LOST Solved

2012 (Update)

Dear readers, to fully comprehend the masterwork known as LOST, you will truly need to consider investing genuine time reading the background information found on the LOST Prologue page and work methodically through the main links in the navigation. This information will set the tone for the rest of the required reading and allow the reader to get into the correct head-space necessary to look into the hundreds of individual character pages decoded on this site (at present over 700 pages of content are available to digest). As stated each character has a page allocated where decoded mythological information is comprehensively detailed (depending on the sources) and screenshots from each episode are embedded to assist with visually connecting the dots.

General Tips:

The key to cracking LOST’s code is correctly interpreting the symbolism based on the characters, settings and locations both on and off the Island. The best advice to anyone diving into the world of character symbolism for the first time, is to look at where each scene is located, e.g. the ocean featured in the background, standing near a fire, walking in the jungle. Observation skills are an absolute necessity, watch carefully what characters interact with, who they interact with and most importantly where they interact. Each of these aspects have deeper meanings in relationship to symbolism. To assist, 24 pages of character Symbolism groupings have been created which should provide the reader a visual reference of the character groupings to take note of while re-watching the series. For the most part, characters in episodes are specifically grouped together by symbolism (and most characters have multiple different aspects to their symbolism) and this is the means by which to help with decoding the hundreds of characters found on LOST.

LOSTpedia is without a doubt the #1 and best online resource for any readers keen to delve into LOST’s rich and multi-layered mythology. Without the information found there, this site and the deconstruction of the series would not have been made possible. For anyone who has watched LOST, and left the show scratching their head as to what they have watched… LOST is “the masterpiece of modern television”, but only a very small minority truly realize this fact.

Spoiler Warning:

The biggest,  jaw-dropping revelation made whilst deconstructing the series, is simply, that every single character seen (speaking and non-speaking roles), referenced and associated with the series is a modern reinterpretation of mythological/historical characters found in both Egyptian and Greek Mythology. (Close to 1000 individual characters are to be found populating LOST)

At present it is estimated that well over 50% of the total characters of LOST have been accurately decoded. All remaining characters in need of decoding are primarily supporting and minor characters. It is hoped new readers to this information will learn the techniques as how best to decode the characters and potentially create similar sites of their own to continue the work in an attempt to accurately and definitively decode every single character found in LOST.

[A clue for anyone interested in completing LOST’s decoding, every single character that remains encoded can be found in Greek Mythology/History. All the Egyptian Deities are believed accurately accounted for.]

So prepare to dive into the deep end… you’ve been warned.


[A personal thank you goes out to all the readers who have visited and found this site a useful LOST resource. It has been a challenging and at times frustrating journey, accidentally tripping and falling down LOST’s rabbit hole, but ultimately the occult knowledge revealed in LOST has made the time expended a rewarding and absolutely worthwhile learning experience (crash course into the ancient mystery religion). If you ever do stumble upon and read this Damon Lindelof (or anyone else involved in LOST), thank you… at least one person fully comprehends what you have really achieved.]

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