Karen Pace

Season: 2, Episodes: 1, Faction: N/A


Karen Pace is Liam Pace’s wife, and mother of Liam’s child, Megan.

Water (Fertility)


Sun (Fire)

2×12 – Fire + Water


Charlie was with her after the birth because Liam was high at that time.


She named her daughter Megan after Charlie & Liam’s mother. Karen’s uncle offered Liam a job in Sydney to help him break his addiction. (“Fire + Water”)

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Decoded Family Members

Dexter Stratton (Maternal Great-Grandfather-in-law)

Simon Pace (Father-in-law)

Mrs. Pace (Mother-in-law)

Liam Pace (Husband)

Charlie Pace (Brother-in-law)

Megan Pace (Daughter)

Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

2x12 "Fire+Water"

Wiki Info

In Greek mythology, Thalassa (“sea”) is a primordial sea goddess, daughter of Aether and Hemera. With sea god Pontus, she was the mother of the nine Telchines and Halia. Sometimes, she was thought of as the mother of Aphrodite with Uranus or with Zeus. She is the personification of the Mediterranean Sea. The word is also used for “sea” in the Greek Bible, eg. Genesis 1:10 and Mark 1:16.

Alternative names are Thalatta and Thalath.

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Mythological Family Members
& Associated Deities

AETHER (Father)

PONTUS (Consort)




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