Season 6

Season: 2-6, Episodes: 19, Faction: The Others/Himself


Charles Widmore was a former leader of the Others, a wealthy industrialist and the father of Penelope Widmore and Daniel Faraday. He had a long-running and mysterious rivalry with Benjamin Linus (also a former leader of the Others) over control of the Island. The expedition of the freighter Kahana failed to return the Island to his possession.

For unknown reasons, Ben claimed that he was unable to kill Widmore even when given the opportunity, and that they both knew it. This presumably relates to his previous citation of rules governing the two’s dispute, which he said Widmore changed upon his mercenary Keamy killing Ben’s daughter Alex. As a response to this, Ben told Charles that he would find and kill his daughter, Penny. Furthermore, Widmore was apparently plotting to kill Ben, a “common interest” he had with Sun-Hwa Kwon until she learned that Ben’s actions on the Island had not resulted in her husband’s death. It is unknown how either of these facts relates to the rules, or their being “changed”.

In 2007, Widmore finally returned to the Island in a submarine after claiming to have been invited by Jacob, who “convinced [him] of the error of [his] ways” not long after the freighter was destroyed and told him everything he needed to know to stop the Man in Black from leaving. He brought Desmond Hume back with him, as a last resort in case all of Jacob’s candidates died. Widmore was eventually shot to death by Ben in his secret room in front of the Man in Black.

Return to the Island

6×07 – Dr. Linus


He and his crew took Desmond back to the Island via a submarine. As Jack, Hurley and Richard reunited with Sun, Ilana, Ben, Miles and Frank at the beach camp, Widmore and his crew approached the Island, detecting this activity on the beach. Widmore ordered his men to continue on their course as planned. (“Dr. Linus”)

6×08 – Recon


After seeing the activity on the beach camp, Widmore’s submarine docked at Hydra Island and set up a perimeter using a sonar pylon similar to the sonar fence once employed by the DHARMA Initiative. Widmore’s team, led by Zoe, captured Sawyer after he threatened her and took him to the submarine. When Sawyer was brought to Widmore’s cabin, Widmore and Sawyer made an agreement that if Sawyer brought the Man in Black to Widmore, then Sawyer and his friends could safely leave the Island. (“Recon”)

6×10 – The Package


After the Man in Black temporarily left his group to try and recruit Sun, a team of Widmore’s people attacked the group with tranquillizer darts and captured Jin.


The next day, the Man in Black came to Hydra Island in an outrigger and discovered that Widmore had already set up a sonar fence around the perimeter of the island, preventing the Man in Black from coming in. Widmore’s men appeared and led the Man in Black further down the beach to a meeting with Widmore himself. Widmore asked the Man in Black whether he knew who he was. The Man in Black did, and then asked Widmore whether he knew who the Man in Black was. Widmore guardedly answered that the Man in Black obviously wasn’t John Locke. The Man in Black said that he had come because Widmore had taken one of his people, Jin. Widmore denied knowing anything. The Man in Black ominously said that the war Widmore once foretold to Locke “just got here.”


Later, in the Hydra station, Widmore berated Zoe for making a move ahead of their planned schedule. Noticing that Jin was in the room, Widmore gave him a camera containing pictures of Jin’s daughter, Ji Yeon, that Widmore had found amongst Sun’s luggage in the Ajira plane. Widmore told Jin that he, too, had a daughter and knows how it feels to be kept apart. He went on to say that Jin’s reunion with his daughter would be short-lived if “that thing” (the Man in Black) ever got off the Island, because everything they knew and loved would “cease to be.” Widmore claimed he had come to the Island in order to stop the Man in Black from escaping. When Jin asked Widmore what his next move was going to be, Widmore announced that it was time for Jin to see the package, which he said was a “who,” not a “what.” (“The Package”)

6×11 – Happily Ever After


Widmore managed to take Desmond from the hospital, while he was still unconscious. Having been told by Jacob of how Desmond survived a catastrophic electromagnetic event in the past, Widmore planned to check if Desmond could do it again, claiming that if he cannot they will all die.

When Widmore was later talking to a confused Desmond, who thought he was still in the hospital and that Zoe was a nurse, he told him he had come back to the Island. This made Desmond mad, so he then began banging Widmore’s head with an IV stand. Widmore’s response was the same as Eloise’s, “The Island isn’t done with you, Desmond”.


After leaving the room, Jin asked what Desmond is doing on the Island. Widmore replied that it would be easier to show Jin and ordered Zoe to take him to the generator room, despite Zoe’s protests about the tests not being scheduled until tomorrow. Simmons is accidentally killed in the solenoid chamber as the test was set-up. Widmore looked sadly at Simmons’ dead body as he is taken out and ordered that Desmond be placed inside.


He insisted that Desmond would be fine if what he has heard about him is true. He then tells Desmond that once the experiment is over, Desmond will have to make a sacrifice. Desmond cynically asked what Widmore knows about sacrifice. Widmore angrily told him about his son dying, his daughter hating him and him never seeing his grandson, all in the name of the Island. Unless Desmond can help him, he said that all that would have been for nothing and Penny, Desmond’s son and everyone else will be dead. Desmond was then exposed to the electromagnetism inside the chamber, which he survives, being left unconscious for only a few seconds. Widmore offered to explain why he had to put Desmond through that, but Desmond declined and cooperatively asked when they start with whatever is so important. (“Happily Ever After”)

6×13 – The Last Recruit


After Desmond had been captured by Sayid and the Man in Black, Widmore sent Zoe to the Man in Black’s camp on the main island to deliver an ultimatum for the Man in Black to return Desmond. When Sawyer and other Survivors arrived on Hydra Island, Widmore instructed Zoe to tell Sawyer that their deal was off and ordered firing on the Man in Black’s group, having arrived on a beach on the main island, resulting in casualties of the Man in Black’s group. (“The Last Recruit”)

6×14 – The Candidate


Widmore lead Kate, Sawyer, Sun, Jin, Hurley, Claire and Frank to the Hydra station with his team. After Sawyer refused to go in the cages, again and seizes a rifle from Seamus, Widmore grabbed Kate and threatened to kill her but when Sawyer tried to call his bluff, Widmore informed them that he had a list of names including “Ford, the Kwons, and Reyes but not Kate Austen” and that so it didn’t matter to him whether she lived or died. Widmore approached Sawyer and added that he was doing this for Sawyer’s own good. Widmore checked with his men whether the fence was live yet.


That night, the Man in Black murdered much of Widmore’s team in his black smoke form, and the following day – in the form of Locke – killed two guards on the Ajira flight. More of Widmore’s team were killed and injured in a shoot-out at the submarine dock with the remainder of Jacob’s candidates who attempted to commander the submarine and escape from the Island. (“The Candidate”)

6×16 – What They Died For


Shortly after the destruction of his submarine, Widmore showed up at the Barracks with Zoe. They intercepted Richard, Miles, and Ben as they were preparing to leave to destroy the Ajira airplane with a backpack full of C4. Widmore explained that he’d already loaded the plane with explosives. When questioned further, he said that he had been invited back to the island by Jacob himself. Before he could elaborate further, Zoe spotted the Man in Black arriving by outrigger.


As Miles ran off into the jungle and Richard went to talk with the Man in Black, Widmore and Zoe hid themselves in the secret room behind Ben’s bookcase. After throwing Richard out of the way, the Man in Black asked Ben about Widmore’s whereabouts, which Ben revealed after being promised that he would have the island all to himself after the Man in Black escaped. The Man in Black went to the secret (hidden) room and began to question Widmore and Zoe, but Widmore admonished Zoe for speaking and the Man in Black cut her throat, declaring her to be useless.


The Man in Black then threatened to kill Widmore’s daughter Penny once he escapes the island, unless Widmore spoke voluntarily. Widmore agreed at first, afraid for the life of his daughter and having no other alternative. He explained that he brought Desmond back to the island because of his resistance to electromagnetism. He then refused to give up any other information while Ben was listening. The Man in Black then instructed Widmore to whisper the answers in his ear, which he did until Ben shot him repeatedly with a handgun.


The information Widmore whispered into the Man in Black’s ear was kept private for several hours. After returning to the well where he threw Desmond and discovering that he’d escaped, he explained to Ben that Widmore told him that Desmond was Jacob’s “last resort”, a trump card to be used if all of Jacob’s other Candidates were to die. (“What They Died For”)

In the flash sideways, Charles Widmore was again the founder of Widmore Industries but, unlike his former life, he was the husband of EloiseHe was also the father of Penelope Milton and Daniel Widmore, to different mothers. Daniel was raised by both Widmore and Eloise; the quality of relationship with Pennelope is unknown but presumed to be much better than in Widmore’s life.

6×11 – Happily Ever After


Widmore praised Desmond’s life free of family and commitments and shared his MacCutcheon whisky, saying nothing is too good for Desmond. Charles heard that Charlie Pace, who was expected to play music alongside his son at Eloise’s charity event was arrested for possessing drugs.


Intent to get Charlie to perform at the event, as his Eloise would “destroy” him otherwise, Widmore requested that his trusted employee Desmond Hume help. Desmond understood Widmore wanted him to “babysit” Charlie. While he believed it was beneath Desmond, he wanted someone he could trust to handle the situation. Desmond was happy to help.


Desmond failed to keep hold of Charlie, after Charlie caused a car accident. Despite the circumstances, Widmore got mad over Desmond’s failure and insisted, he explain it to Eloise if he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. (“Happily Ever After”)

Charles Widmore remained unaware of his death and did not move on. It is likely that he moved on at a later time with his wife and children.

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