Season 3-6

Season: 3 & 5-6, Episodes: 10, Faction: The Others


Eloise Hawking, also known as Ellie, was a former leader of the Others and the mother of Daniel Faraday by Charles Widmore. While on the Island, she unwittingly shot a man who turned out to be her adult son, visiting from the future — an act that forever changed her life. Eloise then helped Daniel’s friends by trying to detonate a hydrogen bomb, in an effort to change the future. After leaving the Island, she resided for a time in Oxford, England, where she pressured her son to achievement as a researcher in theoretical physics. Her foreknowledge of future events based on her encounter with her time-travelling son gave her a somewhat omniscient air in her guidance of her son. In 1996, she was instrumental in ensuring that Desmond Hume traveled to the Island. Between 1978 and 1982 she relocated to Los Angeles, California, where she became the caretaker of the Lamp Post, a clandestine former DHARMA Initiative station capable of locating the Island. Using the facilities there, she assisted Benjamin Linus and members of the Oceanic Six in returning to the Island by identifying Ajira Flight 316 as the only flight that would take them there. In the flash-sideways timeline, Eloise lived a happy life with Daniel, a life that she was unable to share with him while they were living. When Desmond started to make people remember their lives and move on, Eloise was unnerved and desperately tried to stop him, fearing that she would lose Daniel again if he moved on. It is currently unknown if she or her son were able to finally find peace and move on from the Flash sideways world.

Desmond’s Temporal Displacement

3×08 – Flashes Before Your Eyes


Eloise worked at the store where Desmond went to buy an engagement ring for Penny during his first time shift after he turned the failsafe key.

When Eloise showed him a ring and Desmond told her he would take it, she seemed upset and responded by telling him he would not. After Desmond refused to give the ring back she explained to Desmond that she knows his name, he will break Penny’s heart, he will not marry Penny, instead entering the sailing race to prove Penny’s father wrong, and he will go to the Island and press the button for three years until forced to turn the failsafe key. She said that if he “doesn’t do those things,” that “every single one of us is dead.”


When Desmond refused to give the ring back, she decided to take a walk with him. While on their walk, she drew Desmond’s attention to a man wearing a suit and red sneakers, saying it was a “bold fashion choice worth noting.” As she and Desmond sat on a bench, she tried to explain to Desmond that he must not ask Penny to marry him. She said that it was his “path” to go to the Island. Eloise was wearing a pin, an ouroboros, a circular serpent with its tail in its mouth, a symbol in alchemy representing life as a cycle. But this particular one wasn’t eating its tail.

Suddenly, a large crash was heard behind them as the scaffolding from a construction job falls to the ground. As she and Desmond turn around, a pair of legs with red shoes were shown sticking out from under the pile of rubble. As Desmond realized this is the man she pointed out earlier, she admitted to knowing that he would die. When confronted by Desmond as to why she did not warn the man, Eloise informed him that he would have been hit by a taxi the next day, and if she had warned him about that he would have broken his neck in the shower. As Desmond stared blankly at her, she explained that the universe has a way of “course correcting” (a phrase Desmond later recites to Charlie), and that death cannot be avoided.

Her last words to Desmond were that pressing the button is the only great thing he will ever do in his life. (“Flashes Before Your Eyes”)

3×17 – Catch-22


She also appeared in a photo on the desk of Brother Campbell. (“Catch-22”)

Visiting Daniel

5×14 – The Variable


In 2004 Eloise visited her son in Essex, Massachusetts. Daniel was playing piano at his home when his mother arrived. She asked if Daniel had been offered a job, to which he affirmatively replied, but stated that he is incapable of doing the job due to his memory loss. She eventually persuaded him to accept Widmore’s offer and go to the Island, assuring that she would be proud of Dan if he did so. Daniel agreed to accept the offer. (“The Variable”)

Assisting the Oceanic Six

5×02 – The Lie


In 2007, three years after the rescue of the Oceanic Six, Eloise worked closely with Benjamin Linus in an attempt to reunite the Oceanic Six and to bring them back to the Island. She worked in a laboratory, which we later learn to be a DHARMA Initiative station known as The Lamp Post, attempting to plot out the next location of an “event” using a giant swinging pendulum (possibly a Foucault pendulum), a chalkboard, and a computer (an Apple III, a model made from 1980 to 1984). After determining the point, she met with Ben, informing him that he had only seventy hours to return to the Island, a goal that Ben insisted he could not meet. Eloise warned him that he had no choice, and that “God help us all” should he fail. (“The Lie”)

5×05 – This Place Is Death


Ben soon returned, but only managed to bring Jack and Sun with him (along with Desmond, who had arrived at the same time, discovering that Eloise was Daniel’s mother). She was disappointed that Ben didn’t bring everyone back as she had told him, but said that they would be able to make do with the few people they had, “for now.” Then she said “Well, let’s get started” and sparked a smile. (“This Place Is Death”)

5×06 – 316


She showed them the Lamp Post and explained to them that the station was how the DHARMA Initiative found the Island. She went on to explain that she calculated where a “window” to the Island would close in 36 hours and told Jack and the others that they must be on Ajira Airways Flight 316 to return. Afterward, she spoke to Jack privately, handing him Locke’s suicide note and told him that the crash of Flight 316 must mirror that of Flight 815 as closely as possible.


She explained to Jack that he must give something to Locke that belonged to Christian Shepard. When Jack became visibly upset, Eloise’s last words to him were, “That’s why it’s called a leap of faith.” (“316”)

5×14 – The Variable


The following day, Eloise visited Desmond in the hospital, after he had been shot by Ben. At the hospital, Eloise talked with Penny in an effort to comfort her. When Penny asked if Desmond would be all right, Eloise said she did not know and that for the first time in a long time she didn’t know what was going to happen next. After Eloise left, she encountered Charles Widmore. Widmore refused to go inside to see his daughter, saying that his relationship with her was one of the things he sacrificed. Eloise, clearly angered by this, told him not to talk to her about sacrifice after she sent her son to the Island to die. Widmore answers her by telling her that Daniel is his son too. Eloise slapped him and walked off. (“The Variable”)

In the flash sideways world, Eloise was reunited with her son dedicated to organizing charity events and was also married to Charles, though she was aware of her stepdaughter, Penelope Milton. At some unknown point, Eloise managed to remember her life, realizing the nature of this reality.

6×11 – Happily Ever After


When Desmond remembered his life and sought to meet Penelope during a charity concert for the Golden State Natural History Museum, Eloise tried to stop him. (“Happily Ever After”)

6×17 – The End


Eloise met Desmond once again during the concert, aware that he had awakened several people to their former lives. She believed that if her son Daniel remembered his life, he would be able to finally move on, possibly departing from her. At Eloise’s request, Desmond agreed not to awaken Daniel. (“The End”)

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