s group from a cage. Sayid then rejoined the group in the jungle and helped shoot Widmore’s men as the group commandeered his submarine.


In the sub, Jack discovered a bomb, and Sayid analyzed it, using his munitions knowledge one last time. Sawyer then accidentally activated the bomb.


Sayid told Jack Desmond’s location and told him he’d replace Jacob then carried the bomb away from the others to the back of the submarine. The bomb exploded, killing him. (“The Candidate”)

In the flash sideways, Sayid continued to atone for his actions. He was still a former Republican Guard torturer, but he now worked for an oil company. He flew to Los Angeles to see Nadia, but believing he didn’t deserve her, he’d “pushed” her to his brother Omer, who are now married with children.

6×01 – LA X, Part 1


Aboard Flight 815, Sayid kicked in a lavatory door to help a flight attendant and save a passenger who’d locked himself inside. (“LA X, Part 1”)

6×02 – LA X, Part 2


He ran into a fellow passenger at the airport baggage claim. (“LA X, Part 2”)

6×06 – Sundown


Sayid then took a cab to Nadia and Omer’s house, where he met them and their two children Eva and Sam. A call took Omer from dinner early, and the children, looking for presents, found boomerang’s and a picture of Nadia in Sayid’s bag. That night, Omer asked his help against loan sharks, capitalizing on Sayid’s feelings for Nadia. As in life, his love for Nadia pushed him toward violence, but Sayid told Omer he was “not that man” anymore.


The next day, Omer was attacked, and Nadia urged Sayid not to take revenge. The men responsible came to Sayid though and brought him to a restaurant to meet the loan shark – Martin Keamy.


Keamy tried to get him to pay Omer’s debt, but Sayid used one of the men as a human shield then shot Keamy and the other henchman. (“Sundown”)

6×10 – The Package


Leaving, he found a prisoner in the freezer, and after some thought, he gave him a box cutter to free himself. (“The Package”)

6×13 – The Last Recruit


A camera caught him fleeing the carnage, and the tape eventually reached the LAPD. Sayid returned to Omer and Nadia’s house and packed to flee. Nadia asked what he had done, then a police detective knocked on the door.


Sayid ran out the back door but Det. James Ford tripped him up, held him at gunpoint and arrested him. (“The Last Recruit”)

6×16 – What They Died For


He met Desmond Hume while in custody. Later, while Sayid, Desmond, and Kate Austen were being brought from holding to prison, Desmond offer to help him escape in exchange for an future favor.


Sayid agreed with facetious gravity. The escorting officer freed them, and Hugo Reyes arrived, handing her a bribe. (“What They Died For”)

6×17 – The End


Hurley then drove Sayid to the Flightline Motel and offered him a tranquilizer gun to remind him of their previous adventures there. Sayid refused.


Hurley abducted a victim and they drove next to a bar’s parking lot. Two men emerged from a bar fighting, followed by a woman who fell to the ground. Sayid ran to her aid, and as they touched, they remember each other and their lives.


They went next to the church and sat together as a bright light covered them. (“The End”)

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