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Elsa appeared to be a girlfriend of Sayid, but in actual fact was revealed to be a spy working for an unnamed “economist” and trying to kill Sayid and his boss.


Fertility (Vegetation)

Fertility (Earth)

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4×03 – The Economist


Elsa is sitting in a cafe when Sayid walks in. He asks in German if the seat opposite her is taken. He sits down orders an espresso and looks at his map, and asks her for directions to Potsdamer Platz. She tells him it’s one block down and across the road, and continues to introduce herself as Elsa. When Sayid asks what she does for a living, she indicates that she works as a personal assistant for an economist.


On their fifth date, they plan to go to the opera. She attempts to leave her pager at home, explaining that she doesn’t care if her boss calls, she wants to spend the night with Sayid. Sayid objects and says he doesn’t want her to lose her job because of him, and takes the pager with him. Elsa asks Sayid why he is still in Berlin, and he replies his job is taking longer than expected. Elsa tells him that she hoped the reason for him staying was her.


After having sex Elsa and Sayid are lying in bed. She expresses sadness about not knowing anything about Sayid. He agrees to tell Elsa everything about him when her pager goes off and she announces that her boss needs her. She begins to get dressed and Sayid tells her she needs to leave Berlin immediately. Sayid says people will be asking questions about her boss, indicating he has been or is going to be killed.


She pulls a gun and shoots him on the left side of his chest. Elsa calls her boss and speaks to him in German, saying that she has shot but not killed him, and planned to obtain information from him. After visually locating his gun, Sayid picks up an item off the floor and throws it at the mirror, cracking it. She walks over to see what has happened, when Sayid reaches for his gun he shoots her two times in the stomach, killing her. (“The Economist”)

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4x03 "The Economist"

Renpet was the ancient Egyptian goddess who personified fertility, spring and youth. She was often known as the “Mistress of Eternity” and her name was used to express the term “year”. She is depicted as a young woman wearing a palm shoot over her head. The palm shoot represented “time” and this glyph regularly appears on monuments and documents throughout egyptian history as the beginning of the phrase recording the regnal year of the pharaoh.

She was worshipped in Memphis and Crocodilopolis and was considered to be an aspect of Isis.

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In the Egyptian language, Renpet was the word for year. Its hieroglyph was figuratively depicted in art as a woman wearing a palm shoot (which was a representation of time) over her head. This figurative woman was often referred to as the mistress of eternity. She is the goddess of springtime and youth in ancient Egyptian history.


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