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Isabella was the wife of Richard Alpert.


Darkness (Firmament)


Fertility (Water)


6×09 – Ab Aeterno


Little is known about her early life. She hoped to one day travel to the New World with Richard, and start a family. At some point, she was inflicted with tuberculosis. By 1867, this illness brought Isabella to her death bed, where Richard lovingly stayed by her side. She gave Richard words of assurance and bestowed her cross necklace upon him. Richard then rushed to the doctor during a storm to retrieve help/medicine, but by the time he returned, Isabella had already died. (“Ab Aeterno”)

Post-death (In the Black Rock)


After the ship was swept inland (crashing into the Statue of Taweret) upon a large wave, Richard found himself confined within the Black Rock as the only survivor (dying of thirst), the Man in Black visited Richard in the form of Isabella.


The apparition told Richard that they were in “hell” and that she had narrowly escaped “The Devil”. Isabella told Richard that she intended to save him and attempted to unchain him in vain. Upon hearing the warning howl of the Smoke Monster Richard begged Isabella to run, but she refused to leave him. Once Richard’s pleas became desperate the apparition fled above deck, whereupon Richard heard sounds of the Smoke Monster’s attack. (“Ab Aeterno”)

2007 (Communication with Hurley)


In 2007, after Richard declared he was done listening to Jacob and left the beach camp, Hugo Reyes walked out to the beach and spoke in Spanish to Isabella. Jack believed Hugo was talking to Jacob and tried to question him, but Hugo merely walked into the jungle to track Richard, accompanying Isabella’s spirit. Richard trekked far into the jungle and unearthed Isabella’s necklace. Hurley had followed and alerted Richard that his wife was standing directly beside him.


Then as Isabella spoke words of comfort Hugo repeated them for Richard. Although unable to see her, Richard eventually felt his love’s presence and tearfully spoke with her. Her final warning was to stop the Man in Black from leaving the island, or they would all “go to Hell”. (“Ab Aeterno”)

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Casting Call

The casting call described her as “[ISABELLA] Latina, 30s, fluent in Spanish. Strong sense of self and adores her husband. Devout Catholic who is battling a long-term illness…GUEST STAR.

Decoded Family Members

Richard Alpert (Husband)

Decoded Season 1 Characters

Hurley Reyes

Jack Shephard

Decoded Season 5 Characters

The Man In Black


Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

6x09 "Ab Aeterno"

(Qebehwet) Kebehwet’s name is interpreted as the Celestial Serpent, from kbhw, translated ‘firmament’ or ‘celestial waters’. Kebehwet is said at PT utterance 515 to be the daughter of Anubis. The deceased king declares “I am bound for the Field of Life, the abode of Re in the firmament, I have found Kebehwet.” She meets the king with four jars of some refreshing substance, cleanses him and burns incense before him. In utterance 690 this cleansing is said to occur “upon the causeway in the meadow,” presumably a location in the sky. In utterance 674 Kebehwet is said to “freshen your heart in your body in the house of her father Anubis,” and a further connection with Anubis is to be presumed from the recurring formula “your front [or face] is that of a jackal, your hinder-parts [or midsection] are Kebehwet [or ‘is that of Kebehwet’],” (utterances 582, 619, 674, 691 B). Kebehwet is mentioned, not by name, but simply as “daughter of Anubis” and “companion of Thoth” in utterance 304, where she opens “the windows of the sky” to permit the king access by a ladder.


Further Info

Patron of: purification of the body of the deceased.

Appearance: a serpent or ostrich bringing water.

Description: Kabechet is the daughter of Anubis, and she aids him in preparing the body for mummification. When Anubis washes the entrails, it is she who brings him the sacred water for the task. She also gives a cooling drink to the spirits of the dead who must wait while they are being mummified.

Worship: Not truly worshipped, but mentioned in many hymns and passages of The Book of the Dead.


Wiki Info

In Egyptian mythology, Kebechet (spelt in hieroglyphs as Qeb-Hwt, and also transliterated as Khebhut, Kebehut, Qébéhout, and Kabehchet) is a goddess, a deification of embalming liquid. Her name means cooling water.


Kebechet is a daughter of Anubis and his wife Anput, who is just his female aspect. Her home is Duat.

As the deification of embalming, Kebechet was seen as the goddess of freshness and purification via water. She is the goddess of freshness and purification through water who washed the entrails of the deceased and brought the sacred water to Anubis for his tasks. She was thought to give water to the spirits of the dead while they waited for the mummification process to be complete. She was probably related to mummification where she would fortify the body against corruption, so it would stay fresh for reanimation by the deceased’s ka.

Like all female concepts from the Ogdoad belief system, Kebechet was depicted as a snake, or simply as a woman with the head of a snake, although in rare instances she was pictured as an ostrich, which was representative of Ma’at. It is also said that that Kebechet helped purify the mummies for Anubis.

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Mythological Family Members & Associated Deities

ANUBIS (Father)

ANPUT (Mother)

THOTH (Consort)



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