Isaac of Uluru

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Isaac of Uluru was a faith healer who lived in the Australian outback near Uluru, which is a very large stone monolith in central Australia.

Fertility (Earth)

Fertility (Vegetation)



2×19 – S.O.S.


Isaac had a room decorated with canes, walkers and wheelchairs, apparently belonging to people whom he had healed. He also had a wall filled with pictures, postcards, and thank you letters from his former clients. One of the recurring images on two cards on the wall is a Buddhist symbol called the dharmacakra. Isaac claimed that his home was above a geological “place of power” and that he used it to heal.


Bernard brought Rose to Isaac to be healed of cancer and donated 10,000 dollars for that purpose. Isaac failed to heal Rose, saying that she needed a different place, and he didn’t know where that was. Isaac offered to repay Bernard’s money, but Rose declined this offer, telling him she wanted to tell Bernard that she was successfully healed. (“S.O.S.”)

Tabloid article text


Bernard showed Rose an article about Isaac in the tabloid The National Flash:

“Australian based spiritual healer Isaac of Uluru has been helping to ease pain and to restore people’s health as a spiritual healer and masseur for more than 25 years. Born in 1949, Isaac has been in demand for many years for the remarkable results he has achieved in helping people recover from injuries, health issues, emotional issues and so called incurable physical and mental diseases.

Isaac’s Healing Powers

Spiritual Healing is effected by the act of attuning to the Life Force Energy, by meditation or prayer, so this energy can be channeled via the agency of a trained Spiritual Healer to any person, place, situation or life form, whether present or not via contact by the Hands or by the projection of Loving Thoughts in order to have a beneficial effect on the whole, at all levels of Being.

Distinctions of race, class, gender, custom belief, philosophy or religions are irrelevant; no affirmation of religious faith is required. Spiritual Healing may be given to any person, place, situation or life form; for any illness, injury, problem or circumstance, at any time.”

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2x19 "S.O.S"

Wiki Info

Phanes (“I bring to light”), or Protogonos (“First-born”), was the mystic primeval deity of procreation and the generation of new life, who was introduced into Greek mythology by the Orphic tradition; other names for this Classical Greek Orphic concept included Ericapaeus (“power”) and Metis (“thought”). In these myths Phanes is often equated with Eros and Mithras and has been depicted as a deity emerging from a cosmic egg, entwined with a serpent. He had a helmet and had broad, golden wings. Many threads of earlier myths are apparent in the new tradition. Phanes was believed to have been hatched from the World-Egg of Chronos (Time) and Ananke (Necessity). His older wife Nyx (Night), called him Protogenus. As she created nighttime, he created daytime. He has also created the method of creation by mingling. He was made the ruler of the deities and passed the sceptre to Nyx. This new Orphic tradition states that Nyx later gave the sceptre to her son Uranos before it passed to Cronus and then to Zeus, who retained it.

It is also believed that by his centuries old battle with Chaos, the creation of birds took place as the result.

The “Protogonos Theogony” is known through the commentary in the Derveni papyrus and references in Empedocles and Pindar.

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