Season 3-6

Season: 1-6, Episodes: 26, Faction: French Science Team/Herself/Survivors


Danielle Rousseau was a woman of French origin who arrived on the Island with a science team in 1988, seven months pregnant with her daughter Alex. It was during this time that her team rescued Jin, who, as a result of the Island’s move, was traveling through time. Shortly after Danielle gave birth, her daughter was taken away by Benjamin Linus, an Other. Rousseau lived alone for sixteen years, and over time became slightly disturbed due to her isolation. Following the crashing of their plane, Rousseau met and eventually joined the Flight 815 survivors and finally reunited with her daughter. On 27 December 2004, while she, Alex, and Karl were traveling to the Temple, they were ambushed by Keamy and his mercenary team. Both Rousseau and Karl were shot dead. Her body was discovered by Miles as he, Sawyer and Claire were going back to the beach.

Days 76-91

3×10 – Tricia Tanaka Is Dead

Later, Kate goes looking for her, seeking her help in finding the Others’ camp. When Rousseau asked why she should help, Kate mentioned how her escape from the Hydra was assisted by Alex, who Kate is sure is Rousseau’s daughter. (“Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”)

3×11 – Enter 77


Danielle, along with Kate, Sayid, and Locke, venture out into the jungle to locate the Others’ camp. During their journey, they encounter Mikhail Bakunin and the Flame station, which Danielle has never seen before. Whilst Kate, Sayid, and Locke decide to investigate, Danielle refuses to go along, stating that she has kept alive for sixteen years by avoiding such situations. She waits by a nearby stream until they have finished their search. When they return with Bakunin as a prisoner, she presses them to kill him because she doesn’t trust him. However, Sayid refuses to do so. (“Enter 77”)

3×12 – Par Avion


Danielle continues to travel with the group, and at a rest stop by a stream, Kate asks Danielle why she isn’t concerned with any details regarding her daughter. Danielle tells Kate that her daughter will not recognize her and that she may not even like what her daughter has become. Later, Danielle continues being wary of Bakunin, telling the others that whatever he says “will be a lie.” En route to the barracks, Danielle discovers a series of metallic posts and alerts the others. After managing to scale the sonic security fence, Danielle and the others arrive at the outskirts of the barracks (“Par Avion”)

3×13 – The Man from Tallahassee

After witnessing Jack playing football with Tom, she abandons the group without saying anything, but she remains hidden in the vicinity of the barracks. Later she silently witnesses Alex taking Locke to the submarine, but Alex doesn’t see her. (“The Man from Tallahassee”)

3×15 – Left Behind

She then disappears and is nowhere to be seen when the Barracks are evacuated or when Juliet, Jack, Kate and Sayid leave the Barracks. (“Left Behind”)

3×19 – The Brig


Eight or nine days later, she briefly reappeared, entering the Black Rock while Locke was forcing a confrontation between Sawyer and Anthony Cooper in the ship’s brig. Danielle stated that she was there for some dynamite, then took a crate and left, seemingly unconcerned with Locke’s activities. (“The Brig”)

3×21 – Greatest Hits


The dynamite was for Jack, who had come to her for help after learning of the Others’ plan to take the pregnant women. She helped him and the castaways to set up three booby-trapped tents, which they would detonate from afar when the Others went in. However, Danielle determined that they didn’t have enough wire. They started to strip more from the plane wreckage, but the plan had to be scrapped when Karl arrived to warn that the Others would be coming sooner than expected. It was decided that three men – Sayid, Bernard and Jin – would stay behind to detonate the explosives by shooting them.


Meanwhile, Danielle would lead Jack and the rest to the radio tower and disable her distress signal, which would allow Naomi to contact her ship with the satellite phone and bring rescue to the island. (“Greatest Hits”)

3×22 – Through the Looking Glass


Danielle led the group up to the radio tower, and on the way met her daughter, Alex. She communicated with her for the first time, and Alex herself seemed curious about her. The two tied Ben up together, and headed on to the radio tower. Danielle stated earlier to Jack that she would help them find rescue, but would not be leaving herself. The Island is the only place she knows, and is her home. (“Through the Looking Glass”)

Days 91-98

4×01 – The Beginning of the End


Worried for Alex’s safety, Ben asked Danielle to take her far away, so that whatever was coming to the island wouldn’t harm her. Danielle punched Ben in the face when he referred to Alex as his “daughter” and ignored his plea. Later, when Naomi managed to escape into the jungle, Jack asked Danielle to help him track her down. Danielle followed a trail of blood that Naomi had left behind, only to realize that Naomi had tricked her, and that the blood stains were a dummy-trail to throw off any trackers.


When the camp was forced to take sides over whom to follow—Jack or Locke—Danielle chose to join Locke’s side. (“The Beginning of the End”)

4×02 – Confirmed Dead


Danielle, along with the rest of Locke’s group, encountered Charlotte Lewis, a member of freighters who had just parachuted onto the island. Ben tried to kill her, and in response Locke threatened to kill BenDanielle tried to shield a protestant Alex from her adoptive father’s impending death, but Locke spared his life anyway. (“Confirmed Dead”)

4×03 – The Economist  |  4×04 – Eggtown

Danielle continued to aid Locke in his efforts to remain on the island, including helping him capture Sayid. While taking Sayid to a holding room, she told him that holding him captive in the rec room was nothing personal. Claire said she also saw her taking Ben into Locke’s basement at the Barracks. (“The Economist”) (“Eggtown”)

4×08 – Meet Kevin Johnson


Rousseau was present at Locke’s meeting where, after Ben’s release, he implored Alex, along with Danielle and Karl, to flee the Barracks and head for the Temple, as he was certain Alex will be killed if they remain. Danielle seemed somewhat suspicious of Ben’s plan, but after some thought, agreed with Ben’s assessment. She assured Alex they had to go. While traveling to the “sanctuary,” they took a break. Rousseau began to suspect someone was approaching  just before Karl was shot. Danielle told Alex, who was crying over Karl’s body, that they needed to run, and that he was “gone.” They prepared to flee after the count of three, but as soon as Danielle stood up, she was shot in the side and she fell to the ground. (“Meet Kevin Johnson”)


4×09 – The Shape of Things to Come


After Rousseau and Karl were both shot, the mercenaries who attacked them lead Alex back to the Barracks, in the hope of using her to lure Ben out of hiding. While Keamy stood with a gun pointed at Alex, communicating with Ben via walkie as he watched through a window, Alex told her father, “They’re serious, they killed Karl and my mother.” In a bid to save his daughter’s life, Ben attempted to prove to Keamy that Alex meant nothing to him. He recalled the story of how she isn’t his daughter, and how he “stole her as a baby from an insane woman.” Nonetheless, Keamy shot Alex, killing her. (“The Shape of Things to Come”)

4×10 – Something Nice Back Home


Rousseau’s fate, however, remained unknown until Sawyer, Claire and Miles were trekking back from the Barracks to the beach camp and they passed the clearing where Rousseau and Karl were shot. Miles began hearing screams and echoes and mysteriously asked who Danielle and Karl were.

He then proceeded to dig two holes in the ground, revealing Karl and Danielle’s dead bodies buried in their shallow graves. (“Something Nice Back Home”)

6×03 – What Kate Does


Three years later, Aldo, Justin, Jin and Kate encountered traps in the jungle that Jin speculated to be Danielle’s. The Others discounted there being any left. As it was revealed later, the traps were left by Claire. (“What Kate Does”)

6×04 – The Substitute  |  6×05 – Lighthouse


Either Danielle or Alex was a candidate, as the name “Rousseau” was one of the crossed out candidate names seen on Jacob’s cave and lighthouse. (“The Substitute”) (“Lighthouse”)

6×16 – What They Died For


After Ben was attacked by Desmond and Ben came back to school, Alex insisted that he not drive home because of his injuries. She offered a ride home courtesy of her mother, Danielle. Alex then asked Danielle if Ben could stay over for dinner, which Danielle accepted joyfully. She walked around to the passenger door and she opened the door kindly for Ben. After dinner, Danielle told Ben that Alex thought of Ben as a father figure. It was implied that she and Ben were attracted to each other. (“What They Died For”)

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