Season 2-6

Season: 1, Episodes: 28, Faction: Survivors


Boone Carlyle was a middle section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, and Shannon’s stepbrother. Before the crash he had been used by Shannon for money and as a result of this, his love for her was revealed and they had a one-night stand. Throughout his time on the Island, Boone would spend a lot of his time with Shannon before finally getting over his love for her and letting her go. He later became Locke’s apprentice when the two discovered the Hatch and formed a close bond. Unable to open it, they followed a dream Locke had and found a plane sitting on a cliff. Boone climbed up into the plane but suffered severe injuries when the plane fell to the ground. Despite the best attempts from Jack to save him, Boone realized he was going to die and told Jack to let him go. After his death, Locke later described him as a “sacrifice the Island demanded.” In the flash-sideways, Boone was reunited with his stepsister, Shannon, and along with their friends from the island, they moved on.

2×24 – Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2


Locke revealed to Desmond, he had felt extremely guilty, because he had been a great influence on Boone, and this had eventually resulted in his death. (“Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2”)

3×03 – Further Instructions


Twenty-seven days after Boone’s death, Locke was in search of further instructions from the island. He set up a sweat lodge and consumed some of the same paste he had put on Boone earlier, during their stay on the island. It seemed nothing was going to happen when Boone appeared from beside John in the sweat lodge.

When Locke tried to apologize to Boone, he acknowledged (with a hint of sarcasm) that he was a “sacrifice the Island demanded,” as Locke had repeatedly described him. Boone led Locke away, but John discovered, he had lost the use of his legs. Boone put him in a wheelchair.


Boone led John around Sydney Airport, and warned him that it was up to him to save another survivor’s life. Locke saw Charlie and Claire. Boone responded they were “fine… for a while” (hinting at Desmond’s later premonition of Charlie’s imminent death.) Locke saw Jin and Sun arguing, but Boone assured him that Sayid would lead them to safety, and that Hurley and Desmond would be fine as well. After John saw Jack, Kate, and Sawyer being accosted by Henry, Boone told him, he must clean up his own mess before he could help them. Boone, realizing John wouldn’t comprehend on his own, led Locke to the top of the escalator. There, John found Eko’s stick, covered with blood. Boone, now pale and bloody, as he was when he died, told Locke to save Eko before it was too late. (“Further Instructions”)

4×12 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1

According to the fabricated story of the Oceanic Six, Boone was one of the three people who survived the initial crash but died before rescue. According to Jack, Boone had massive internal injuries, and died soon after the crash. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1”)

5×04 – The Little Prince


During the Island’s increasingly frequent time shifting, the survivors returned to the night of Boone’s death, and Locke witnessed the lighting of the hatch. He then explained to Sawyer why he had been banging on the hatch, and he then exclaimed that Boone’s death, and the person he was, helped him get to where he is now. (“The Little Prince”)

6×04 – The Substitute


Just beyond the opening of the Cliffside cave is a room in which Jacob had written the last names of several candidates on the walls and ceiling, and a number preceding each one. When the wall is first seen, all of the names and numbers are crossed out except for those preceded by one of The Numbers. The Man in Black explained, each name is the name of a candidate. Boone’s surname, Carlyle, is crossed out. According to it, Boone’s number is 226. (“The Substitute”)

6×01 – LA X, Part 1


During the flight, Boone talked to John Locke, who claimed to have recently had a walkabout. The idea of a walkabout fascinated Boone, and he told Locke, in case of a crash, he will stick by him. Boone told Locke about his trip to Australia, where his sister was in a relationship. He claimed, his sister wanted out of the relationship, but when he arrived, she did not want to leave with him.

After the plane landed in LA X, Boone said goodbye to Locke and shook his hand. (“LA X, Part 1”)

6×17 – The End


A few weeks after the flight, Boone somehow remembered his old life, and made contact with Hurley. He later “rescued” Shannon from a bar and got into a fight in the adjacent alley, though the fight was set up by Boone and Hurley to have Shannon rescued by Sayid. He then observed with Hurley as she met Sayid and remembered her former life. During this time, Boone told Hurley how difficult it was to get her back from Australia.


Boone later went to the church where all the Flight 815 survivors reunited. He hugged Jack, giving him closure for failing to save him on the Island. He later “moved on” with the rest of his friends, sitting to the right of Juliet and Sawyer. (“The End”)

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