Season 6

Season: 1–4 & 6, Episodes: 72, Faction: Survivors/MIB


Claire Littleton was one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. When she was seventeen, Claire was involved in a car crash which caused her mother to fall into a coma for five years. The accident in turn led her to meet her biological father for the first time since he left her and her mother when Claire was younger. Claire later became pregnant and, with some coaxing from a psychic, decided to fly to LA to give the baby up for adoption, putting her on the fated flight.

During her time on the Island, she entered into an inconsistent relationship with fellow survivor Charlie Pace. She was kidnapped by one of the Others, Ethan Rom, and taken to their camp where she was drugged and tested because of her pregnancy. After escaping, Claire suffered amnesia but found comfort in Charlie and her memory eventually returned. She later gave birth to her son, Aaron Littleton, and did her best to take care of him despite being a reluctant mother. Her relationship with Charlie grew stronger after he rescued Aaron from Danielle Rousseau, but when Claire learned of Charlie’s past with drugs and witnessed his erratic behavior, she became reluctant to let him into her and Aaron’s life. Later, when Aaron became sick, Claire, worried it was a side effect of what the Others did to her, traveled to the Staff to look for medicine. The station triggered memories of her capture. She eventually forgave Charlie after she learned of Desmond’s visions of Charlie’s death, and told him she wouldn’t give up on him. When Charlie sacrificed himself to save the other survivors, Claire heeded his warning about the people on the freighter not being who they said they were and joined Locke’s group during the split.

During Keamy’s attack on the Barracks, her house was destroyed, but strangely Claire was unharmed. When the Monster attacked the mercenaries, she went with Aaron, Sawyer and Miles into the jungle. On the way to the beach camp, she saw her dead father, followed him into the jungle and disappeared, leaving Aaron behind. She was then seen with “Christian” in Jacob’s cabin by Locke. She appeared eerily calm and did not inquire about Aaron. Three years later she reappeared, saving Jin, who was being attacked by the Others. According to Dogen she has been “infected” beyond redemption. She attempted to kill Kate, but was stopped by the Man in Black, who she has been residing with for the past 3 years. She left his side after Kate promised to get her home to Aaron, but was reunited with him after the debacle on Widmore’s Sub. She went against him again when she realized he intended to kill all her friends to leave the Island. Claire finally escaped the Island on the Ajira plane, along with Kate, Sawyer, Frank, Richard and Miles.

In the flash-sideways, she was reunited with her deceased lover, Charlie Pace after giving birth to Aaron, and along with their friends, they moved on.

Continued history on the Island (2004-2007)

6×05 – Lighthouse  |  4×04 – Eggtown

Claire told Jin that after the Oceanic Six got off the Island, she hid the jungle to avoid the Others in her rough shelter of forest and scavenged materials. She was living a life remarkably similar to Danielle Rousseau’s before her death (building traps, etc.). She further explained that she had not been alone, but rather had had the companionship of her “friend” and her father, who had deceptively led her to believe that Aaron was being held captive in the Temple by the Others, even as he was safe on the mainland with Kate. At some point/in some way she recognized her “friend” as such, whatever his appearance or guise, including as her father. (“Lighthouse”) (“Eggtown”)

6×03 – What Kate Does  |  6×05 – Lighthouse

According to Dogen, Claire was infected with the Sickness sometime during these three years, which was confirmed when she was “tested” in the Temple, from which she also escaped. (“What Kate Does”) (“Lighthouse”)


6×03 – What Kate Does


After being abducted by the Others at the Temple, Sawyer left and was followed by Kate and Jin, who were in turn accompanied by Aldo and Justin. The group discovered a rock trap that Aldo supposed was made by Rousseau, but Justin reminded him she had been dead for years. Kate knocked the Others out and went after Sawyer on her own. Sometime later, Jin was accosted again by Aldo and Justin, and as he tried to flee, his leg was caught in a trap. As Aldo prepared to shoot him, Claire appeared, disheveled and holding a rifle, which she used to shoot both Others.

At the Temple, Jack demanded an explanation about why Dogen expected Sayid to swallow a poisoned pill. Dogen hesitantly explained that Sayid had an unexplained “darkness” inside him, which he said had “claimed” Jack’s sister, presumed to be Claire. (“What Kate Does”)

6×05 – Lighthouse


Claire took Jin into her tent and treated his wounds. At her tent was a cradle containing an animal skull decorated like a baby, various medical supplies apparently salvaged from the DHARMA Initiative, cooking equipment, and explosives from the Black Rock. Like Danielle Rousseau, she had also been leaving traps around the Island and “picking off” the Others. She discovered that Justin was not really dead and took him into the tent for interrogation. She demanded to know where her son was, believing him to have been taken by the Others. She said that her father and a friend had told her so.


When Jin informed her that Kate had taken Aaron and been raising him for the past three years, she reacted violently and stabbed Justin with the axe, killing him. Jin later said that he was lying to Claire in order to save Justin’s life, and that Aaron was actually at the Temple. Claire then revealed her relief, ominously telling Jin that if Kate did take her baby, she would have to kill her. At this point, Claire’s friend, the Man in Black, entered in the form of John Locke. (“Lighthouse”)

6×06 – Sundown


The Man in Black then sent Claire to the Temple to tell Dogen to come out and talk to him. Claire obeyed, but Dogen refused to come out, knowing that the Man in Black would kill him. Claire advised him to send out someone whom the Man in Black would not kill. Dogen ordered the Others to take Claire captive, so they put her in a large pit somewhere within the Temple. When Kate returned to the Temple, she demanded that Lennon take her to see Claire. She found her in the pit, singing “Catch a Falling Star.” Kate revealed to Claire that she took and raised Aaron, to which Claire gave her a very angry look.


She then told Kate that the Man in Black would be coming soon. Later, during the Monster’s attack on the Temple, Claire advised Kate that it would be safer down in the pit, thereby apparently saving Kate from being killed by the Monster. After the attack, Claire and Kate got out of the pit, walked through the carnage outside, joined up with the Man in Black and his new group of defected Others (with the Man In Black giving Kate a puzzled look), and she and Kate walked off into the jungle. (“Sundown”)

6×08 – Recon


The Man in Black’s new group traveled to Claire’s shelter where they met with Sawyer and Jin. Inside the shelter Claire fixed the blanket on the animal skull she had decorated as a baby. Kate walked in and asked her what the animal skull was. Claire told her it was all she had and walked out of the tent. While the Man in Black addressed his new group, Claire grabbed Kate’s hand and held it for few seconds. When the group left the shelter she let go of her hand and walked off.


Later on while Kate and Sayid were sitting on a log talking, Claire approached Kate from behind, tackled her to the ground, and tried to stab her with a knife. The Man in Black came up and threw her off of Kate. She exclaimed that Kate stole Aaron. The Man in Black told her that Kate was just doing what she thought was best for Aaron. Claire was still hysterical and he eventually slapped her across the face and told her that he would deal with her later. Later on that day Claire apologized to Kate and started to cry hysterically and hug her. Kate haltingly returned the embrace. (“Recon”)

6×10 – The Package


Claire overheard the Man in Black talking about the candidates, whose help he needed to escape from the Island. Claire later talked to the Man in Black in private, inquiring as to whether she herself was a candidate. The Man in Black said she was not, since her name was crossed out on the wall in the cave. Claire conjectured that since she wasn’t a candidate, the Man in Black didn’t need her for his plan, but he emphatically replied that he did. He also said that there would be enough room on the plane for Claire to get off the Island along with the Man in Black and the candidates. Claire mused that if she did get off the Island, Aaron wouldn’t know who she was, since he still thought Kate was his real mother. Claire then asked whether Kate was a candidate. The Man in Black said she was not and added that after Kate served her purpose in his plan, “whatever happens happens,” thereby suggesting that Claire would be free to kill Kate if she so desires. (“The Package”)

6×12 – Everybody Loves Hugo


Claire was later present when Jack, Hurley, Sun and Frank entered the Man in Black’s camp. (“Everybody Loves Hugo”)

6×13 – The Last Recruit


When Jack, Hurley, Lapidus, and Sun arrived at the Man in Black’s camp, Claire followed Jack and the Man in Black when they went off into the jungle to talk. It was apparent that the Man in Black knew that Claire had been eavesdropping, as he called her out of the woods shortly after. While Jack was surprised to see Claire following them, she just smiled awkwardly, and then explained that she followed them because Jack was her brother, hinting that she wanted to talk to him. When the Man in Black leaves, Jack begins to apologize, however before he could finish Claire cut him off and asked if the Man in Black told him that he had taken form of their father’s body. He replied that he did, and Claire begins to tell Jack that she didn’t believe he would ever come back, and said that she had given up hope. She also said that she didn’t have much family, and that makes him being on their side even better. Jack then replies that he hasn’t decided who’s side he’s on, but Claire said that he decided who’s side he was on when he let the Man in Black talk to him.

Later, when Sawyer tells Jack about his plan to leave the island on Widmore’s sub, Jack wavers and asks why weren’t mentioned. Sawyer replies that Sayid had become a zombie and that Claire was crazy and that she lost her ticket when she tried to kill Kate, and he wasn’t going to let that happen again. Jack wavers slightly once more, glancing at Claire, before agreeing. While the Man in Black and his troupe were walking to Hydra Island, Jack approaches Claire and asks how long she had been on the island by herself. She replied that didn’t really know, and he then asked her if she trusts Locke, and she says she does because he was the only one who didn’t abandon her. Jack looks slightly guilty before continuing on, knowing that he is about abandon her again.


When Jack and the others finally take off, Claire follows them and holds the boat at gunpoint. Kate tries to calm Claire down, who is clearly angry due to the fact that they were about to leave her again. Kate finally convinces Claire to come with the group, claiming the only reason she returned to the island was to reunite Claire with her son, Aaron. She apologizes and says that she should have never raised him, and that he needs his mother. Claire, touched by this, decides to get on the boat, but not before Kate takes her rifle from her. Before she gets on the boat, she tells Kate that when the Man In Black finds out they’re gone, he’ll be mad. (“The Last Recruit”)

6×14 – The Candidate


Claire and the rest of the group, bar Jack who abandoned the boat, were taken captive by Widmore’s team when they arrived on the Hydra Island and put in the cages. However, Sayid shut off the power for the Sonar fence, allowing the Man in Black to kill the guards in his monster form, while Jack unlocked the cages. Sayid led to group to the Ajira plane, where they met the Man in Black who found C-4 attached. He told the group that Widmore had planted it there in an attempt to kill them. Unsure that there wasn’t more hidden explosives, they planned to leave on Widmore’s submarine. The escapees and Widmore’s men engaged in a gun battle.


Claire didn’t get into the submarine on time, so she was locked out before the Man in Black could get inside. She cried over being left behind again, but the Man in Black informed her that she was better off not on the sub. Once the C-4, the Man in Black planted in Jack’s backpack went off, he told her that the submarine had sunk, but not all of them are dead. (“The Candidate”)

6×17 – The End

Claire remains on Hydra Island while the Man in Black goes to “finish what he started.” When Lapidus, Miles, and Richard arrive on the island with the intent of repairing Ajira Flight 316 to leave the island, she fires upon them, believing they have come to kill her. They tell her that they have not, but instead of coming with them she declines their offer and retreats into the jungle.


After their confrontation with the Man in Black, Sawyer and Kate sail to Hydra Island to join their companions. They find Claire sitting on the beach, and with only moments until the Ajira plane takes off Kate tries to convince Claire to leave the island with them. Claire refuses at first, realizing that her time spent on the island has been detrimental to her mental health, and not believing that she can be a mother in such a condition. Kate guarantees Claire that she will help her, and Claire agrees to leave with them. Claire, Kate, and Sawyer reach the runway just in time to join Richard, Miles, and Frank on the plane, and the six of them take off toward the mainland. (“The End”)

After the Island

Claire’s life after leaving the Island is unknown. It is presumed, given the dialogue between Kate and herself in The End, that Claire was reunited with Aaron.

In the flash sideways world, Claire was still pregnant with Aaron. She was still planning on giving the baby up to a couple from Los Angeles.

LAX & Meeting Kate

6×11 – Happily Ever After


Claire had trouble getting her luggage off the baggage carousel. Desmond Hume helped her, then guessed that her baby was a boy as she walked away. (“Happily Ever After”)

6×02 – LA X, Part 2


Upon arriving at LAX airport, Claire expected to be picked up at the airport by the couple that had agreed to adopt her baby. The couple was not at the airport, so Claire decided to take a taxi to their home instead. Her plans were interrupted by Kate Austen, who hijacked Claire’s taxi at gunpoint while escaping from a Federal Marshal. (“LA X, Part 2”)

6×03 – What Kate Does

While the taxi was at a stop due to dropped baggage in the crosswalk, Claire tried to exit the taxi but was pulled back in by Kate. The taxi driver abandoned the car at a red light, and Kate ordered Claire to hand over purse and get out of the taxi. Kate left Claire on the side of the street and drove off.


Fortunately for Claire, Kate soon returned with the cab and Claire’s things. By looking through Claire’s bag, Kate had discovered that Claire was pregnant and went to find her out of remorse. Kate offered to give Claire a ride to wherever it was that she was going. After some initial hesitation, Claire took Kate up on her offer. During the drive, Claire told Kate that she was giving up her baby for adoption, and that she was going to the house of the couple that was adopting from her. Once they arrived at the house, Claire asked Kate if she would come in with her because she didn’t want to go alone. They were met at the door by an upset Mrs. Baskum, who apologized, telling Claire that her husband left her and that they would no longer be able to adopt the baby. This upset and stressed Claire to such an extent that she started having contractions right in front of the house.


In the hijacked taxi, Kate drove Claire to a hospital, where she was rushed into the ER. Kate left the OB Triage and found a doctor, Dr. Ethan Goodspeed, and asked him if he could come help Claire in the ER. After examining Claire, Ethan told her that she had gone into labor early. He told her that she had the choice to deliver the baby right then, but if she didn’t feel ready for that, he could give her non-harmful drugs to stop the labor process. Claire decided that she wasn’t ready. At that moment, the monitor with the baby’s heartbeat flat-lined, and Claire, in a panic, cried out, “Is Aaron going to be okay?” Ethan explained to her that the ultrasound indicated that Aaron was fine, and that the baby had just moved out of position when the monitor flat-lined. Claire was relieved, and Ethan successfully slowed down the labor.


Later, Detective Rasmussen came into Claire’s hospital room looking for Kate. Claire covered for Kate and told the detective that Kate was just the cab driver who dropped her off, and that she had no idea where Kate was going. Once the detective left, Kate came out from a room she was hiding in and thanked Claire for covering for her. Claire asked Kate why the police were after her and what she did. Kate asked, “Would you believe me if I said I was innocent?” and Claire replied that she would. Claire then gave Kate her credit card to use, and Kate thanked her. Before leaving, Kate told Claire that “Aaron” was a great name. Claire revealed to Kate that she had just then given the baby that name. She said to Kate, “I don’t know why I said it, it’s like I knew it or something.” Kate told Claire that she should keep the baby, then left. (“What Kate Does”)

At the will reading

6×13 – The Last Recruit

Claire, on her way to meet with the adopting agency the next day, met with Desmond once more, she told him he was right about her baby being a boy. Desmond told her having a lawyer to help her with the adoption would be very helpful for Claire. She says she cannot pay for a lawyer and seems to try to drop the conversation until she gives in after learning it would be free because of a ‘favor’.


After she met Ilana, the lawyer, she learned that they had been looking for her. Claire is surprised and is later greeted by Jack and his son, David, who are clueless to what is going on and how she knew Christian. She answers without much hesitation that he was also her father. To which Jack began to waver until he receives a call from the hospital, and says that they need to do this later.

David later mentions Claire at the hospital and is a little surprised that Christian never mentioned her to Jack; Jack replied that his father was good at hiding things. (“The Last Recruit”)

6×14 – The Candidate

Claire visited Jack at work, to ask about a music box their father had left her on his will. She asked if Jack knew its significance, which he didn’t. She asked how their father died. Jack tells her that Christian’s body was found, after he had drank himself to death and he had just returned from Sydney to collect the body, but the airline had lost it. Claire realized and pointed out that she was on the same flight. Before she left, Jack asked where she was staying and offered to let her come stay with him. Claire thought this was unusual, as they were both strangers, but Jack disagrees and says that they are family. (“The Candidate”)

6×16 – What They Died For


Claire lives with Jack at his apartment. On a morning, Claire joins Jack and David for breakfast as Jack receives a call telling him that the airline has found the missing cargo. Jack assumes that his Father’s coffin has been found. (“What They Died For”)

Awakening at the concert

6×17 – The End

Jack and Juliet meet at the hospital. Juliet asks whether he has the tickets and he gives them to her. David asks who will use Jack’s ticket and Jack suggests Claire, Juliet says she would love to meet this sister who was never mentioned the entire time they were married. Jack says she will love her because she is “extremely pregnant.”


Guests arrive for the fund raising concert. Juliet is paged by the hospital and leaves David to escort Claire. Outside David and Claire find their table, table 23. Claire recognizes Kate. Pierre Chang welcomes his guests and introduces Mr. Daniel Widmore accompanied by Drive Shaft. Daniel starts with a piano intro and Charlie Pace looks at the audience and sees Claire and stares.


Claire has a contraction and excuses herself. Kate follows. Claire goes into labor. Charlie arrives backstage and Kate sends him for water and blankets. Kate wants her to start pushing but Claire is still not ready and is frightened. Kate is scared too. As Claire pushes, they each remember the birth of Aaron on the Island. Aaron Littleton is born. Charlie arrives with the blanket and Kate has him give it to Claire. Claire takes Charlie’s hand, and he remembers their lives on the Island.


Claire was later present with her soul-mate Charlie when the Island’s inhabitants congregated at Eloise’s church, and, with Aaron and as a family, they moved on together. (“The End”)

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