Prison Tough

Season: 3, Episodes: 1, Faction: N/A


A Prison Tough was one of Sawyer’s fellow inmates while serving time in prison.

Fertility (Water)




Space (Stars)

3×04 – Every Man for Himself


After a boxing match with Sawyer, he and Sawyer witnessed Munson being beaten up by another inmate. He then explains to Sawyer that Munson has allegedly stolen 10 million dollars and is of Warden Harris’ interest and that’s the only reason he’s still alive. (“Every Man for Himself”)

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James Sawyer

Warden Harris

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3x04 "Every Man For Himself"

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In Greek mythology, Karkinos the giant crab, plays a minor role in the Twelve Labors of Heracles. While Heracles was busy fighting the multi-headed monster, Lernaean Hydra, the goddess Hera, who hated her step-son Heracles, sent the Crab to distract him. Karkinos tried to kill Heracles, but Hercules kicked Karkinos so hard that the crab was sent into the sky.

By other accounts, Karkinos grabbed onto the hero’s toe with its claws, but barely breaking the rhythm of his great battle with Hydra, Heracles crushed the crab with his foot. Hera, grateful for the little crustacean’s heroic but pitiful effort, gave it a place in the sky; but none of its stars were bright because the crab had failed to accomplish its given task. Some scholars have suggested that Karkinos was a late add-on to the myth of Heracles to make the Twelve Labors correspond to the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

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