Shannon & Boone


Shannon Rutherford was a middle section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 and was the stepsister of Boone Carlyle. She and Boone always argue before and after the crash. Before the crash, her father had died in a car crash and she had been cut off by her stepmother, who also refused to give her any of her fathers money. She used men, especially Boone, to get what she wanted which eventually led to a one night-stand with Boone. After the crash, she was very selfish at times, refusing to help the other survivors, as she insisted they would be rescued. However, she assisted trying to get a signal on the tranceiver, and used her french skills to translate Rousseau’s signal. She also had an athsma attack, when her inhalers ran out, but Sun cured her. She eventually formed a romantic relationship with Sayid, which helped her realize her selfishness and led to a change in attitude. As she and Sayid went for a picnic, Boone fell out of a plane and died. After Boone died, Shannon sought revenge on John Locke, attempting to shoot him, but Sayid interfered. She eventually forgave Sayid, but began to have strange visions of Walt who she thought was on the raft. On day 48 she ran from camp with Sayid to search for Walt, however she collided with the Tailies and was unintentionally shot in the stomach and killed by Ana Lucia Cortez, after chasing another image of Walt. She died in Sayid’s arms having finally gained his confidence and belief in her.

In the flash-sideways, she was reunited with her lover, Sayid Jarrah and along with their friends, they moved on.

Season 1 Flashback Characters

Bryan (Shannon's Ex-Boyfriend)

Nicole (Boone's Girlfriend)

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