Dogen’s Son

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Dogen’s son loved to play baseball. When he was twelve years old, Dogen picked him up from baseball while drunk. There was a car accident and the son was critically injured. He was presumed to have been healed by Jacob, who offered to heal the boy if Dogen came to the Island.


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6×05 – Lighthouse


Dogen and his son were at Los Angeles in 2004. The two were present during David Shephard’s audition at Williams Conservatory.


The boy told Jack that his son was talented. He was hugged by Dogen before Dogen spoke with Jack briefly. (“Lighthouse”)

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Interconnected Narrative (Dogen)

On the Island (2007)

6×06 – Sundown


Once alone, Sayid confronted Dogen with questions. Dogen explained the nature of the machine as something that gauges the morality of an individual (whether they are good or evil). Dogen explained that Sayid was evil and would be better off dead. The hostility between the two sparked into a fight. Dogen had the opportunity to kill Sayid, but seeing his son’s baseball made him stop. Dogen banished Sayid and told him to leave the Temple at once.


Sayid later confronted Dogen at the pool. He asked Dogen why he spared his life earlier that day. Staring at the baseball that he was holding in his hand, Dogen did not answer the question directly, but explained the circumstances that brought him to the Island. Dogen concluded by asking Sayid if he would stay in the Temple or leave with the Man in Black. Sayid chose to stay, but unexpectedly attacked and killed Dogen by drowning him in the pool. 


When Lennon arrived to discover that Dogen was dead, he panicked and told Sayid that Dogen was the only thing keeping the Monster out of the Temple. Sayid already knew this and killed Lennon as well. (“Sundown”)

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Dogen (Father)

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Jack Shephard

Sayid Jarrah

Claire Littleton

Hurley Reyes

Jin-Soo Kwon


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David Shephard



Key Episode(s) to Decoding the Character

6x05 "Lighthouse"

6x06 "Sundown"

Wiki Info

In Greek mythology, Krotos or Crotus was the son of Pan and Eupheme. He dwelt on Mount Helicon and kept company of the Muses, whom his mother had nursed.

Krotos was renowned for being an excellent hunter, musician and a devoted adherent of the Muses and their arts. He is credited with having invented archery and being the first to use bow and arrows for hunting animals. He is also said to have introduced applause, as he would clap his hands at the singing of the Muses, for whom this was a sign of acclaim preferable to any verbal ones. To commemorate his diligence, the Muses asked Zeus to place him among the stars, which he did, transforming Krotos into the constellation Saggitarius. Various details of his stellar image were thought to represent one of his virtues: lower body of a horse for his skills of a horse rider; arrows for his keenness and swiftness as a hunter; a Satyr’s tail for him being as delightful to the Muses as the Satyrs are to Dionysus.


Mythological Family Members & Associated Deities

PAN (Father)



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