Sabrina Carlyle

Season: 2, Episodes: 1, Faction: N/A


Sabrina Carlyle is the mother of Boone, and the stepmother of Shannon.

Fertility (Vegetation)

Fertility (Earth)

Fertility (Water)

2×06 – Abandoned


Sabrina called Shannon to let her know her father was in an accident and told her to met her at the hospital. After being told by the doctor of the death of her hushand (Adam Rutherford) she scornfully spoke of Shannon and told her to come on.


She cut Shannon off from the family fortune after the death of her husband Adam Rutherford, who died with a living trust rather than a will. She is also the owner of a wedding business, a subsidiary of which resulted in Boone moving away from New York to become the COO of her company.

Deleted scene


In a deleted flashback scene, Sabrina showed little care for Shannon’s grief and asked her when she would be leaving her house.

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Decoded Family Members

Adam Rutherford (Husband)

Boone Carlyle (Son)

Shannon Rutherford (Stepdaughter)

Decoded Season 1 Characters

Jin-Soo Kwon

Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

2x06 "Abandoned"

(Nebetu; not to be confused with Nbd(w), an epithet meaning “Noxious One”, e.g. in spells 138 and 152 of the Book of the Dead, which is however sometimes written “Nebtu”) Nebtu, whose name means “Mistress of the region/district,” perhaps with the sense of “countryside,” is the consort of Khnum at Esna together with Menhyt. Her litany from the temple at Esna (Sauneron, Esna VIII, pp. 27-31) seems to associate her especially with the growth of all edible plants and the nourishing function of the land.


Mythological Family Members & Associated Deities

KHNUM (Consort)


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