Season: 3, Episodes: 7, Faction: Survivors


Paulo was one of the middle section survivors of Flight 815. Before the crash, he worked as a chef. He and Nikki Fernandez conspired and murdered Howard L. Zukerman so they could steal his diamonds. They spent most of their time on the Island searching for these diamonds to the exclusion of almost everything else. He eventually found the diamonds, but hid them from Nikki, for fear he had outlived his usefulness and she would leave him. Nikki later found out he had the diamonds, and threw a female Medusa spider at him, which bit him and induced a death-like paralysis in him. He subsequently died as a result of being buried alive with Nikki while paralyzed, unable to save himself.

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Diamond Theft

3×14 – Exposé


Originally from Brazil, Paulo was working for Zukerman in Sydney as his personal chef for an unknown period of time before the crash. Unknown to Zukerman however, Paulo was also working alongside his supposed girlfriend, Nikki Fernandez, to steal his diamonds, which were worth roughly $8 million. Nikki acted as Zukerman’s mistress, and she had an affair with him for this very purpose. She then convinced Paulo to poison the food Zukerman had asked him to prepare. Once Zukerman had died from the poison, they stole the diamonds from a safe hidden behind a painting. It is unknown whether Paulo and Nikki met before or after he started working for Zukerman.

Oceanic Flight 815


After killing Howard Zukerman and taking the diamonds, Paulo and Nikki bought tickets out of Sydney to escape suspicion, and start a “new life” together after they had sold the stolen diamonds. Sitting in an airport restaurant, Paulo read a newspaper story to Nikki about Zukerman’s death which says that the police believed the cause of death to be heart failure, and the two laughed and embraced each other in excitement and relief. Shannon and Boone suddenly interrupt the celebratory kiss they sharedwith squabbling over whether to try to get a seat in the restaurant or not. After observing the two fight (and assuming they were a couple), Paulo and Nikki promise each other that they will never end up like that.

On the Island (Days 1-49)

3×14 – Exposé


When the plane crashed on the Island, Paulo was, very visibly, severely shell-shocked. He stood next to the beach staring straight out to the ocean with tears in his eyes, while most of the other survivors ran around him and panicked. Nikki later found Paulo, and, rather than acting concerned for his safety and well-being, she frantically asked him if he knew where the diamonds were on the Island. Paulo had trouble understanding how she could be thinking of that, of all things, and he told her that he did not know where they were since the crash.

Six days after the plane had crashed, Nikki was still arguing with him about the diamonds and where they could be, since the crash. Ethan Rom, who had infiltrated their camp, approached Paulo and Nikki and asked them if he could help them find any missing clothing. Nikki rejected his offer of help when Charlie caught Boone with the camp’s stolen water. It looked like Boone was about to be mobbed when Jack intervened, and Paulo and Nikki silently witnessed Jack’s Live Together, Die Alone speech.


Nikki convinced Paulo to search for the diamonds with her, and they headed out far into the jungle, and found the downed Beechcraft. They also came across the unhidden Pearl station, but Nikki held Paulo back from exploring inside when they opened the Hatch, deciding that it was too dangerous.


Kate had told Nikki earlier about how she had found the gun case in the waterfall, so Nikki lead Paulo there next in hopes of finding the bag. Paulo dove into the lake and, discovering the bag containing his nicotine gum and the diamonds, left them on the pool bed. When Paulo resurfaced, he lied to Nikki and told her that he did not find the diamonds. After she left, he dove again to retrieve the bag.

Now in possession of the diamonds, Paulo began to realize that Nikki only was with him because she needed his help to find them. In order to stay with her, Paulo decided to hide the diamonds rather than keep them. He first attempted to bury them on the beach, but Locke approached him and told him about the tide coming in, and that nothing would stay buried on the beach for very long. He convinced Paulo to bury them somewhere, they would not be washed away.


Taking Locke’s advice, he traveled back to the Pearl, where he discovered a lavatory and hid the diamonds inside the toilet tank. When he was about to leave, he saw Ben and Juliet and stayed hidden from view. He saw them watching the video feed from the Swan station and discussing how to persuade Jack to perform surgery on Ben’s tumor. After Ben and Juliet leave, Paulo emerged and discovered a walkie-talkie. Scared after the incident, he returned to camp and did not tell anyone what he had discovered. (“Exposé”)

Days 72-81

3×03 – Further Instructions


Paulo was sleeping against a tree when Mr. Eko was brought back to the survivors camp, severely wounded. He listened to Locke’s speech along with Nikki, Charlie, Hurley, and Claire. He then assisted Nikki and went with her to get bandages for the wounded Mr. Eko. (“Further Instructions”)

3×04 – Every Man for Himself


Paulo turned to the camp’s golf clubs to drive kiwis into the ocean. He lent Desmond a five-iron, his least-used club, after being very noticeably rude and distant with him. Paulo was having trouble with accuracy and distance, and Desmond gave him some advice on stance and positioning, which he reluctantly accepted. (“Every Man for Himself”)

3×05 – The Cost of Living


Several days later, he joined a party to the Pearl, along with Locke, Desmond, Nikki, Sayid, and Eko. Nikki, who had given up on finding the diamonds, saw it as a chance to become more included in the “core group” of survivors. Paulo tried to talk her out of it. He joined the group in order to retrieve and hide the diamonds again, so that she would never find the bag.


At the Pearl, Paulo discreetly entered the bathroom while the other survivors worked on the computer. He removed the diamonds and put them down his pants, then flushed the toilet and emerged from the bathroom, leaving everyone with the impression that he had just used the toilet. When the sounds of the Monster were heard, Paulo and the rest of the group ran out to find a dying Eko. (“The Cost of Living”)

3×06 – I Do


Paulo, Nikki, Desmond, Locke, and Sayid were the only survivors present at Eko’s small, makeshift funeral, where Locke discovered a sign on Eko’s “Jesus stick”. Locke then lied to them, telling them that he must have been killed by a wild animal, so that the other survivors wouldn’t worry about any other impending threats when they heard of Eko’s death. (“I Do”)

3×10 – Tricia Tanaka Is Dead


Once back at the camp, Paulo was preparing a meal with Nikki when Hurley tries to convince everyone to investigate the DHARMA van he found in the jungle. Paulo wasn’t interested in any more adventures, and he turned Hurley down. When Nikki looked more enthusiastic to help, he pulled on her shorts, convincing her not to go with Hurley either. (“Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”)

3×11 – Enter 77


A while later, Paulo is seen carrying one of Sawyer’s magazines. Sawyer called him “Zorro”, and the two engaged in a short verbal altercation, which Sawyer ultimately loses when he realizes that Paulo was using the magazine for bathroom reading material. (“Enter 77”)

3×14 – Exposé

Roughly a week later, Nikki discovered his nicotine gum, and realized that he knew where the diamonds were. She cornered him in the jungle and confronted him about it. Paulo tried to explain, but Nikki was beyond reason. She threw Dr. Arzt’s sample Medusa spider on his neck, and it bit and paralyzed him. He tearfully tried to explain what he had done, but Nikki wouldn’t listen. She triumphantly found the diamonds in his pants. Nikki was about to leave when the sounds of the Monster surrounded them. Paulo, who, at this point, was only able to move his eyes, saw many Medusa spiders approaching Nikki. They were males attracted by the pheromones of the female that bit Paulo. He tried to warn her, but his efforts went unnoticed. One crawled up her leg and bit her. She panicked, and quickly buried the diamonds and left Paulo behind.


The other survivors discovered Nikki and assumed she was dead. Jin, Hurley, and Sawyer went looking for Paulo, and they found his paralyzed body in the jungle. Assuming they were both dead, they tried to piece together what had happened. They discovered Juliet’s walkie-talkie in Paulo’s tent, and juggled with theories of them secretly being in league with the Others, or perhaps being killed by the Monster. When they found the bag of diamonds, they decided that Nikki and Paulo had murdered each other in order to get gain control.


The rest of the camp held a brief memorial service, and they placed Paulo and Nikki in a double grave. They were filling it up just as the paralysis began to wear off, and Nikki opened her eyes. She was covered with dirt, so no one was able to tell that she was awake. They both presumably died after being buried alive. (“Exposé”)


3×15 – Left Behind


One day after their accidental demise, Hurley stated the deaths of Nikki and Paulo as one of the reasons for him persuading Sawyer to take a leadership role within the group of survivors. (“Left Behind”)

4×12 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1


According to the story of the Oceanic Six, Paulo died when Flight 815 hit the water, along with Nikki. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1”)

6×07 – Dr. Linus


After his death, Miles said to Ben that he didn’t need money because Nikki and Paulo had 8 million dollars worth of diamonds buried with them in their graves. Afterward, Miles was shown with a diamond in his hand, implying he communicated with Nikki and/or Paulo postmortem and discovered where the diamonds had been buried. (“Dr. Linus”)

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3x05 "The Cost Of Living"

3x14 "Exposé"

Wadj-wer’s name means ‘the Great Green’, which refers to some large body of open water, either the Mediterranean Sea or the network of lakes at the northern limits of the Delta. He is depicted in a fashion very similar to Hapy, as a scantily-clad pot-bellied man with enlarged breasts and long hair. He can be distinguished from Hapy, however, in that his body is covered with lines representing waves. Just as Hapy embodies the fertility made possible by the Nile’s annual inundation, Wadj-wer embodies the productivity of the ‘Great Green’, especially fishing. In PT utterance 366, the king is compared to Wadj-wer: “You are hale and great in your name of ‘Sea’; behold, you are great and round [i.e. encircling] in your name of ‘Ocean’.” Most references to Wadj-wer, however, denote a place rather than a divinity, albeit sometimes it is a mythic locale: in the Conflict of Horus and Seth, the three-month combat between Horus and Seth in the form of hippopotami is said to take place in the wadj-wer. The only myth we know in which Wadj-wer features, and which is known in very fragmentary fashion, told of how Seth subdued the sea on behalf of the other Gods. The myth is possibly to be regarded as originally involving the Canaanite Gods Ba’al and Yamm. Indeed, in one of the attestations of the myth (spell no. 23 in Borghouts), reference is made indifferently first to Seth, then to Ba’al. In a spell against “the Asiatic disease,” it is said that the disease is to be conjured by Seth “just as Seth conjured Wadj-wer” (no. 56 in Borghouts).


Further Info

Wadj Wer was a fertility god who’s name means “Great Green”.  His origins were probably either off Egypt’s Mediterranean coast or along the major lagoos of the Nile Delta such as at Lake Mariut, Idku, Burullus and Mazala. As early as the Old Kingdom this deity is shown in a relief from the pyramid site of Abusir. He proceeds among the fecundity figures, carrying an offering loaf on a mat and with symbols of life (the “ankh” sign) suspended from his arm. Under his androgynous form with an emphasized breast and a belly indicative of pregnancy, Wadi Wer is clearly associated with procreation and prosperity. Water signs are carved across his body suggesting the rich fishing in the Delta lakes.

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Wiki Info

Wadj-wer is an Egyptian fertility god whose name means the “Great Green”. Sometimes depicted in androgynous form, he is a personification of the Mediterranean Sea or of the major lakes of the Nile delta. He is depicted as carrying the ankh and a loaf. Wadj-wer is often depicted as being pregnant and is associated with the richness of the waters of the Nile delta.


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