The Twins

Season: 1, Episodes: 1, Faction: The Others


The Twins were two identical men who accompanied Tom and the Molotov woman when they kidnapped Walt from the raft.

Water (Fertility)


On the Island

1×24 – Exodus, Part 2


After a brief conversation with the survivors on the raft, Tom declared they were going to take the boy. After Michael furiously refused and Sawyer grabbed his gun, the boat’s lights were shut off, and the Others attacked.


One of the brothers pulled out a handgun and shot Sawyer, sending him off the raft and into the ocean. Jin then jumped into the water to rescue Sawyer.


The other brother boarded the raft and after a struggle, pushed Michael into the ocean.


The brothers captured Walt and returned to the Others’ boat, they proceeded to blow up the raft and leave the survivors to drown in the ocean. (“Exodus, Part 2”)

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Decoded Season 1 Characters

Tom Friendly

Molotov Woman

Walt Lloyd

Michael Dawson

James Sawyer

Jin-Soo Kwon

Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

1x24 "Exodus, Part 2"

A pair of mortal brothers apparently deified after drowning in the Nile, Pedesi (or ‘Peteese’ or ‘Peteisis’) and Pihor were the sons of Kuper, a chief of the Medjay (also known as Blemmyes) and a local ally of the Romans. The brothers appear to have lived during or around the 26th dynasty and were worshiped chiefly at a tiny temple of Isis at Tutzis or Thôz known as the temple of Dendur and now residing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The temple of Dendur was erected by Emperor Augustus (63 BCE-14 CE). Pedesi means ‘Given by Isis’ and Pihor means ‘Belonging to Horus‘. Pedesi is featured more prominently on the walls of the temple, and is referred to as the pshai, or ‘beneficent spirit’, of Tutzis (cf. Shai). Pihor is particularly associated with neighboring Kelet or Kûrteh, and is called p-hry, ‘the master’ or ‘superior’. The brothers may have been interred in a crypt behind the temple’s rear wall. Pedesi and Pihor are shown receiving offerings from the ‘pharaoh’ Augustus as well as worshiping the chief Gods of the temple, namely Isis and Osiris.


Further Info

Peteese and Pihor were two deified human brothers, sons of Kuper, who appear to have lived in the vicinity of Dendur in Lower Nubia during the 26th Dynasty. While the reason for their elevation to minor gods is not known, they may have met their death in the Nile river, a fate having connotations to Osiris. However, and significantly, Roman policy towards Egyptian religion was established when Augustus built a modest temple in honor of the brothers on the west bank at Dendur. In some instances, the reliefs show Peteese and Pihor as “upstart” deities making offerings to their superior, the goddess Isis.

Notation: Dendur temple was dismantled to avoid being covered by Lake Nasser when the High Dam at Aswan was constructed in the mid 1900s. It is now part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.


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