Season: 4, Episodes: 4, Faction: Freighter


Regina was a crew member aboard the Kahana. On the Kahana, Regina was only seen to be working as acommunications officer, though it is unknown whether this was her primary job on the freighter. She likely took over the job when George Minkowski became ill as a result of being unstuck in time, becoming unfit for such a demanding job.




Fertility (Water)

On the freighter (Days 92-96)

4×02 – Confirmed Dead


Regina shared a satellite phone conversation with Miles when he demanded to talk to Minkowski, but Regina explained that he could not come to the phone, becoming more and more firm as Miles made the urgency of the situation clear. (“Confirmed Dead”)

4×03 – The Economist


She later spoke with Daniel on the phone to assist him with an experiment. After Daniel set up a beacon on the Island, Regina launched a “payload” from the freighter, and counted down its distance from the Island. She (like Daniel) found it “weird” that the payload had not arrived as the freighter’s indicators had shown. (“The Economist”)

4×04 – Eggtown


She later answered the emergency line when Charlotte called, and told her that Frank, Sayid and Desmond hadn’t yet arrived on the freighter by helicopter. (“Eggtown”)

4×07 – Ji Yeon


When Sayid and Desmond arrived on the freighter, they were held captive in the sickbay. Regina acted as their guard. Distant and confused, she spoke with Frank after he approached. He mentioned the book she was reading was upside down. She then let Frank in to see Sayid and Desmond.


Later that day, Regina walked out onto the deck wrapped in chains. She climbed the railings and committed suicide by jumping overboard. According to Captain Gault, she was afflicted by what might best be described as a heightened case of cabin fever. (“Ji Yeon”)


4×11 – Cabin Fever

Gault referenced her death when warning Keamy that he may be suffering from the same sickness. (“Cabin Fever”)

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Decoded Season 1 & 2 Characters

Sayid Jarrah

Desmond Hume

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George Minkowski

Juliet Burke

Decoded Season 4 Characters

Frank Lapidus

Captain Gault

Daniel Faraday

Miles Straume

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Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

4x02 "Confirmed Dead"

4x03 "The Economist"

4x07 "Ji Yeon"

(Imentet) Amentet is the divine personification of the West, not as a geographical orientation, but as the place where the sun sets, a symbol of death. Amentet’s name comes from the Egyptian name for this mythical West, Amente (Amenti), ‘the hidden land’. She is depicted anthropomorphically, with the hieroglyphic sign for the west on her head, which in its earlier form shows a hawk on a standard with a single feather at the front; later the symbol is simplified. Amentet wears in addition the red headband of Hathor and ‘Amentet’ is often simply an epithet borne by Hathor. Amentet’s paradigmatic role is to welcome the deceased, as in PT utterance 254, where she is called ‘the Beautiful West’: “Behold, she comes to meet you, the Beautiful West, meeting you with her lovely tresses, and she says, ‘Here comes he who I have borne, whose horn is upstanding, the eye-painted pillar, the bull of the sky! Your shape is distinct; pass in peace, for I have protected you’—so says the Beautiful West to the king.”

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Further Info

Other Names: Ament

Patron of: the gates of the underworld

Appearance: a woman dressed in the robes of a queen.

Description: Ament is the consort of Aken, and it is she who greets the souls of the newly dead, offering them bread and water at the gates of the underworld following their arrival.

Worship: Not truly worshipped, but mentioned in many hymns and passages of The Book of the Dead.

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Wiki Info

Amentet was a goddess in Ancient Egyptian religion representing the necropoleis west of the Nile. She is depicted as a woman wearing the hieroglyph for “west” on her head, and often appears in tombs welcoming the deceased into the afterlife. However, she was so closely linked with Hathor and Isis in their afterlife roles that she may be less an independent deity than an alternate form of those two goddesses.


Mythological Family Members & Associated Deities

AKEN (Consort)



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