Ajira 316

Ajira Flight 316

Ajira Airways Flight 316 was a scheduled passenger flight from Los Angeles, California, United States to Guam, a U.S. territory in the western Pacific via a stop in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States on a Boeing 737 owned and operated by Ajira Airways and piloted by Frank Lapidus. It was chosen by Eloise Hawking as a flight for the Oceanic Six to use to return to the Island. The plane crash-landed on Hydra Island in 2007. While some members of the Oceanic Six were teleported onto the Island in 1977 (Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid), most of the passengers survived the crash, though some with minor or severe injuries. 14 days later, Frank flew the plane off Hydra Island with Kate, Claire, Richard, Sawyer and Miles on board.

Flight Significance

Saving the Island


The flight was the means by which the Oceanic Six were to return to the Island. Despite their personal motivations to go back (or lack thereof), their return was exceptionally important because it was the only way to save the Island, as was told to John Locke by Richard, who in turn was told by the Man in Black (in Locke form). After learning about the Island’s dislodgement in time and the increasingly deadly time flashes the remaining survivors were suffering from, Locke realized that the only way to keep the Island intact long enough for him to discover his purpose was to leave it and bring the Oceanic Six back. After making it off the Island and failing to convince all of those who left to come back, Locke lost his way and turned to suicide. Before making good on his commitment to his own death, Ben intervened, murdering him in a hotel room and taking over for Locke re-uniting and transporting the Six back to the Island.

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