DHARMA Stations

DHARMA Initiative Stations

The DHARMA Initiative built a series of stations on the Island and at least one off island in Los Angeles. The different stations have different purposes. Some stations are for research into various scientific subjects but other stations provide communications infrastructure. After the Purge, the Others began using some of the stations for their own purposes while others were left abandoned. According to the Sri Lanka Video, they were created to help scientists “save the world as we know it” via research in various fields such as zoology and psychology. All of the stations seen so far have power and running water. Each facility has its own, octagon-shaped logo.

Though the stations have been abandoned for a number of years, all of them still have power and light. Some have been shown to still have running water and resupply airdrops were still occurring at the Swan in 2004.

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Decoded DHARMA Stations & Facilities: 

(Zoological and Anthropological
Research Facility)

(Develop Defensive Strategies &
Gather Intelligence on the Hostiles)

(Electromagnetic Research
& Containment)

(Communication Technology Facility)

(Psychological Research
& Observation Facility)

(Space-Time Travel Facility.
Disguised as a Botanical Station)

(Medical Research Facility)

(Chemical Weapons Research Station)

(Underwater Submarine Beacon
& Radio Signal Jamming Station)

(Locating the Island Station)

(Secure Residential Compound)

(Radio Broadcast Station)

(Periodic Resupply Drop Launch Center)

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