Ajira Guard

Season: 6, Episodes: 1, Faction: Widmore


The Ajira Guard was one of two members of Widmore’s Team left behind to guard the Ajira Aircraft on Hydra Island.



Fertility (Water)


On the Island (2007)

6×14 – The Candidate


When the Man in Black approached the aircraft, both he and Wheeler opened fire to no effect. After Wheeler’s neck was broken, the Man In Black took his weapon and shot the second guard.


The Man In Black proceeded to take his digital wristwatch and board the aircraft, inside he found wiring which lead him to a pack of C4 explosives. He took the explosives and rigged a bomb using the wristwatch.


He placed the bomb into his backpack and covertly swapped it with Jack’s outside Widmore’s submarine.


During the Candidates evacuation from the Island aboard the submarine, they found the bomb and tried in vain to defuse it. Seconds before the bomb was set to explode Sayid took the bomb and ran away from the candidates to try and save them; the bomb exploded and sinking Widmore’s submarine (killing Sayid, Jin, Sun & the Submarine Captain). (“The Candidate”)

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Sayid Jarrah

Charles Widmore

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The Man In Black


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6x14 "The Candidate"

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In Greek mythology, Chrysaor (English translation: “He who has a golden armament“), the brother of Pegasus, was often depicted as a young man, the son of Poseidon and Medusa. However, Chrysaor is sometimes said to be a giant or a winged boar. Chrysaor and his brother, the winged horse Pegasus, were not born until Perseus chopped off Medusa’s head. Chrysaor was also said to be born from the neck of Medusa, whereas Pegasus was born from Medusa’s blood.

Medusa, one of the Gorgon sisters, the most beautiful, and the only mortal one, offended Athena by having sexual intercourse with Poseidon in one of Athena’s temples, thereby desecrating it. Chrysaor and Pegasus were born from the drops of Medusa’s blood which fell in the sea; some say that they sprang from Medusa’s neck as Perseus beheaded her, a “higher” birth (such as the birth of Athena from the head of Zeus). Chrysaor is said to have been king of Iberia (Andorra, Gibraltar, Spain and Portugal). Chrysaor had one son, Geryon, from Callirrhoe, daughter of Oceanus.

“Chrysaor, married to Callirrhoe, daughter of glorious Oceanus, was father to the triple-headed Geryon, but Geryon was killed by the great strength of Herakles at sea-circled Erytheis beside his own shambling cattle on that day when Herakles drove those broad-faced cattle toward holy Tiryns, when he crossed the stream of Okeanos and had killed Orthos and the oxherd Eurytion out in the gloomy meadow beyond fabulous Okeanos.” – Hesiod, Theogony 287


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PEGASUS (Brother)








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