Season: 2, Episodes: 1, Faction: N/A


Robin was an Oceanic Airlines Ticket Agent.

Sun (Fire)


2×21 – ?


She issued Eko his Flight 815 ticket at Sydney Airport. (“?”)

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Mr. Eko

Libby Smith

Charlotte Malkin


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2x21 "?"

A Goddess mentioned just once, on a stela from the necropolis at Abydos, where she is depicted as a lioness-headed woman wearing the crown of the solar disc and uraeus (illustration in Quirke, p. 32). She bears the epithet ‘Eye of Re‘ (Wadjet, Sekhmet, Bast), but any other information about her is lacking except for what might be derived, albeit quite speculatively, from her name.

The name ‘Mestjet’ appears to be the same as a word for ‘daughter’ that occurs notably in utterance 263 of the Pyramid Texts, in which the king states “I am ferried over to the eastern side of the sky, and my sister is Sothis, my offspring [mstjwt] is the dawn-light [dwawt].” Mestjet’s evident solar associations could make her a plausible candidate for this ‘daughter’, i.e., for the dawn, but on the stela she is referred to as Henut-Mestjet. Henut, ‘mistress, ruler (fem.)’, is usually followed by a genitive, so her name/title would be “Mistress of Mestjet”. If it is not a question here of an unusual intransitive usage of henut—hence, “Mistress Mestjet”—and if Mestjet is not the name of a place, as it does not appear to be, then the title would seem to designate her as the ruler of the “daughter” in question, and thus as “Mistress of the Dawn”.


Mythological Family Members & Associated Deities



WADJET (Eye of Ra)

SEKHMET (Eye of Ra)

BAST (Eye of Ra)

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