Season: 3 , Episodes: 1, Faction: The Others


Sabine was a member of the Others who died on the operating table of the Staff after becoming pregnant. According to Juliet, she was one of nine pregnant women to die on the Island.

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3×16 – One of Us


Sabine was one of the women among the Others who volunteered to become pregnant, even though she knew it was a risk. Despite the best efforts of Juliet, her body turned on her during pregnancy. 


Ethan attempted surgery to save either her or her baby, but she died during the operation. Ben later attempted to console Juliet by telling her that Sabine was the one who chose to become pregnant. (“One of Us”)

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3x16 "One Of Us"

(Udjarenes) Wedjarenes, whose name means “Her Name Lives”, was the daughter of two members of the clergy of Hathor at Hut-Sekhem (Hiw, Diospolis Parva) in Upper Egypt. For reasons unknown, Udjarenes was deified at her death and integrated into the local pantheon. Wedjarenes is depicted in a fashion similar to Hathor, anthropomorphic and wearing the solar disk, and bears the title “God’s Wife of Neferhotep.”


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