LOST: Via Domus

The game follows a character new to the Lost universe, Elliott Maslow, a photojournalist with amnesia whose background is revealed over the course of the game through flashbacks. Elliott has not ever been featured in the show. However, the producers have stated the game’s storyline is not canon to the show. Part of the game, including the DHARMA stations and the blast door map, is considered canon.


Elliott Maslow is a passenger on Flight 815. After the crash, he lost his memory. He initially searches the Island for his possessions to try to regain his memories. A man named Beady Eyes, who was also a passenger, threatens to kill him. Elliott eventually discovers the Swan Station. While at the station, the other survivors review the content of a laptop computer he had on the plane and find it full of information on matters like chemical weapons. Elliott is briefly imprisoned at the Swan. After he escapes with Kate’s help, he discovers the entrance to the walled-off portion of the Swan and blows open the door with dynamite from the Black Rock.

After Elliott shuts down a reactor at the Swan, he follows his compass to the fence around the Barracks, where he meets Juliet. Juliet opens the fence for him and then he enters the underground portion of the Flame. He eventually reaches the surface structure of the Flame and finds Mikhail held captive by Beady Eyes. Elliott shoots Beady Eyes and is then captured by the Others.

Elliott is taken to the Hydra Station where he meets with Ben Linus and Juliet. Ben offers him a boat and a way home in exchange for luring Jack into a trap at the Black Rock. Elliott leads Kate and Jack into the trap. But then he has second thoughts and helps Jack/Kate to escape by firing a bullet into some dynamite. Elliott is left behind wounded by Jack and Kate. He is later found by Juliet and brought to some cliffs near the ocean. He then runs to the beach to grab the boat Ben offered before the Others destroy it. As the Others reach the boat, Locke appears and shoots the Others which saves the boat for Elliott. Locke then wishes Elliot well and allows him to sail away. However, at a later point at sea, the sound associated with the day the Swan implosion is heard. Elliott looks to the sky where Oceanic 815 is breaking up in mid-air, then he passes out. He wakes up at the crash site on Day 1. Everything seems to be repeating itself when suddenly Lisa stumbles out of the wreckage, covered in blood, and yells happily, “Elliott! Elliott! Oh my god, we made it. We’re alive.”

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LOST: Via Domus – (Original) Decoded Characters

Elliot Maslow

Lisa Gellhorn

Zoran Savo

Thomas Mittelwerk

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