Agent Robbie Hewitt

Season: 1, Episodes: 1, Faction: N/A


Agent Robbie Hewitt worked for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) who, along with Agent Alyssa Cole blackmailed Sayid to work for them to betray his old friend Essam Tasir.

Fertility (Water)




1×21 – The Greater Good


At Heathrow Airport, Agents Hewitt and Cole recruited Sayid by bribing him with the knowledge of Nadia’s whereabouts, to hook up with Essam and recover 300 pounds of stolen C-4 explosive stolen by his cell. 


Later, when Sayid asked Agents Cole and Hewitt to let him save Essam and bring him in. They harshly refused and ordered Sayid to convince Essam of shedding his doubts and going on with his role, only to enable the uncovering of the explosive’s location. When Sayid refuses to cooperate, he is blackmailed with threats of arresting Nadia in false charge at his failure to talk “Essam into blowing himself up”. 


After Essam’s suicide, the Agents honors their end of the deal by telling Sayid of Nadia’s current whereabouts. Agent Cole gives him some money and a plane ticket for a flight to Los Angeles. Sayid demands his flight be pushed back so he may claim Essam’s body and make proper funeral arrangements, to which the agents agree.

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Decoded Season 1 Characters

Agent Alyssa Cole

Sayid Jarrah

Essam Tasir

Nadia Jaseem



Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

1x21 "The Greater Good"

Wiki Info

In Greek mythology, the name Periclymenus may refer to:

  • A son of Neleus (the son of Poseidon) and Chloris. He was one of the Argonauts. Poseidon gave him the ability to shapeshift into various animals. He was killed by Heracles at Pylos, although he tried to escape in the form of an eagle. His offspring were Erginus and Penthilus.
  • A defender of Thebes against the Seven and would-be murderer of Amphiaraus in the battle for Thebes. Amphiaraus was swallowed by the earth before he could kill him though. It was either this Periclymenus or Asphodicus that killed Parthenopaeus


Mythological Family Members & Associated Deities

POSEIDON (Grandfather)



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