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Season: 4-6, Episodes: 35, Faction: DHARMA Initiative/Freighter/Survivors


Miles Straume was a spiritualist who was born in May 1977 to Lara and Pierre Chang. At the age of four months, Miles was taken to California by his mother, forced to leave the Island in a general evacuation ordered by Dr. Chang in anticipation of the Incident. As he grew up, Miles discovered he had a unique ability to extract information from deceased bodies through what he called a “feeling”.

Many years later, Miles was recruited by Naomi Dorrit to join a science team that arrived on the Island aboard the freighter Kahana. He parachuted onto the Island, and was met by the survivors of Flight 815, who at first didn’t trust him or the rest of the science team. Miles’s mission on the Island was to capture Benjamin Linus, but he later offered to tell his employer that Ben was dead in exchange for $3.2 million (double what Widmore offered him). As the survivors made their plan to escape the Island on the Kahana, Miles informed fellow science team member Daniel Faraday that he was planning on staying.

When Ben moved the Island, Miles and his fellow castaways skipped through time, at one point coming to be held captive by Richard Alpert in 1954, and finally ending up in the 1970s. There, they joined the DHARMA Initiative, which put Miles in proximity with his late parents and, later, himself as a baby. After three years with the DHARMA Initiative, the Oceanic Six returned to the Island following the crash of Ajira Airways 316, and their cover was blown, whereupon Miles revealed his identity to his father. Miles assisted Jack with his plan to change the past, saving his father at the Swan construction site in the process.

After Juliet detonated a nuclear bomb, Miles time-traveled to his original timeline of 2007, having survived the blast. Miles stayed behind with Sawyer to help bury Juliet, whereupon he relayed her last thoughts to Sawyer: “It worked”. Later, Miles and Sawyer were abducted by the Others and taken to the Temple where they witnessed the miraculous healing of Sayid. When the Temple Massacre began, Miles and Kate eventually got split up and Miles barricaded himself in a room where he was then rescued by Ilana. Miles then read the ashes of Jacob and confirmed to Ilana that it was in fact Ben who killed him. The group, along with Frank and Sun, returned to the beach where Miles dug up the diamonds from the graves of Nikki and Paulo, and kept them. Later, Jack, Hurley and Richard came and joined their camp.

After Ilana’s death, Miles joined Ben and Richard on a mission to blow up the Ajira plane to prevent the Man in Black from leaving the Island. The group ventured to the Black Rock for more dynamite, where they witnessed Hurley blow it up. When the group reached the Barracks, their alternate source for explosives, they met Charles Widmore, who told them he had already sabotaged the plane. When the Man in Black arrived, following Widmore and Zoe, Miles fled into the jungle, where he found Richard unconscious from trying to reason with the black smoke. The two of them headed for Hydra Island to finish what they started, whereupon they found Frank floating in the ocean with the debris from the submarine explosion, and Frank suggested they use the plane to fly away so the Man in Black wouldn’t be able to escape. The three of them repaired Ajira Fight 316 and left the Island, along with Claire, Sawyer, and Kate.

In the flash sideways, Miles was an LAPD detective partnered with Sawyer. He never remembered his previous life or moved on.

Time Flashes

5×01 – Because You Left

When the island traveled back in time, the beach camp around Miles disappeared, leaving him and several other survivors disoriented. Daniel soon arrived back at the beach, proposing the theory of time travel and suggesting they find a local landmark so that they can get an approximate guess as to when they are in time. Miles traveled with the other survivors to the Swan, where they discovered the crater left by the implosion of the station. When Miles questioned what the station was for, Juliet replied that it was inhabited by Desmond, who spent his time pressing a button every 108 minutes to “save the world,” to which Miles responded with some disbelief. After another movement in time, they found that they had traveled to a time before the station was discovered by the survivors. Though he initially wanted to get supplies from the station, Sawyer was convinced by Juliet and Daniel to return to the beach, though Miles was at first reluctant. After the others had left, Miles told Daniel and Charlotte that he thought Juliet was attracted to him before following suit and returning to the beach. (“Because You Left”)

5×02 – The Lie

At the beach, the survivors worried over ways to survive without fire, shelter, and food. Miles, seeing an opportunity to gain trust, volunteered to hunt for food, and walked off into the jungle unarmed. He returned several hours later carrying the corpse of a boar, claiming he had found it and that it had only been dead for three hours. Shortly thereafter the survivors were bombarded with flaming arrows fired by unseen assailants. Miles was caught by surprise, narrowly dodging several arrows himself before reaching the treeline and safety, though Neil and six other survivors were not as lucky. Miles finally reached safety beyond the treeline. (“The Lie”)

5×03 – Jughead


The next morning, Miles with Charlotte, Daniel, and two unnamed survivors of the beach camp attack traveled to a creek with the intent of rejoining the other survivors. Near the creek, the redshirts triggered claymore mines which exploded, killing them both. A group of Others led by Ellie emerged from the jungle and questioned Miles on the identity of his leader. Miles immediately gestured toward Daniel Faraday. As Ellie and her group marched the three through the jungle, Miles began to sense something and told Daniel that they had just walked over the fresh graves of four U.S. soldiers, three of whom had been shot and one who had died of radiation poisoning. Ellie took Miles and his group to the Others’ camp and handed them over to Richard Alpert.

After a short conversation with Richard, Miles, along with Charlotte and Daniel, were held captive in a tent. They waited there until Richard reentered and questioned Faraday further on the details of “Jughead”, a bomb which Daniel claimed to be able to disarm. Miles did not know about the bomb, asking Daniel, “A hydrogen bomb? Seriously?” After Faraday was taken to examine to the bomb, Miles and Charlotte waited for some time until the Island flashed and they were moved somewhere else in time. They rendezvoused with Daniel, who immediately doted on Charlotte whilst ignoring Miles, something Miles did not hesitate to point out. Miles saw Charlotte collapse, her nose bleeding. (“Jughead”)

5×04 – The Little Prince

After Charlotte reawakened, the group (Miles, Daniel, Charlotte, Sawyer, Juliet and Locke) decided to head back to the beach and use the Zodiac in order to get to the Orchid faster. Later the same day Miles informed Daniel that he had also suffered a nosebleed, a symptom which Daniel told him relates to the duration of exposure to the Island. This confused Miles, who pointed out that the survivors (who had not shown any symptoms to this point) had been on the Island for months before the freighter arrived. Daniel asked Miles if he was sure he had never been to the island before. Miles, along with Juliet, Sawyer, Charlotte, Daniel, and Locke, found two outriggers at the beach camp. Miles helped the group paddle the outrigger into open water, where the group was chased and shot at by unknown pursuers in the other outrigger. After another time flash, the group successfully came ashore during a rainstorm. (“The Little Prince”)

5×05 – This Place Is Death

Miles traveled with the group into the jungle and they experienced another time flash just before discovering Jin. After everyone greeted Jin, they resumed traveling towards the Orchid station. After walking for awhile, the group experienced a few flashes in rapid succession. After the fourth flash, Charlotte collapsed, unable to go on. Miles decided to go with Locke, Juliet, Sawyer and Jin to the Orchid, leaving Daniel to look after a dying Charlotte. Although the Orchid disappeared following a time flash, the group discovered a nearby well which, according to Charlotte, would help them. As Locke descended into the well using a rope held by Sawyer, another time flash occurred. Miles told Sawyer he could “let go of the rope now,” as they realized that they had moved to a time period in which the well did not exist. (“This Place Is Death”)

5×08 – LaFleur

When Juliet commented they were now before the well was built, Miles added “I’d say way before” and pointed out a statue in the distance. (“LaFleur”)

1974-1977 (with the DHARMA Initiative)

5×08 – LaFleur

Miles, along with Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, and Faraday, time traveled to 1974 after Locke moved the frozen wheel. When Sawyer suggested heading back to the beach, Miles disagreed. Juliet then backed Sawyer up and Miles irritatedly stated that going to the Orchid and going to the beach were the “only two plans you people have”. After being captured by the DHARMA Initiative, the group pretended to be victims of a shipwreck and they integrated themselves into the Initiative. (“LaFleur”)

5×13 – Some Like It Hoth

Within the first week of joining, Miles realized that he had personal connection with the Initiative when his mother stepped behind him in the cafeteria lunch line. Realizing that both his parents lived on the Island, Miles ignored them as best he could and continued with the lie set forth by Sawyer. (“Some Like It Hoth”)

5×08 – LaFleur

As of 1977, Miles was working in the DHARMA security division under the command of his new boss, Sawyer, who had become Head of Security using the alias “LaFleur”. When a drunken Horace Goodspeed began blowing up trees with dynamite near the Flame, Miles and Sawyer recovered him and cleaned up the mess. (“LaFleur”)

5×09 – Namaste

After the crash of Flight 316, Miles appeared to be shocked by the return of Jack, Kate and Hurley. It was Miles who reported Sayid’s capture to LaFleur. (“Namaste”)

5×11 – Whatever Happened, Happened

Two days later, LaFleur assigned Miles to guard Jack, Kate and Hurley, after young Ben was shot and nearly killed by Sayid. While guarding them, he and Hurley had a lengthy debate about the effects and paradoxes of time travel, forming a friendship in the meantime. (“Whatever Happened, Happened”)

5×13 – Some Like It Hoth


Some time later, LaFleur called Miles and asked him to “accidentally erase” one of the tapes from the fence security cameras. While he was preparing to do this, he was approached by Horace, who tasked him to take something out to Radzinsky in a Hostile-controlled area and receive something in return. It became obvious that this “something” was the corpse of a DHARMA worker who had died under mysterious circumstances. After Radzinsky and his workers disappeared, Miles moved to the corpse in the back of his van and asked him, “What really happened?” He learned that the man, Alvarez, had a filling which ripped from his mouth and exited through his brain.


When Miles returned to Horace, he was told to bring the body to Dr. Pierre Chang at the Orchid. Miles was joined by Hurley on his journey, who discovered the body in the back of the van. Confronted, Miles told him what really happened to the body. To his bewilderment, Hurley completely accepted Miles story, noting he also talks with the dead, and sometimes plays chess with them. Miles said that isn’t how it works, at which point Hurley responded that Miles admitted to his ability. Miles explained that he is able to get a “feeling” about who the deceased was and whatever they knew before they died.


At the Orchid, Miles revealed to Hurley that Dr. Chang was his father. Miles and Hurley then gave Dr. Chang a ride to the Swan station construction site.Along the way, Hurley kept dropping hints about the relationship between Miles and Pierre, which upset Miles, who had never known his father. On the way back, Hurley told Miles about his own troubled relationship with his father, and how he forgave him. He suggested Miles try to gain a relationship with his own father.


At night, an emotional Miles saw his mother, father, and his three-month-old self in a window, but chose to walk away. However, after his father was handed a phone, Pierre came outside and, noticing Miles on the walkway, asked for his help in picking up a group of scientists from Ann Arbor at the submarine dock. Miles was surprised to find out that one of those scientists was Daniel Faraday. (“Some Like It Hoth”)

5×14 – The Variable


Daniel told Miles that the reason he had returned was that he had discovered that the members of the Oceanic Six had somehow returned to the island. Faraday then ordered Miles to take him to Jack’s house. After Daniel and Jack had a talk, Miles drove Faraday to the Orchid. While Daniel was at the station, Miles waited above. Daniel then returned, along with Pierre Chang. Miles witnessed as Daniel revealed that he was from the future. Miles tried to intervene, but Daniel told Chang that Miles was his son. Chang asked Miles if it was true, but Miles denied it. Miles then drove Daniel to Sawyer’s house, where Daniel revealed that he needed to meet with his mother, who was with the Hostiles. After Juliet revealed to the group the code to the sonic fence, and Kate agreed to show the way, Miles gave Daniel the keys to the jeep. Meanwhile, Sawyer ordered everyone to prepare for leaving to the jungle, as Phil had discovered the tape that showed Ben’s delivery to the Hostiles. This was the tape which Miles had failed to erase earlier. (“The Variable”)

5×15 – Follow the Leader

Now under serious suspicion, Miles, Hurley and Jin escaped from the Barracks, heading for the beach. Chang followed them and asked the three if they were really from the future. Hurley denied it at first but gave the truth away when he couldn’t answer a question about the current U.S. President. Chang believed them and then asked Miles if he really was his son, and Miles reluctantly affirmed that he was.

Back at the Barracks, Chang was now having people evacuated, after learning of the upcoming Incident. Miles, Hurley, and Jin watched a young Charlotte and her mother get out of a bus and head for the dock. Lara and baby Miles also got out. Miles saw his parents argue as Pierre demanded they evacuate the Island on the sub. Through watching these events Miles realized that his father had to be harsh to his mother in order to save her life. Miles then saw Juliet and Sawyer, handcuffed and being brought to the dock in a jeep. A confused Miles handed his binoculars to Hurley, who told Miles that Sawyer probably had a plan. (“Follow the Leader”)

5×16 – The Incident, Part 1

A few hours later, Miles joined Hurley and Jin in saving Jack and a wounded Sayid from attacking members of the DHARMA Initiative by picking them up in a DHARMA van. At Jack’s urging, Hurley proceeded to drive the van to the Swan construction site. Miles questioned Jack’s plan to detonate a nuclear device, and stopped with the rest of the group when they encountered Kate, Sawyer, and Juliet, and expressed doubt as to whether Sayid would recover from his wound. (“The Incident, Part 1”)

5×17 – The Incident, Part 2

A short time later, Jack set out with the bomb to the Swan site, and Miles questioned the rest of the group as to whether or not they had considered that Jack’s detonation of the bomb would cause the Incident rather than prevent it. Immediately after he asked this, the group spotted a group of DHARMA Security personnel led by Phil driving to the Swan. In an attempt to save Jack, Miles accompanied the rest of them to the Swan construction site, and took part in a firefight in an attempt to save Jack and allow him to detonate the bomb. His father was present at the site, and attempted to turn off a construction drill which was on the verge of reaching an electromagnetic pocket of energy with no success. After killing or neutralizing all of the DHARMA personnel present at the site with the exception of Pierre Chang, who aided them by holding Radzinsky at gunpoint, Miles witnessed Jack drop the bomb down the drilling shaft, with no immediate effect. Shortly after, an electromagnetic incident occurred which pulled all metal objects toward the shaft, and Chang’s hand was crushed and pinned under a steel beam. Miles lifted the beam, saving his father’s life, and — finally referring to him as “Dad” — urged him to get as far away from the site as possible. A few moments later, the bomb was detonated by Juliet, who had fallen to the bottom of the shaft. (“The Incident, Part 2”)

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