Dr. Douglas Brooks

Season: 2 & 6, Episodes: 2, Faction: N/A


Dr. Douglas Brooks was Hurley’s doctor at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute.

Sun (Fire)

Fertility (Water)

Fertility (Earth)

2×18 – Dave


He tried to help Hurley get over the accident he believed he caused when the deck fell. He took a polaroid photo of Hurley and Dave which was instrumental in showing Hurley that Dave was imaginary. (“Dave”)

6×12 – Everybody Loves Hugo


While supervising an outing with patients from Santa Rosa, he noticed that Libby, one of his patients, had approached a stranger, telling him she already knew him. Brooks interrupted, apologized to the man, and hastily escorted Libby out of the restaurant and back to the hospital.

Later, Hugo showed up at Santa Rosa, seeking to speak with Libby. Dr. Brooks initially refused, saying that it wasn’t a good idea given Libby’s mental state, but Hugo was able to bribe him with a large donation to the hospital. (“Everybody Loves Hugo”)

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Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

2x18 "Dave"

6x12 "Everybody Loves Hugo"

(Penwenti) Wenty is a name sometimes given to Apophis but also a distinct God depicted as a crocodile. In a depiction of the sun’s journey through the netherworld in the tomb of Ramesses IX the solar disk, surmounted by a ram’s head, is seen inside the body of this crocodile, and it is said there that “The disk of the great God opens the netherworld of Wenty. The God [Re] emerges from his mysteries. Wenty vomits; he ejaculates the eye of Re which is in his [Wenty’s] belly. Its [the eye’s] pupil enters into its apparitions,” (Borghouts 1973, 121). BD 136 states that “The hearts of Geb and Nut are glad in repeating the name of the new and youthful one, Unnofer [Osiris]. Re is his magic power; Wenty is what he is called.” Here, Re and Wenty seem to come together in Osiris. The name of Wenty occurs ambiguously in PT utterance 376, which breaks off after the exclamation “O knife of the castrator, O shining one, shining one, Wenty, Wenty! O sailor who uses his garments for the Day-bark!” The Day-bark is the mandjet, the boat in which Re travels through the day. The invocation is echoed in CT spell 885, which says at one point, “O Wenty, O sailor, the garments are put in the Day-bark. How honored is he who has done this!” The deceased states in CT spell 941 “I am swift as Wenty, who is set in the mouth of …” followed, unfortunately, by a lacuna. A scene from the Book of Aker has at its center a mummiform corpse with a solar disk inside it. In front of the mummy, a pair of arms rises from the earth; between the arms is a rising serpent, while on the palms of the hands stand a tiny God and Goddess praising the mummy. Immediately behind the mummy, a second pair of arms called “the arms of the darkness” lift up the crocodile Wenty (Penwenti here), as well as a jackal-headed and a ram-headed scepter (Hornung 1999, 103, 105).


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