Season 4

Season: 1–6, Episodes: 107, Faction: Survivors/Jacob/The Island


Hugo Reyes, more commonly known by his nickname “Hurley”, was one of the middle section survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Hurley’s father disappeared when he was ten and did not return until almost 17 years had gone by. During his father’s absence, Hurley developed an eating disorder, and later a traumatic accident landed him in a mental asylum where he started seeing an imaginary person. He has been overly-conscious about his sanity since. While employed at Mr. Cluck’s, Hurley won the lottery by playing the mysterious numbers. Because of a series of unfortunate incidents following his win, he believed himself to be plagued with bad luck and has searched for an answer to the curse.

On the Island, Hurley was typically happy-go-lucky and kept the spirits of his fellow survivors up. He was also a voice of reason in the group and used his common sense to solve difficult situations. Eventually, Hurley found that he could not escape the Numbers and after seeing them on the side of the Hatch, knew that opening it would be a bad idea. He struggled with being given the task of dividing up the food in the Hatch and began seeing his old imaginary friend on the Island. Later, he was captured by the Others, along with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer as a part of Michael’s betrayal, but was released to go back and warn the other survivors not to come for them. Back at camp, Hurley found an old DHARMA van which he was able to get running again with the help of Charlie, Sawyer, and Jin, restoring his and the rest of the survivors’ optimism.

After Charlie was born and Jack called the freighter for rescue, Hurley and five other survivors managed to escape the Island by using a helicopter. However, they were forced to leave everyone else behind when Ben moved the Island. Hurley tried to carry on happily with his life, but began seeing visions of Charlie off the Island. Eventually, he was readmitted to the Santa Rosa Mental Institute where he routinely conversed with Charlie and other deceased people. He was removed from Santa Rosa by Sayid, and taken to a “safe house”, where he was mistaken for a murderer. He later threw a Hot Pocket at Benjamin Linus and surrendered to authorities. Hurley was found innocent and released from prison where he was convinced by a man to return to the Island.

He boarded Ajira Flight 316 and was flashed to 1977 where he worked as a fire chief for the DHARMA Initiative. After the detonation of Jughead by Juliet, he time traveled to his original timeline. Soon afterward, the now-deceased Jacob began to appear to Hurley, first telling him to take the wounded Kate to the Temple, and then instructing him to take Jack to the Lighthouse. Hurley later acted as medium between Richard and his deceased wife Isabella.

Hurley was confirmed to be one of Jacob’s candidates by Jacob himself. He was visited and touched by Jacob while off the Island. Hurley’s name appears on the wall in the cliffside cave and the Lighthouse wheel as “8 – Reyes”. Hurley eventually took over as protector of the island for Jack and hired Ben as an adviser.

In the flash-sideways, he was finally reunited with his murdered island lover, Elizabeth “Libby” Smith and along with their friends, they moved on.

Days 91–108

4×01 – The Beginning of the End


Immediately after the rescue of Sayid, Jin, and Bernard, Hurley used a captured walkie-talkie to warn the remaining Others to stay away from their beach. Instead, he reached Jack on Ben’s walkie-talkie. Hurley was overjoyed when Jack informed him, over the radio, that the ship had been contacted and a rescue party was on the way.


With Bernard’s encouragement, he did a “cannonball” into the ocean. When he surfaced, he saw Desmond returning, and immediately noticed Charlie’s absence. He tried to find out what happened, but everyone was busy arguing about whether to call and warn Jack about the freighter, causing Hurley to shout, “Where’s Charlie?!” Desmond sorrowfully informed him about his friend’s death and his final warning. Sawyer wanted to call and warn Jack, but Sayid was convinced that their transmissions were being monitored.


When Sawyer was about to call anyway, Hurley grabbed the walkie and threw it into the water. He then said that they’d better get going, and he the rest of the group armed themselves and headed into the jungle to find Jack and everyone else.


After rebuffing Sawyer’s attempt to talk about Charlie’s death, Hurley fell behind the group and got lost. He heard strange noises and whispers, then saw a cabin in the woods. He carefully approached and looked inside, seeing the darkened figure of a man in a rocking chair. Suddenly, an eye appeared in the window, causing Hurley to shout and run away. But after running some distance, he saw the cabin in front of him again. The cabin door creaked open. He closed his eyes and told himself that what he was seeing was not real, and when he opened his eyes, the cabin was gone. He tripped and fell on his back, and was surprised to look up and see Locke standing over him.


Hurley and Locke discussed Charlie’s message, and they agreed that calling the boat was a mistake. They headed off to find the rest of the group again, believing that they had to warn the others as soon as possible. After finding them, it was Hurley who informs Claire of Charlie’s death. They hugged and cried, and Hurley tearfully said, “He was trying to help us.”


When Jack declared that nobody would accompany Locke because he was “crazy,” Hurley was the first to support Locke. He gave a speech about Charlie, saying that he went to the Looking Glass to help the group, and he was successful, but then something caused him to change his mind. Crying, he points out that the last thing Charlie did was to warn them about the people on the boat. Hurley announced that he would listen to Charlie, and went with Locke to the Barracks. Several others, including Claire, followed his lead. (“The Beginning of the End”)

4×02 – Confirmed Dead


When Locke announced that the group had to stop at a cabin before continuing to the barracks, Hurley, sounding confused, said that the cabin was in the other direction. When Locke and Ben gave him confused looks (thinking that he shouldn’t have seen the cabin), Hurley awkwardly said that he meant the plane’s cabin.


He was present when the group finds Charlotte and when Ben revealed the information he knew about her. (“Confirmed Dead”)

4×03 – The Economist


Hurley initially disagreed with Locke about his decision to keep Charlotte hostage; however, he participated in a ruse to capture the members of Jack’s group trying to rescue Charlotte. Hurley hid in a closet in one of the barracks houses, yelling for help. When he was discovered by Sayid, Kate, and Miles, he told them that Locke had abandoned him. But, this was not true. After Hurley won their trust, Sawyer and Locke were able to find everyone else. Hurley apologizes for the deception and reveals that he is still a member of Locke’s group. (“The Economist”)

4×04 – Eggtown


As Hurley was carrying food to Miles in the boathouse, Kate offered to do it instead. Hurley was thankful, but accidentally slipped Miles’ location to Kate. Kate promised not to tell, and went to the boathouse. Hurley was later seen living with Sawyer, watching movies on the television. (“Eggtown”)

4×06 – The Other Woman


Later on, Hurley was playing horseshoes with Sawyer when he saw Ben out of his house. (“The Other Woman”)

4×08 – Meet Kevin Johnson


Hurley was also present at the group meeting at Locke’s house; there, he learned that the freighter’s crew planned to kill everyone on the Island after they captured Ben. (“Meet Kevin Johnson”)

4×09 – The Shape of Things to Come


Hurley was present playing RISK with Sawyer and Locke when the phone alert rang. He picked up Aaron and hid in Ben’s house with everyone. He was the first to notice that Claire’s house was blown up and placed Aaron in a safe, makeshift crib.


Once Sawyer arrived back with a disorientated Claire, Ben denied Hurley to open the door for them. However, Hurley broke the window to let Sawyer and Claire in, even with Ben urging him not to. Later, Hurley followed Ben’s instructions and fled the house, with everyone else. When they went outside and saw the Monster, he asked “Did you call that thing?” After witnessing the impending attack, he along with Sawyer, Claire and Miles, escaped to the treeline.


Once Ben caught up to them, Locke and Sawyer argued over who was keeping Hurley when Sawyer decided he was going back to Jack and the beach. Hurley convinced them to stop arguing and went with Locke and Benjamin to find Jacob, and promised Sawyer he will return. (“The Shape of Things to Come”)

4×11 – Cabin Fever


Following Ben and Locke through the jungle, Hurley began asking questions about the cabin, eventually asking Ben how much longer it would take to reach the cabin. However, Ben stated that since Hurley was the last one who had seen the cabin, he was following Hurley. Hurley was less than happy about this, and when settling down to camp, expressed fear on what would happen when the mercenary team returned. The next morning, Hurley hypothesized that the reason Locke, Ben, and himself could see the cabin was they were the “craziest.” Locke then revealed that they were traveling to the mass grave, and informed Hurley of what had happened to the DHARMA Initiative: Ben.


While Locke rummaged in the mass grave, searching for Horace’s corpse, Hurley questioned Ben about his actions in the Purge. Ben denied that the purge was his decision. After Locke returned, he apologized to Hurley for bringing him along, and offered him a chance to return to the beach camp. Hurley refused, and as soon as he was out of earshot, Ben congratulated John for his manipulative skills.


Upon reaching the cabin, Locke continued in alone while Ben and Hurley waited outside. During the awkward time spent waiting, Hurley offered half of an Apollo Bar to Ben, who accepted. Upon Locke’s emergence from the cabin, Locke told them that they needed to move the Island. (“Cabin Fever”)

4×12 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1


The three then continued on from the cabin to the Orchid. Ben then removed a hidden case from behind some rocks containing several items, including crackers, which Locke threw to Hurley. Hurley began to eat them before being informed by Ben that they were fifteen years old.


Hurley realized that moving the Island would also move the mercenaries hunting them, a fact Ben stated that he was “working on.” He was then told by Ben and Locke that it was too late for him to get off the Island. They then reached the Orchid, and Hurley and Locke watched helplessly as Ben surrendered himself to Keamy and the other mercenaries. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1”)

4×13 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 2


Hurley met Jack and Sawyer as they arrived on the Orchid’s greenhouse and was glad that Sawyer came back for him. He was a little awkward to see Jack. They caught up with Locke and Hurley told Jack not to go to the helicopter right away, as Keamy and his men were taking Ben there. Hurley thanked Sawyer for coming back for him and asked if Claire and Aaron were fine, getting no answer from Sawyer. They both left with Jack and headed to the helicopter. When they arrived, Hurley happily greeted Sayid. After releasing Lapidus from the handcuffs, they all boarded the helicopter and headed to the Kahana.


Upon reaching the ocean, Lapidus noticed a fuel leak, so they started to get rid of all the extra weight. After tossing out the loose equipment, Lapidus said he would feel better if they were “a few hundred pounds lighter”, which caused Hurley to look worried. Sawyer whispered something in Kate’s ear, kissed her and jumped out, swimming back to the Island. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 2”)

4×14 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 3


Soon after, Hurley spotted the freighter and they started landing. Desmond frantically warned them about the bomb but Frank landed anyway, so they could refill the tank and patch up the leak. Everyone got back on board, including Desmond and Sun. She begged them to wait for Jin but Frank took off right away. Moments later the freighter exploded. With no other place to land, they started to go back. Heading to the Island, a bright light flooded the sky and the Island vanished.


Low on fuel, the helicopter crashed into the ocean and they all swam to the life-raft thrown in the water by Sayid. Hurley helped getting Aaron and Desmond on the raft. Floating on the current, they were all quiet until Hurley mentioned he was amazed that Locke really moved the Island. Jack disagreed and they argued. Hurley defied Jack to provide a better explanation for what they just saw and Jack said nothing.


Lapidus noticed a light in front of them, which turned out to be Penelope Widmore’s boat. As their rescue became imminent, Jack told them to lie about everything that happened since the crash, saying it was the only way to protect the ones that didn’t come back. Kate said they wouldn’t be able to pull it off and Jack told her to let him do the talking.


A week later, still on Penny’s boat, Hurley was talking to Sayid about the cover story and Sayid reaffirmed “it is the only way to keep them safe”. The Oceanic Six got on a life-raft and headed to the Island of Sumba. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 3”)

After the Island (2005)

4×12 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1


Upon landing in Hawaii, Hurley was greeted by his mother and his father.


Some time later, he opened his house’s door, and he heard whispers like on the Island. The whispers were revealed to be a large group of friends and family surprising him with a birthday party.


His father gave him the restored Camaro as a birthday present. Then he noticed the Numbers in the odometer and trip counter, and ran away. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1”)

4×07 – Ji Yeon


In July of 2005, Hurley traveled to Korea to see Sun, following the birth of Ji Yeon. Upon his arrival, Hurley asked Sun “Is anyone else coming?” When Sun told him “No,” Hurley mysteriously replied, “Good!” Sun showed off her newborn, Ji Yeon Kwon, to Hurley. Hurley then told Sun, “Let’s go see Jin.” Hurley, Sun, and the baby all traveled to a cemetery. There they viewed Jin’s grave. (“Ji Yeon”)


4×01 – The Beginning of the End


Hurley was later seen in a convenience store purchasing a slushie and some beef jerky when he suddenly saw something and ‘freaked out’, knocking over a shelf and running out of the store. He proceeded to get into his newly restored Camaro and sped away. This escalated into a full-on car chase with the LAPD. The chase was carried LIVE on the local news, which Jack watched over a screwdriver breakfast. Hurley eventually crashed his Camaro and tried to flee the scene on foot. He was quickly caught and while being apprehended, he began shouting that he was one of the “Oceanic 6.” All this took place in front of Hurley’s former boss/employee, Randy Nations, who was filming the crash and the arrest.


After he was apprehended, he was taken to the police station where he was interrogated by Detective “Big Mike” Walton, former partner of officer Ana Lucia Cortez on the LAPD. After lying to Walton about never having met Ana Lucia, Hurley was left alone and, while looking at the interrogation room glass, had a hallucination of the ocean behind the window and Charlie Pace swimming up to it with the words “they need you” written on his hand. The force of Charlie’s hand hitting the window broke the glass and began flooding the room. As Hurley banged on the door and yelled for help, Walton came rushing back in. At that moment Hurley turned and realized the window was unbroken, and they were not underwater. Walton threatened to have Hurley institutionalized, and was surprised to see Hurley was relieved to go back to the mental hospital.


Hurley was once more institutionalized at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. During his stay, he was visited by Matthew Abaddon. Abaddon falsely identified himself as an attorney for Oceanic Airlines. He sympathized with Hurley’s recent legal troubles and offered to move him to a nicer facility. Hurley turned him down saying, he was okay. When Abaddon asked, “Are you okay, Mr. Reyes?” Hurley got suspicious and asked Abaddon for identification. Abaddon began aggressively questioning Hurley, asking “Are they still alive?” Hurley began shouting for help and Abaddon made a quick exit.


Hurley was also visited by Charlie, in a fully corporeal form, possibly even visible to one of the other patients. Hurley pointed out that Charlie was dead, to which Charlie responded, “I’m dead, but I’m also here.” Charlie told Hurley that “they” needed him, apparently referring to the people still on the Island.

Hurley repeatedly said “You’re not here” and closed his eyes and counted to five. When he opened them, Charlie had disappeared without a trace.


Finally, Hurley was visited by Jack in the gym of the mental hospital. As they were playing HORSE, the two old friends had a forced conversation. Hurley seemed to make each shot with ease, no matter how difficult it was. Jack asked, “Do you ever miss?” Hurley responded, “I’m just lucky.” The awkward conversation made Hurley suspicious of Jack’s motivations for the visit. He accused Jack of checking up on him to make sure he wouldn’t tell their secret. He apologized to Jack for joining Locke’s group heading to the barracks instead of staying with him when the camp separated. Hurley told Jack that he thinks they made a mistake by leaving the Island. (“The Beginning of the End”)


4×10 – Something Nice Back Home

After this Hurley continued to receive visits from Charlie, regularly talking to him on a bench outside the hospital. His mental condition deteriorated to the point where he stopped taking his medication.


Jack was called in to talk to Hurley and counsel him. Hurley told Jack he wasn’t taking his medication because he believed that he and the rest of the Oceanic 6 died without ever escaping the Island and were now stuck in the afterlife. He compared Jack’s life with Kate and Aaron to a vision of heaven. He told Jack that Charlie visited him the day before and had predicted Jack’s visit. Charlie had a message for Jack which he made Hurley write down so he would get it exactly, stating “You’re not supposed to raise him” (the “him” most likely being Aaron). Hurley further told Jack that he would soon be getting a visitor of his own. (“Something Nice Back Home”)

5×07 – The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham


Hurley continued to receive “visits” by acquaintances from the island, people he believed to be dead. When a wheelchair-bound Locke stopped by, Hurley immediately assumed he had died as well. Locke assured him he was very much alive, and nearby medical staff confirmed his presence. Locke unsuccessfully attempted to convince Hurley to return to the island.


Spotting Abaddon standing by the car, Hurley panicked in recognition and cried for help. The orderlies tried to calm him down and escorted him back into the institute. (“The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”)

4×14 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 3


Some time later, Hurley was visited by Michael’s mom. She asked him if he was dangerous, before allowing a visibly older and taller Walt to speak with him. Walt said Jeremy Bentham came to visit him. He asked why the Oceanic 6 were lying. Hurley replied that it was the only way to keep those left behind safe, including Michael.


Hurley was still in the mental hospital, seen playing chess with Mr. Eko, only visible to him. He was then set free by Sayid and went with him to an undisclosed location, which he said was “safe”. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 3”)

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