Season 3

Season: 1–6, Episodes: 88, Faction: Survivors


Sun-Hwa Kwon (née Paik) (Korean name: Paik Sun-hwa; Hangul: 백선화; Hanja: 白善華), more commonly known as Sun, was married to Jin-Soo Kwon and was one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Before the crash, Sun and Jin’s marriage suffered because Jin oppressed her and they couldn’t conceive. She strayed from and almost left her husband at one point. On the Island, the couple isolated themselves until Sun revealed she spoke English, shocking her husband. He shunned her, but they later reconciled. Despite Jin’s infertility, Sun conceived Jin’s baby on the Island, which strengthened their marriage but threatened Sun’s health. The couple managed to board an offshore freighter, but only Sun seemed to escape its explosion.

Back in civilization, Sun assumed control of her father’s company and sought revenge for Jin’s death. She flew back to the Island upon learning Jin was still alive. Their reunion was brief. She and Jin drowned together when a submarine they boarded sank.

In the flash-sideways, Sun and Jin were reunited with their daughter Ji Yeon and their friends from the Island, and they all moved on together.

Days 68-91

3×02 – The Glass Ballerina


Sun threw up again, and Jin wanted to return to camp for her protection, but Sun sided with Sayid and agreed to stay. When they found an old dock, Sun brought gasoline for Sayid’s signal fire and rightly deduced it a trap for the Others. She kept this from Jin, angering him. Sayid and Jin, armed, manned the dock while Sun stayed on the ship. The Others came by sea though, and Sun ran for a hidden gun. She aimed it at an Other, Colleen, who claimed Sun was not a murderer. Sun shot her then escaped through a window. She, Jin and Sayid walked back to camp. (“The Glass Ballerina”)

3×10 – Tricia Tanaka Is Dead


The two returned to normal island life and were excited to see Kate and Sawyer return to the camp. Sun told Jin she would speak to him in only English to help him learn the language. (“Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”)

3×11 – Enter 77


They helped reconstruct the Hatch’s ping pong table, and Sun suggested Sawyer must give up nicknames for a week if he lost a tournament. He did. (“Enter 77”)

3×12 – Par Avion


The couple watched Aaron the next day so Claire and Charlie could picnic, and when Claire decided to catch seagulls instead for a rescue attempt, they used nets and helped cut fish, Sun joking that this was her mother’s greatest fear. (“Par Avion”)

3×14 – Exposé

When Nikki and Paulo turned up apparently dead, the Losties had a murder mystery to solve. Hurley accused Sawyer, but Sun defended him, reminding everyone of when the Others attacked her. Charlie then privately confessed his and Sawyer’s role in that attack. Angry at Sawyer, Sun slapped him and gave him Nikki’s diamonds, explaining that they had no value on the island. (“Exposé”)

3×15 – Left Behind


When Sawyer tried to make amends for his numerous wrongdoings, many survivors forgave him, but Sun did not. (“Left Behind”)

3×16 – One of Us

When Juliet tried to integrate into the beach camp, Sun refused to trust her. (“One of Us”)

3×18 – D.O.C.


After Jack asked about her pregnancy symptoms, Sun angrily confronted Juliet regarding what happens to pregnant women on the Island to which Juliet responded that they die. That night, Juliet secretly took her to the Staff Station for an ultrasound. Upon arriving at the station, Sun confessed her affair and Jin’s infertility. Juliet performed the ultrasound and discovered that Sun was 8 weeks pregnant, making Jin the father but dooming her to death within a month unless she escaped the island. (“D.O.C.”)

3×20 – The Man Behind the Curtain

She later supported Juliet when Sayid mistrusted her, but a tape of Juliet detailing Sun’s condition to Ben stunned her into suspicion.   (“The Man Behind the Curtain”)

3×21 – Greatest Hits


Hearing Others were coming to the camp, Sun joined those going to the radio tower while Jin stayed behind to ambush the attackers. As she prepared to to leave with the rest of the group, Sun revealed to Jin that Juliet had shown her their baby on an ultrasound and that it was very healthy. (“Greatest Hits”)

3×22 – Through the Looking Glass


She briefly believed Jin captured or killed but received news from Hurley that he was alive. She later witnessed Locke murder Naomi and Jack calling the freighter for rescue. (“Through the Looking Glass”)

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