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Donovan is a physicist (presumably a professor of physics) in London. He is also Desmond’s best mate off the Island.

Fertility (Water)




3×08 – Flashes Before Your Eyes


Donovan was introduced when Desmond was apparently sent back in time after activating the fail-safe in the Swan station. He was criticizing a student’s thesis on the topic of unpredictability and random occurrences when Desmond ran in, soaking wet, calling for him; apparently proving a point Donovan was making to the student.


Desmond took Donovan to a pub where they discussed (or rather, Desmond tells him of) Desmond’s future and how he had somehow been transported back in time. Donovan was skeptical to say the least (‘Are you bloody insane?‘), and walked out of the pub when Desmond’s predictions failed to come true (Desmond tried to predict the soccer scores on the TV).


Unfortunately for Desmond, he had confused the days, and his predictions were fulfilled soon after. Jimmy Lennon entered the pub and accidentally hit Desmond in the head, knocking him unconscious. (“Flashes Before Your Eyes”)

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3x08 "Flashes Before Your Eyes"

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In Greek mythology, Iolaus was a Theban divine hero, son of Iphicles, Heracles’s brother, and Automedusa.

He was famed for being Heracles’s nephew and for helping with some of his Labors. Through his daughter Leipephilene he was considered to have fathered the mythic and historic line of the kings of Corinth, ending with Telestes.

Iolaus took part in the athletic games organized in honour of Pelias by Acastus, the famous Athla epi Pelia, in which some of the foremost heroes of Greece took part. At the Games, Iolaus defeated Glaucus (Son of Sisyphus).

Relationship with Heracles

As a son of Iphicles, Iolaus was a nephew of Heracles. He often acted as Heracles’ charioteer and companion. He was popularly regarded as Heracles’s lover, and the shrine to him in Thebes was a place where male couples worshiped and made vows.

The Theban gymnasium was also named after him, and the Iolaeia, an athletic festival consisting of gymnastic and equestrian events, was held yearly in Thebes in his honor. The victors at the Iolaea were crowned with garlands of myrtle.

Iolaus provided essential help to Heracles in his battle against the Hydra, his second labor. Seeing that Heracles was being overwhelmed by the multi-headed monster, who grew two heads in place of each one cut off, Iolaus sprang to help, cauterizing each neck as Heracles beheaded it.

Heracles gave his wife, Megara, age thirty three, to Iolaus, then only sixteen years old – ostensibly because the sight of her reminded him of his murder of their three children. They had a daughter, Leipephilene. He was one of the Heraclidae.

Upon Heracles’ death, Iolaus lit the funeral pyre, though according to some mythographers, this was Philoctetes instead.

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