Sayid’s Father

Season: 5, Episodes: 1, Faction: N/A


Sayid’s father was a soldier in the Iraqi Republican Guard.


War (Hunting)

5×10 – He’s Our You


Sayid’s father ordered a young Omer to kill a chicken in order to prove his maturity.


When Sayid killed the chicken in Omer’s place, the father scorned Omer and congratulated Sayid for being a man. (“He’s Our You”)

2×14 – One of Them

Tariq told Sayid that his father would be ashamed if he knew that Sayid was helping the Americans, describing him as a “great hero”. (“One of Them”)

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Casting Call

In the casting call he was described as “Father, 40s, must speak Arabic. A domineering and quick-tempered father who’s trying to bring his boys up properly. Feels he has to teach his son a lesson about how to be a real man.

Decoded Family Members

Sayid Jarrah (Son)

Omer Jarrah (Son)

Nadia Jaseem (Daughter-in-law)

Decoded Season 1 Characters


Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

5x10 "He's Our You"

Further Info

LELANTOS was the younger Titan god of air and the hunter’s skill of stalking prey. His name was derived from the Greek words lêthô, lanthanô, and lelathon, meaning “to escape notice,” “move unseen” or “go unobserved.” On a geographical level, Lelantos was probably associated with the Lelantian plain of Euboia. However Nonnus transfers the myth to Phrygia.

Lelantos is apparently the male counterpart of Leto, just as his daughter, the virgin huntress Aura (“Breeze”), is the counterpart of Leto’s Artemis.


Wiki Info

Lelantos, or Lelantus, was the Titan father of Aura by Periboa. He was the son of Coeus and Phoebe and brother to Leto and Asteria.


Mythological Family Members & Associated Deities

COEUS (Father)

PHOEBE (Mother)

LETO (Sister & Counterpart)

ASTERIA (Sister)


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