Season: 6, Episodes: 1, Faction: N/A


In Desmond’s Flash-sideways an unnamed Nurse worked at St. Sebastian Hospital with Jack.

Fertility (Water)

Running (Swiftness)

6×11 – Happily Ever After


Desmond and Charlie were brought to the hospital after the car accident where Charlie diverted the car into the bay.


The Nurse chased Charlie Pace down the hall, after he tried to escape from the hospital. Desmond took chase and cornered Charlie asking why he was running. (“Happily Ever After”)

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Decoded Season 1 Characters

Charlie Pace

Jack Shephard

Decoded Season 2 & 6 Characters

Desmond Hume

Charles Widmore


Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

6x11 "Happily Ever After"

Wiki Info

In Greek mythology, Thoosa or Thoösa was a sea nymph associated with swiftness, and the mother of the Cyclops Polyphemus by the god Poseidon (Odyssey, book I, lines 70–72). She was the daughter of Phorcys and most likely his wife Ceto, making her one of the Phorcydes.


Mythological Family Members & Associated Deities

PHORCYS (Father)

CETO (Mother)



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