The Others

On September 22nd, 2004, Oceanic Flight 815 crashed onto the Island. The Others’ response was to send spies to infiltrate the two main groups of survivors. Lists were made of who amongst the 815 survivors were “good people”. (“A Tale of Two Cities”) These people would then be kidnapped by the Others at night. The mid-section survivors were for the most part unscathed by this plan, with the exception of Claire who was taken quickly after Ethan panicked that his identity was about to be found out with the discovery of the flight manifest. (“Raised by Another”) At the tail-section camp, however, Goodwin was much more successful, and over a dozen survivors were taken in total. Some of those taken would later be seen at the Hydra station, including Cindy, Zack and Emma, suggesting that those kidnapped may have joined the Others.


This led to immediate conflict between the Others and the remaining survivors, and when a group of mid-section survivors set sail on a raft in order to escape the Island, the Others destroyed it and kidnapped Walt, whom they believed was “special.”

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The Others – Decoded Characters

Ethan Rom

Tom Friendly

Molotov Woman

The Twins

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