Season 6

Season: 2-6 , Episodes: 46, Faction: Survivors


Desmond David Hume was the lone resident of the Swan at the time of Oceanic Flight 815’s crash.

Before coming to the Island, Desmond’s life seemed to be defined by failure. He was fired as a monk, sadly broken up with his girlfriend Penny Widmore, dishonorably discharged from the Royal Scots Regiment, and regarded with contempt by Penny’s father Charles Widmore. In an attempt to regain his honor, Desmond entered Charles Widmore’s sailing race around the world and consequently became shipwrecked on the Island.

Once marooned on the Island, Desmond was found by Kelvin who recruited Desmond to push the button at the Swan station for three years, until he discovered that Kelvin was secretly planning to escape on Desmond’s boat. Desmond confronted Kelvin and accidentally killed him by tripping him into a rock. Desmond returned to the Swan but pushed the button too late, initiating the electromagnetic incident which caused the Oceanic 815 crash. He lived alone in the Swan for 44 days until the Oceanic survivors discovered the Hatch. After failing to leave the Island on his sailboat, Desmond joined the Beach camp.

Desmond soon agreed with Locke that nothing would happen if they failed to push the button every 108 minutes, but after realizing his previous failure had caused the crash, Desmond turned the fail-safe key which discharged the energy, showed the Island to the outside world, and imploded the Swan. After the implosion, Desmond gained a mysterious ability to see flashes of other times and timelines. He predicted Charlie’s imminent death and prevented it on many occasions. He later had a vision of a woman parachuting onto the Island, claiming to be working for Penny and revealing her boat was near the Island. Desmond and Sayid traveled by helicopter to the nearby freighter, during which Desmond’s consciousness from the past (1996) began drifting to the present (2004) until he became anchored by Penny, his constant. Desmond, along with helicopter pilot Frank Lapidus and the Oceanic 6, escaped the doomed freighter when the Island was moved, and were eventually rescued by Penelope herself.

He and Penny went into hiding, had a son, and lived on their boat until Desmond had a vivid dream that he referred to as a “memory” which told him to find Daniel Faraday’s mother in order to help the people left behind on the Island. He then seeks out and finds Eloise Hawking, who tells him that the Island is “not done” with him yet, but Desmond is reluctant to return there.

Benjamin Linus found them and tried to shoot Penny, but Desmond defended her and took the bullet. He fell, then got back up and threw Ben into the water. Desmond was taken to a hospital and survived, telling Penny he would never leave her again.

Desmond was then drugged and forcibly taken back to the island by Charles Widmore, who referred to him as “the package”. Once there, Widmore’s team performed an experiment on Desmond which gave him knowledge of the flash-sideways timeline. After agreeing to work with Widmore, Desmond met with the Man in Black who threw him into a well. Sayid was later sent by the Man in Black to kill Desmond, but he had a change of heart and let him live. Soon after he was freed by Rose and Bernard, but Locke/the Man in Black soon found them and coerced Desmond into helping him.

Desmond went to the source with the Jack and Man in Black in order to release the energy within. He removed a large stone cork , draining the water from the Source’s pool, thereby disempowering Jack, Locke, and the Island itself. After the stone was restored, Desmond was presumably taken home by Hurley, the Island’s new protector.

In the flash-sideways timeline, Desmond was the first to remember his previous life and he embarked on a mission to help everyone else remember. Later, once they had all remembered and became aware that they had died, the entire group “moved on” in a church.

Return to the Island


6×08 – Recon


Some time later, Charles Widmore returned to the Island alongside a support team. Desmond was “the package” behind the locked door of Widmore’s submarine, drugged to unconsciousness and taken against his will. (“Recon”)

6×10 – The Package


He briefly noticed Sayid watching him from the water by the dock, much to his confusion in his drugged state. (“The Package”)

6×11 – Happily Ever After


He was taken to a medical room to recover. After waking up, Zoe explained that he had been unconscious for a few days. He asked to see Penny, but Widmore entered and said that that would not be possible. Widmore reminded Desmond that he was shot by Benjamin Linus. Desmond calls for Penny again. Widmore said that she is not there and assured him that she and their son are safe. Widmore explains that he didn’t have a chance to tell Desmond before, not that it mattered as Desmond wouldn’t have come, but he has brought him back to the island. Enraged, Desmond attacked Widmore and had to be restrained. He screamed, demanding to be brought back, but Widmore angrily replied that he cannot, because the Island is not done with him yet.


Desmond was later taken to a solenoid chamber. He saw Simmons’ dead body been taken out and struggled as he was forced inside. Widmore says that if what he had heard about Desmond is true, referring to his capability of surviving electromagnetic catastrophes, Desmond should be fine. He says that once its over, Desmond will need to make a sacrifice.


Desmond is strapped to chair and left inside. He managed to break loose from the chair and tried to open the door. He was unsuccessful and subjected to an electromagnetic event. He survived but was left unconscious. Within this time, he witnessed his life in the flash-sideways timeline, despite only being unconscious for a few seconds. Widmore said that Desmond’s talent is vital to the mission and offered to explain. Desmond declined, saying that he understands and he is ready to start doing whatever it is that is so important.


Zoe and two men escort Desmond somewhere else. Zoe was curious about Desmond’s sudden choice to cooperate, having viciously attacked Widmore earlier. Desmond replied that a lot can happen in twenty minutes. Sayid then leaped out of a bush and subdued the two male escorts. He pointed a gun at Zoe ordering her to run. Sayid told Desmond that these people are dangerous and he needs to come with him. Desmond complied and asked Sayid to lead the way. (“Happily Ever After”)

6×12 – Everybody Loves Hugo


Sayid took Desmond to the main Island, where he tied him up, before bringing the Man in Black, in his John Locke form to see him. The Man in Black untied Desmond after he said that he had nowhere to run. Desmond, appearing to believe the Man in Black to be Locke, told him what Widmore did with him.


The Man in Black took Desmond to a well, where he explained its creation. The Man in Black was surprised by Desmond’s lack of fear. When Desmond asked what the point of being afraid was, the Man in Black pushed him into the well. (“Everybody Loves Hugo”)

6×13 – The Last Recruit


The Man in Black abandoned a bloodied and injured Desmond trapped inside the well until the next day, when he ordered Sayid to go and kill Desmond after Zoe told the Man in Black to return Desmond by nightfall. When Sayid arrived and prepared to shoot Desmond, Desmond asked what Sayid was going to gain from killing him, to which Sayid replied that Locke promised to bring back “someone he lost”. Desmond asked who Sayid had lost, and Sayid told him it was the woman he loved. Desmond then asked what Sayid would tell her, whenever she whould ask how Sayid achieved such a reunion. Sayid didn’t answer and remained solemn. Locke met up with Sayid after Sayid failed to catch up with him on time. When Locke asked if Sayid had indeed killed Desmond, Sayid said he did. (“The Last Recruit”)

6×14 – The Candidate


Before Sayid gave his life in the submarine to save his friends, he told Jack of Desmond’s location and said that since the Man in Black wants Desmond dead, Jack is going to need him. (“The Candidate”)

6×16 – What They Died For


Later, when the Man in Black interrogates Charles Widmore, he reveals that Jacob recently visited him and told him that Desmond was a fail-safe against the Man in Black in case all of the candidates were killed. After executing Widmore, the Man in Black and Benjamin Linus return to the well in order to recover him, and discover that someone unknown had helped him escape its confines by lowering him a rope. The Man in Black expresses happiness that Desmond is not dead, and reveals to Ben that he intends to use Desmond to “Destroy the island.” (“What They Died For”)

6×17 – The End


It was revealed that Rose and Bernard helped Desmond out of the well, and had been tending to him at their cabin. The Man in Black found the three, and gave Desmond and ultimatum to come with him. Desmond agrees on the terms that Rose and Bernard not be harmed.


Desmond then ventured with factions of Jack and The Man in Black to the source, which Desmond must descend into with their help.

Before doing so, Desmond explained to Jack that he would be going somewhere that all the characters would have a second chance. He seemingly believed that he would be able to access a parallel world, and told Jack he could come as well. While Jack and The Man in Black had conflicting expectations of the outcome, Desmond was convinced he would be victorious.


Desmond descended into the source, where he discovered a body of water, plugged by a large stone. He removed the stone, after which the water began to drain, followed by violent tremors. He was later found by Jack, who had Hurley and Ben hoist then now-unconscious Desmond out of the source cave.


Ben suggested Hurley could help Desmond get home to his wife and son, however Hurley worried that now he was protector of the Island he could not let people leave. However, Ben pointed out that was how Jacob ran the Island, and that Hurley can do what he does best: Taking care of people. Given this exchange, it is assumed Desmond was eventually reunited with Penny and Charlie. (“The End”)

In the flash sideways world, Desmond was finally able to earn the respect of Charles Widmore as his right hand man. He was on board Oceanic flight 815 from Australia returning from a business trip.

Before his Awakening

6×01 – LA X, Part 1


When Jack Shephard left to use the restroom, Desmond took the seat next to him. They had a brief conversation wherein Jack tried to remember if he’d seen Desmond somewhere before. It appeared that Desmond did not recognize Jack even though he appeared to struggle to remember if he’d seen him (Jack) before. When Jack later returned to his seat, after saving Charlie from choking, he found Desmond no longer there. (“LA X, Part 1”)

6×11 – Happily Ever After


At LAX, as Desmond stared at the Oceanic arrivals board, Hugo Reyes recognized him from the plane and told him that their baggage was at carousel #4.


At the baggage claim, Desmond helped a pregnant woman retrieve her suitcase from the carousel. He offered her a ride, but she declined. As they parted, Desmond predicted that her child would be a boy. Desmond met his driver, George Minkowski, who drove him to the office of their boss, Charles Widmore.


Charles greeted Desmond warmly, hailing the success of his business trip to Sydney. Their celebration was cut short when Charles was informed that Charlie Pace, the famous bass player hired to play at his wife’s charity event that evening, had been arrested. Charles asked Desmond to pick him up from the police station and make sure he got to the event, which would also feature Charles’s son, a classical musician.


Before Desmond left, Charles spoke appreciatively of Desmond’s work, remarked on how wonderful it must be for Desmond to live a life with no personal attachments holding him back, and offered him a shot of his expensive MacCutcheon whisky.


After Charlie Pace’s release from jail, Desmond listened patiently to Charlie’s barstool ramblings about his near-death experience and his new belief in true love thanks to a vision that came to him while suffocating.


Charlie diverted the car Desmond was driving into the water at the marina in order to prove to Desmond the existence of true love, causing Desmond to have visions of Charlie’s hand in the Looking Glass DHARMA station.


When Charlie fled Desmond’s guardianship at St. Sebastian Hospital, Mr. Widmore charged Desmond with delivering the bad news to Mrs. Widmore that Drive Shaft would not be playing her son’s classical/rock fusion charity concert. In contrast to Mr. Widmore’s expectations of her reaction to such news, Mrs. Widmore did not seem concerned that the band would not be able to appear, but became quite upset when Desmond overheard the name of “Penny Milton” on a guest list and began to make inquiries. Mrs. Widmore upbraided Desmond; asked him why he should be seeking anything when he already had a great job, the perfect life, and the thing he wanted most in the world, Charles Widmore’s approval; and told him that he wasn’t “ready” to find the thing he now sought.


In spite of all this, Daniel Widmore told Desmond that Penny was his half-sister and informed him that she could be found that evening at the stadium. When Desmond introduced himself, he fainted at the moment Penny shook his hand, and appeared to recall the events of his previous life, including his experiences with the survivors; he also seemed to gain an understanding of the true nature of the flash sideways world. However, he quickly recovered and asked her to coffee. She accepted and told him she would meet him in an hour. Back in his limousine, Desmond asked George to attain the flight manifest from his flight from Sydney so that he could learn the names of all his fellow passengers and carry out some unspecified plan to reveal some greater truth to all of them. (“Happily Ever After”)

Recruiting the others

6×12 – Everybody Loves Hugo


A week after arriving in LA, Desmond met a depressed Hurley who had been confused and upset by his confrontation with Libby.


Desmond suggested that Hurley ask Libby to explain where she claimed to know him from. Desmond later witnessed them embrace while on a date at the beach.


Desmond traveled to the school where Dr. Ben Linus taught and Locke was currently substitute teaching. Ben found Desmond watching Locke and inquired as to why he was there. Desmond told him that he was considering sending his son to the school (naming his non-existent child “Charlie”). As he saw Locke in the parking lot, Desmond immediately sped up and deliberately hit him with his car, leaving him writhing on the ground in shock. (“Everybody Loves Hugo”)

6×13 – The Last Recruit


Later that same day, Desmond arrives at the building where his lawyer works, and he sees Claire and convinces her to see his lawyer before going to the adoption agency. The lawyer turns out to be Ilana, who is also Jack’s lawyer for the reading of Christian’s will. She’s been looking for Claire, who is mentioned in the will. (“The Last Recruit”)

6×16 – What They Died For


Desmond returned to the school’s parking lot where he ran over Locke. While observing him, he starts the car, and Ben jumps in front of it, recognizing him as the man who had run over Locke days ago, and shouts for someone to call the police. Desmond gets out of the car and punches Ben. As Ben is held down on the hood, he says he won’t let Desmond hurt Locke again. Calmly Desmond tells him that he is not there to hurt him but to help Locke “let go.” Ben asks who he is, and Desmond replies by saying “Do you want to know who I am?” and then beats Ben violently. While he is being punched, Ben has a flash of Desmond beating him while they were at the marina in LA. Desmond leaves with Ben confused and laying beaten and bruised on the ground.


Desmond then goes to the LAPD and asks to see a detective. He is brought to Detective Ford, to whom he states that he had beaten a teacher senseless and had run over a man in a wheelchair, and turns himself in. Desmond is taken to a holding cell. He smiles as he joins Sayid and Kate in the cells. Det. Ford arrives at the cells to hand over Sayid, Desmond and Kate for transfer. Kate makes her last bid for Ford to let her go, but while he looks tempted, he tells her it isn’t going to happen.


As they are traveling in the wagon, a smiling Desmond says that it is time to leave. Sayid says he is a crazy person who turned himself in. Desmond partially confirms this by saying that he ran over a guy in a wheelchair. He accepts that he is crazy but says the issue is whether they want to get out of here or not. He says that when the driver stops he will need their trust because after he sets them free he will exact a promise from each of them to do something. Kate and Sayid both make their promise, skeptically.


The paddy wagon pulls to a stop and Officer Cortez frees the three, asking for her pay-off. A yellow Hummer arrives and Hurley jumps out. He remarks that he hadn’t known Ana-Lucia was going to be there, but then realizes he shouldn’t have said that when Ana says she doesn’t know him. He gives her $125,000. Hurley asks Desmond whether she is coming with them but he says she isn’t ready yet. Cortez leaves.


Hurley points out his Camaro parked nearby, including keys and the other things they’ll need. Sayid goes with Hurley, while Kate accompanies Desmond, who takes a cocktail dress from the trunk of the Camaro and tells her “We are going to a concert.” (“What They Died For”)

6×17 – The End


Soon after Desmond signs for a body outside Eloise’s church. Desmond returns to the car and informs Kate that the body belonged to Christian Shephard. When Kate asks why Desmond broke her out of jail and why they’re going to a concert, Desmond responds that no one can tell her why she is here – not meaning the church, but rather this place. He tells her his name, that although she doesn’t realize it, he is her friend, and that what he wants is to leave. Kate asks where he wants to leave to and Desmond drives off to show her.


At the charity concert Eloise Widmore joins Desmond at his table, saying that she thought she made it clear that Desmond should stop what he’s been doing. Desmond says she did, but that he ignored her. She asks, “And once they know, what then?” and Desmond answers, “Then, we’re leaving.” With concern she asks if they are going to take her son. Desmond reassures her, “Not with me, no.” After Claire gives birth to Aaron backstage, Desmond arrives and asks Kate whether she now “understands.” Kate gestures that she does and asks Desmond, “So, now what?”


Desmond is next seen at Eloise’s church where he is joined by Jack, Kate, Locke, Hurley, Libby, Sawyer, Juliet, Penny, Sun, Jin, Charlie, Claire, Aaron, Sayid, Boone, Shannon, John, Rose and Bernard, all who have now realized the truth, mostly due to his direct and indirect intervention. After a time, they all sit down in the church pews as Christian walks to the back of the church through the middle aisle. Christian opens the doors of the church and glowing white light from beyond the doors washes over all present. They are engulfed by the light. (“The End”)

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