The Others

The survivors finally learned more about the Others, and about Ben’s role as leader. With their home at the Barracks compromised, the Others moved out and were forced to camp out in the Island plains and then The Temple. In addition, the survivors discovered how the Others had obtained information on them through the use of the Flame station, and slowly the omnipotence surrounding the Others and Ben was shattered, particularly with the deaths of a number of Others at the survivors’ hands, casting doubt on Ben’s ability to lead in light of John Locke’s ability to also communicate with Jacob.


The issue of Island pregnancy was also pushed forward by Ben, who used Juliet to infiltrate the beach camp to report back if any of the women besides Sun were also expecting. Ben’s plan was to kidnap these women, but as the survivors faced possible rescue, he accelerated these plans. Juliet’s betrayal, however, saved the women, leading to a culmination in the conflict that had been boiling for approximately three months. During the Beach camp battle, a large number of the Others were killed, and around the same time, the survivors were able to contact a freighter which was anchored near the Island, much to Ben’s horror.

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The Others – Decoded Characters

Juliet Burke

Richard Alpert

Colleen Pickett

Mikhail Bakunin

Karl Martin


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