Season: 3, Episodes: 7, Faction: The Others


Jason was a minor Other who, on numerous occasions, aided Pickett, Ben, and Ryan Pryce. Jason was credited as a character in some episodes, while in others he appeared as a part of the background cast.




Days 70-91

3×04 – Every Man for Himself


Jason was first seen when he assisted Matthew in the Hydra operation room. Jason told Sawyer to bite down on a stick, for the pain and held him down.


He later accompanied Ben and Sawyer on their journey to the Hydra Island lookout. (“Every Man for Himself”)

3×05 – The Cost of Living


The next day Jason assisted Jack to Colleen’s funeral and attended the funeral. (“The Cost of Living”)

3×06 – I Do


Jason and Danny Pickett watched Jack surgery on Ben, however Pickett took this opportunity to leave the operating room to kill Sawyer, despite Jason’s suggestion not to. Pickett and Jason made their way to the cages area and held Kate at a gunpoint, so she would not try to prevent Pickett from shooting Sawyer. (“I Do”)

3×07 – Not in Portland


However in an unexpected movement, Pickett and Jason were beat up and left unconscious locked in Sawyer’s cage by Kate and Sawyer. After being locked in the cages with Pickett and being freed by Ivan the three of them caught up with the fugitives on the beach, but failed to catch them. They continued their chase to the part of the Hydra compound, where they found Aldo on the floor, informing them that Kate, Sawyer, and Alex had been here and had freed Karl. (“Not in Portland”)

3×21 – Greatest Hits


Weeks later, Jason was seen at the Others’ camp when Ben came back from taking Locke to see Jacob. (“Greatest Hits”)

3×22 – Through the Looking Glass


Jason was one of Pryce’s “ten best men” who took part in the raid on the castaways’ camp. He survived the initial explosions of the tents, and helped to capture Jin, Sayid, and Bernard. While Hurley ran Pryce over with the DHARMA van, Sayid tripped Jason, and with his legs, broke Jason’s neck, killing him. (“Through the Looking Glass, Part 1”)

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Associated DHARMA Stations

Decoded Season 1 Characters

Tom Friendly

James Sawyer

Kate Austen

Jack Shephard

Decoded Season 2 Characters


Danny Pickett

Colleen Pickett

Ben Linus

Decoded Season 3 Characters


Ryan Pryce




Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

3x04 "Every Man For Himself"

3x06 "I Do"

3x07 "Not In Portland"

3x22 "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1"

Ba-Pef means “That Soul”, and the demonstrative adjective “pef” has an indication of dread or hostility. This is an old deity, as we learn from the Pyramid Text that the king passes by the House of Ba-Pef where there is pain or woe. From the mastaba tomb of Meresankh III at Giza there is evidence that in the Old Kingdom Ba-Pef may have had a cult with a priesthood.

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Ba-Pef was a minor underworld god in Egyptian mythology. The name literally means that Ba, which is roughly understandable as that soul. Ba-Pef is commonly portrayed as an obscure malevolent deity known from the Old Kingdom in which he may have enjoyed a priesthood. According to references among the Pyramid Texts he had a cult following and was associated in some way with pain or spiritual anguish affecting the pharaoh.


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