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The Candidate Numbers

According to the Man in Black and Ilana, a number of select individuals were chosen as candidates to replace Jacob in the job of protecting the Island. The Man in Black further alleges that Jacob is responsible for bringing the candidates to the Island. Those chosen as candidates appear to enjoy a special protected status among the Others. As of 2007, according to Ilana, there are only six candidates remaining. (“The Substitute”)  (“Lighthouse”)  (“Dr. Linus”) Two candidates, Sayid and either/both Jin or Sun, were subsequently killed due to a trap set up by the Man in Black. Jacob revealed that the candidates are chosen because they are flawed and the names are crossed out because they fulfill a meaning, e.g. Kate becoming a mother. However, if a candidate wanted the position then the job would be theirs and their name being crossed off is “just a line of chalk”. Due to this any one of the Candidates could have become the protector of the island. (“The Candidate”) In late 2007, Jack Shephard accepted the job to replace Jacob, becoming the new protector of the Island. (“What They Died For”) Shortly after, Jack realized that he was not supposed to protect the Island, but to die saving it, since he said himself the Island was all he had left. Before he died, he named Hurley as his successor. (“The End”)

Inside Jacob’s cliffside cave, the numbers were revealing to represent the candidates.


The Candidate’s and Corresponding Number Symbolism

#4 - John Locke

#8 - Hurley Reyes

#15 - James Sawyer

#16 - Sayid Jarrah

#23 - Jack Shephard

#42 - Kwon

#42 - Kwon

Forty-Two (#42)

42 is the 6th and last of the Numbers. Below is a list of appearances on the show, by episode chronology. The writers of the show decided to include this number in the series as an homage to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. (The Lostpedia Interview: David Fury)

42 Number Symbolism

#42 - Kwon

Fertility (Water)


Sun (Fire)



Occurrences in LOST 

  • The typical Lost episode lasts around 42 minutes (excluding commercials and end credits).
  • Several episodes over the duration of the series, the first of which being Walkabout, run for exactly 42 minutes 42 seconds.
  • 42 was the “Mega Number” on Hurley’s winning lottery ticket. (“Numbers”)
  • There were 42 numbers on the papers from Danielle (7 rows of the six numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42). (“Numbers”).
  • Boone died on day 42 on the Island.
  • Ana Lucia sat in seat 42F. (“Exodus, Part 1”)
  • Hurley’s hotel room in Sydney was number 2342. (“Exodus, Part 1”)
  • Hurley’s car had gone 42km when it broke down on his way to the airport.(“Exodus, Part 1”)
  • There were 42 Oceanic Flight 815 survivors at the end of Season 1 from the the middle section. (“Exodus, Part 1”)
  • 42 was on the mural in The Swan, in addition to 108. (“Man of Science, Man of Faith”)
  • The shower head in the Swan station had 42 holes. (“Man of Science, Man of Faith”)
  • 42 was the number of the “Gilgamesh” answer to a crossword puzzle Locke was doing. (“Collision”)
  • Kate dealt out $42 to buy a ticket to Tallahassee. (“What Kate Did”)
  • 42 was part of the video reel number 23108-42 that Kelvin showed to Sayid. (“One of Them”)
  • Desmond looked at letters he sent to Penny while he was in jail, and the address of Southway Garrison, Desmond’s jail, was 42 Berechurch Road. (“Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1”)
  • Desmond tells Libby that he needed $42,000 to buy a boat. (“Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1”)
  • Kelvin was 42 years old when he was killed by Desmond. (“Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1”)
  •  There were 42 rows on Flight 815 (according to official site, Oceanic-air.com).
  • 42 was the number of the (official) glyph that was placed on LostPedia as a clue the community had to seek, by The Lost Experience writers.
  • 42 was the floor number of the Hanso Foundation’s headquarters. (Bad Twin)
  • 42 was the number of the “Necessary Evils” answer to a crossword puzzle Jack was doing. (“A Tale of Two Cities”)
  • 42 was the number of moves to inevitable mate of the computer on the chess game Locke played in the Flame. (“Enter 77”)
  • Zoran Savo stayed in suite 42 at the Hotel Persephone.
  • The registration of the helicopter was N842M. (“Confirmed Dead”)
  • The docket number of Kate’s trial was 42231615, the last four Numbers in reverse. (“Eggtown”)
  • The appropriate setting for Daniel Faraday’s consciousness time-transporting device at Oxford University’s Queen’s College Physics Department was 2.342. (“The Constant”)
  • The journal of the first mate of the Black Rock was sold at auction in lot number 2342. (“The Constant”)
  • A young boy at Hurley’s surprise birthday party had an orange jersey with the number 42 on it. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1”)
  • The price of gas at the gas station was $3.42. (“The Lie”)
  • When Benjamin Linus went to the butcher shop to ask the butcher to watch the dead body of Locke, the number he pulled was “342“. (“The Lie”)
  • Ben was told he had 70 hours to get the Oceanic Six back together. That is 4200 minutes. (“The Lie”)
  • The sign on the Oxford University Department of Physics was Claredon 142-08. (“Jughead”)
  • Kate’s address was 42 Panorama Crest (“The Little Prince”)
  • Sayid was unconscious for 42 hours. (“The Little Prince”)
  • At LAX, the gate numbers 1-15 and 16-42 could be seen over Jack’s shoulder. (“316”)
  • The first two numbers in the license plate of the truck which picked up Locke in Tunisia were “42”.

  • Either Sun or Jin (or Ji Yeon) Kwon was number 42 on Jacob’s list in the Cave Wall.
  • The clock on Sawyer’s night stand in the flash-sideways timeline read 8:42. (“Recon”)
  • Desmond’s order number at Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack was 42. (“Everybody Loves Hugo”)

Six (#42)

42 Reduced: 4+2 = 6

The meaning of six is both delicate and mammoth as it walks into the realm of cosmic creation. We see this most evidently in the texts of the ancient Pythagoreans, who were legendary numerologists of their day (and otherwise).

These numerological theologians used all manner of perspectives to assist them in reaching the core meaning of each prime number. They understood that numbers are multi-dimensional, and so recruited geometry as teaching aids for unlocking the secrets of numbers. The number six is aligned with the: Cube, Hexagon, and Hexagram.

Each of these shapes is created from perfectly equal parts. This mirrors the underlying meaning of six as a symbol of perfect union, and the energetic emblem of soulful integration.

I rather like the simplicity nature provides in our understanding of number six through the symbolic language of bees. Their labyrinth-like homes are neatly formed hexagons.

The use of diagrams or models can prove crucial for clarity, particularly when delving into the intricate meaning of six. Hold the shapes of the six (cube, hexagon and hexagram) in your mind’s eye while ruminating over the following attributes of the number six.

Visually, the meaning of Six illustrates:

  • Spiral
  • A comma or apostrophe – a metaphor to take pause to see the connection between spaces.
  • An eye – reminding us that divine sight sees no error for divine eyes see with love

Common associations with the meaning of Six:

  • Tarot Cards: The Lovers, Six of Wands, Six of Cups, Six of Swords, Six of Pentacles
  • Colors: Indigo, Red
  • Letters: F, O and X
  • Qabalah symbol: Wav
  • Astrological: Venus

Potential Personality of Six:

People who resonate with six energy are naturally creative, have discriminating tastes, and will often be called upon to reconcile matters. They are good with numbers, are very intelligent and are able to get along with others easily. Six people have harmonious dispositions and would rather make love, not war. These people are pacifiers and like to nurture. They recognize their responsibility to others and take their role as helpers seriously.

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The Lovers (VI) 

The Lovers (VI) is the sixth trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. It is used in game playing as well as in divination.


In some traditions, the Lovers represent relationships and choices. Its appearance in a spread indicates some decision about an existing relationship, a temptation of the heart, or a choice of potential partners. Often an aspect of the Querent’s life will have to be sacrificed; a bachelor(ette)’s lifestyle may be sacrificed and a relationship gained (or vice versa), or one potential partner may be chosen while another is turned down. Whatever the choice, it should not be made lightly, as the ramifications will be lasting.

The Lovers is associated with the star sign Gemini, and indeed is also known as The Twins in some decks. Other associations are with Air, Mercury, and the Hebrew letter ז (Zayin).

A. E. Waite was a key figure in the development of modern Tarot interpretations. (Wood, 1998) However not all interpretations follow his theology. Please remember that all Tarot decks used for divination are interpreted up to personal experience and standards.

From Suite101: Tarot Card Symbolism – The Lovers of the Major Arcana: “The Lovers are the image of the first true challenge of the Fool’s life — a choice in love. This does not only mean a choice between two women, or two men. It also is a reflection of chosen values, of the decision the Fool must make, which will define him as a person. The Fool is not yet fully mature, and so has difficulty separating his physical desires from what is right.

The consequences of the choice he must make are far-reaching, affecting every part of his life. This choice is thrust upon him before he is ready, as are many choices in life, and so a mistake may be inevitable. This situation cannot be avoided, and a choice must be made; abstaining from this choice is not an option.

The Fool, not yet ready for this, does not fully understand that all choices — good and bad — carry consequences. This is an important lesson for the Fool, for he must realize that all things have a cost associated with them.”

Some frequent keywords used by tarot readers are:

  • Love relationship —– Union —– Passion —– Sexuality
  • Pleasure —– Humanism —– Desire —– Personal beliefs
  • Individual values —– Physical attraction —– Connection
  • Affinity —– Bonding —– Romance —– Heart
  • Following the Marseilles Tradition, also there are:
  • Choice —– Doubt —– Difficult decision —– Dilemma —– Temptation

Mythopoetic approach

The Lovers represent the impulse that drives us out of the Garden, towards adulthood. Sometimes, that impulse manifests as curiosity (Eve, Pandora, Psyche); sometimes it manifests as sexual desire (the basis of much great literature, as well as ordinary romances, most teen movies, and even horror films); sometimes it manifests as duty (a soldier heeding the call). Whatever it is, once we have stepped past the threshold, there is no returning to the garden.

The Lovers is associated through its cross sum (the sum of the digits) with The Devil, Key 15. He is often the source of the impulse, or that thing inside of us that responds to it. The Devil’s energy is absolutely necessary, absolutely deadly.

The Lovers also represent raw desire.

Hajo Banzhaf suggests that if the Major Arcana is seen as a map of the Sun’s circuit of the Sky, The Lovers is high noon. Consciousness is at its fullest. Frequently, cards show the Sun in the position of noon. Two trees, bearing fruit and flame, represent the intoxication of the material world.

When The Lovers appear in a spread, it typically draws the Querent’s attention to whatever impulse drove her from home, to whatever impulse made him move out, reject the faith of his fathers, made him accept the call. That original impulse should be honored, but if it dominates the Querent’s life, it will grow tiresome. The call must be renewed.

It can signal that an examination of the Querent’s relationship with the garden is needed, be it exile or absence. Sometimes, it can be useful to go beyond Eden and talk about other gardens: the bittersweet Kingdom of Logres built by Arthur to keep back the rising dark for a generation, the idyllic Hobbits’ Shire in The Lord of the Rings, or just a happy childhood. Look for misty eyes of memory, or bitterness at the lack of a past paradise.

The Lovers are also a reminder that we need others to become fully human. Lovers, friends, adversaries–each one teaches us, each one stretches us.

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