Season: 6, Episodes: 5, Faction: Widmore


Zoe was a geophysicist hired by Charles Widmore to lead his team on the Island. She was later killed by The Man in Black at the Barracks.

Leadership (Queen)

Sun (Fire)


Fertility (Water)


On the Island (2007)

6×08 – Recon


Sawyer found Zoe on Hydra Island after ran out from a hidden position in the bushes. She was near the pile of dead bodies of the passengers killed after the Ajira Flight 316 crash. She claimed to have been the last survivor of that flight. She said that she had been collecting firewood when the other survivors were killed and that she had dragged the bodies to a clearing.


Sawyer offered to take her to the main Island. Before they could leave, she asked Sawyer how he got to the Island and whether the other members of his party had guns, which raised his suspicions. Sawyer then drew his gun on her, leading her to signal five compatriots who were hiding in the bushes with rifles. They then led Sawyer to the submarine to talk to Charles Widmore. (“Recon”)

6×10 – The Package


Zoe and her team attacked the Man in Black’s camp while he was absent and captured Jin. After Jin awoke in Room 23, Zoe appeared and began to ask him a series of questions involving the pockets of energy on the island. She showed Jin a map constructed by the DHARMA Initiative with Jin’s name signed on it. Jin was unresponsive and told Zoe he wanted to speak to her leader. When she lead an incursion on the Man in Black’s Camp earlier than planned, she explained to Widmore that she is a geophysicist, not a mercenary. Later she was seen carrying drugged Desmond out of the submarine. (“The Package”)

6×11 – Happily Ever After


Later that night she was giving Desmond a shot to help him wake up from a sedative they gave him for the trip on Widmore’s submarine. She introduced herself and Desmond asked if she was a nurse. Zoe stated that he was not at the hospital any more and that they had to move him. Desmond became disgruntled and called out for Penny. Widmore intervened and said he would take it from there. A couple minutes later he ordered Zoe to take Jin to the Generator room. Zoe remarked that the test was not scheduled until the next day and that the generator wasn’t ready yet. Widmore ordered her to do the test anyway. Zoe then took Jin to the room. She ordered Seamus to get the generator started.


Later after the test on Desmond, Zoe questioned his willingness to do Widmore’s bidding. He said that a lot can happen in twenty minutes. Sayid then jumped out from behind the bushes and attacked two of Widmore’s people. He then pointed a gun at Zoe and ordered her to run. She obeyed his command and fled. (“Happily Ever After”)

6×13 – The Last Recruit


The next day Zoe walked into the Man in Black’s camp and told him that Widmore wanted what “Locke” took from him. To show him how serious she was, Zoe had her team send a missile strike to a nearby area and then threatened that the next time they wouldn’t miss.


Zoe then returned to Hydra Island and was present when Sawyer, Kate, Sun, Frank, Hurley, and Claire arrived on the beach after swimming ashore from the Elizabeth. Along with other members of Widmore’s team, Zoe had Sawyer’s party disarm. She contacted Widmore via radio. Sawyer reminded Zoe that he had a deal with Widmore. Zoe answered that the deal was off and ordered her group to again point their guns at Sawyer’s party and for Widmore to fire on Locke’s people. (“The Last Recruit”)

6×16 – What They Died For


Zoe later went to Ben’s house at the Barracks. She was heard in the kitchen and approached by Ben, Richard and Miles. Widmore entered and ordered Zoe to go to the dock to retrieve their stores and sink the outrigger. Ben tried to prevent her from leaving, but Widmore insisted that he was Ben’s last chance of survival and Ben let her go. At the port, Zoe sees “The Man in Black” arrive in an outrigger and radios Widmorewho told her to come back.


She returned to the house and hid inside. She and Widmore hid in the secret room, but Ben revealed their location to The Man in Black. The Man in Black asked who Zoe is. She started to reply, but Widmore told her not to talk. The Man in Black reacts by slashing Zoe’s throat, killing her. He explained that she was pointless, since Widmore told her not to talk. (“What They Died For”)

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6x08 "Recon"

6x16 "What They Died For"

(Amunet) ‘The Hidden’ (fem.), a Goddess belonging to the Hermopolitan Ogdoad but who, unlike the other Goddesses in the group, had an independent cult as consort of the God Amun. She is represented as a woman wearing the Red Crown of Lower Egypt and is distinguished thus from Amun’s other consort, Mut, who wears the double crown of Egypt united. A certain degree of convergence between Amaunet and Mut can be seen in the naming after Amaunet of a vulture amulet (Ritner 1993, 52), but Amaunet and Mut remain distinct, as can be seen from instances where they are pictured together with Amun in the same image. In a scene from Luxor temple depicting Amun’s annual procession to Luxor from Karnak at the festival of Opet, celebrating the union of Amun and Mut, on the outbound journey from Karnak to Luxor Amun is depicted accompanied by Mut, while on the journey back to Karnak he is depicted accompanied by Amaunet. In a fragmentary demotic cosmogony involving the Ogdoad, it is said that the Ogdoad transformed themselves, the four males coalescing into a single black bull, the four females into a black cow, this bull and cow being none other than Amun and Amaunet, who thus unite in themselves the potencies of the group as a whole (Sauneron and Yoyotte 1959, 58).

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Amunet, Amaunet, or Amonet was a primordial goddess in Ancient Egyptian religion. She is a member of the Ogdoad and the consort of Amun. Her name, meaning “the female hidden one”, was simply the feminine form of Amun’s own name. Therefore, it is likely that she was never an independent deity, but was created as his female counterpart. The Egyptians also identified her with Neith and as the mother of Ra. By at least the Twelfth dynasty she was overshadowed as Amun’s consort by Mut, but she remained locally important in the region of Thebes where Amun was worshipped, and there she was seen as a protector of the pharaoh. Amaunet
was depicted as a woman wearing the Red Crown and carrying a staff of papyrus.

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